In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 111

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 111: Preparing forbidden magic spell

Preparing forbidden magic spell

After Ren Tianyou had jumped down to the sea, he had not sunk into the sea, rather was lightly standing on the surface of the sea. After that Ren Tianyou quickly ran on the sea surface towards that Nine Headed Hydra as if he was running on the earth surface.

“Such an extreme control in magical power, actually able to control his magical power to stand and run on the surface of the water.” Looking at Ren Tianyou who was running on the surface of the water, Ling Weiwei suddenly exclaimed, and thought that this was possible due to Ren Tianyou having extremely high level of control in his magical power.

Ren Tianyou firmly stared at Nine Headed Hydra with his Mangekyo Sharingan. As a matter of face, originally Ren Tianyou actually didn’t want to join this battle, but he didn’t know the exact location of this God Weeping region, and without clearly knowing the exact space coordinate, he could not directly teleport to that place using Kamui. So he had to give up his plan to reach God Weeping region with his Kamui.

After that Ren Tianyou had finally found a mercenary group which was heading towards God Weeping region, and after joining them, he had gotten a guide without paying any charge, so how could Ren Tianyou let this magical beast get in his way. As a result he had joined this fight.

When Wang Qingfeng who was flying in the sky saw that Ren Tianyou was running on the surface of the sea, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, and immediately afterwards his attention was drawn by the big fireball fired by that Nine Headed Hydra.

Wang Qingfeng immediately dodged this fireball attack, then quickly poured his magical power to his magic wand on his right hand, then a huge wind blade appeared in the sky and quickly advanced towards that Nine Headed Hydra.

“Humph, although you are also Deity-ranked expert, nevertheless you are much worse compared to I, your father.” Seeing the wind blade attack, this Nine Headed Hydra eyes were filled with disdain. Then opened the mouths of two of its head, after that countless wind blade and lightning pillar appeared in the sky and advanced towards the huge wind blade attack of Wang Qingfeng. In addition seeing Ren Tianyou who was running on the surface of sea towards itself, another one of its head opened its mouth, then a wave of flame advanced towards Ren Tianyou. Seeing the incoming attack, Ren Tianyou quickly made a series of hand seals with his both hands, “Suiton—Suiryudan no Jutsu! (Water Style—Water Dragon Jutsu!)” After Ren Tianyou successfully casted the jutsu, the sea surface at his side start to quickly stir, then along with the loud dragon roar, a huge water dragon made up of water advance towards the attack of that Nine Headed Hydra.

Currently in this vast sea, Ren Tianyou didn’t need to consume huge amount of chakra to use water style jutsu. So contrary to what one might expect, this boundless sea provide a huge assistance to Ren Tianyou. His Suiryudan no Jutsu easily destroyed the flame magic of Nine Headed Hydra, then continued to advance towards its head.

“Humph, dark magic—-mystic light stab!” Looking at this incoming Suiryudan, the dark system head of Nine Headed Hydra, opened its mouth, then the dark system magic elements quickly started to condense in the air, and this condensed dark elements changed into a long dark spear in front of this Nine Headed Hydra, then under its command, that long dark spear flew towards Suiryudan.

Mystic light stab smoothly flew in the sky with dark radiances, straight towards the head of Suiryudan, and directly pierce through the head and then body of the Suiryudan, after that without reducing any speed, it directly advanced towards Ren Tianyou. After Suiryudan was completely pierced through, suddenly up in the air, followed by the bursting of the Suiryudan, innumerable drops of water trickled down.

Seeing that the mystic light stab was quickly flying towards him, the Ren Tianyou’s Mangekyo Sharingan of right eye started to rotate. After that the body of Ren Tianyou was completely pierced through by the mystic light stab and that mystic light stab entered the sea.

“Zero.” Seeing that Ren Tianyou was completely pierced through, Ling Weiwei who was still at the deck of Soaring Dragon ship, helplessly cried out in alarm. She could not believe what she had seen with her own eyes, just a moment ago still healthy and active Ren Tianyou had suddenly like this…………..

At this time, alongside cry of Ling Weiwei, a voice came from the surface of sea, “Didn’t expect that you a mere beast was actually this strong.” Ren Tianyou who was completely pierced through spoke as if nothing had happened. And carefully looking there was also not any wound in his body, and he was still alive and kicking.

Hearing this voice, Ling Weiwei didn’t dared to believe her own ear, so she raised her head, looked towards the sea, and saw that Ren Tianyou had not only collapsed as she had thought, but seeing the current scene, she couldn’t help but remembered the strange circumstance in the battle between Ren Tianyou and her guards.

“How is this possible? You were undoubtedly pierced through by my mystic light stab.” Seeing alive and still kicking Ren Tianyou, Nine Headed Hydra couldn’t believe what it was seeing and exclaimed. Its 18 eyes of 9 heads had clearly seen that its mystic light stab had undoubtedly pierced through the body of Ren Tianyou. But now no need to talk about being injured, there was not even a single scratch on his cloth, let alone his body. So it couldn’t believe what its eyes was seeing now.

Ren Tianyou completely ignored this Nine Headed Hydra, rather lifted up his head and looked towards the floating Wang Qingfeng and said, “Old man, do you have any magic spell that can instantly finish off this beast?”

Hearing Ren Tianyou’s question, Wang Qingfeng was clearly surprised, after that he opened his mouth, “My forbidden magic spell ought to kill it instantly, but there is a problem, it takes long time to chant the incantation of this forbidden magic, and in that time period, I should not be interrupted. And it is very likely that this Nine Headed Hydra will not give me time to chant this incantation of this forbidden magic.”

Although the power of forbidden magic spells were extremely strong, but it requires a very long time to chant the incantation of these forbidden magic spells. Just like last time, in the battle between him and Ximen clan, even after Ximen Xinbo had got the aid of Deity-ranked frost dragon, he had required one whole minute to complete the chanting of incantation of forbidden magic spell. If Deity-ranked magician experts got sufficient time to prepare, they could release a forbidden magic spells, that could even destroy a town in an instant. But everyone knew that might of the forbidden magic spells, so no one would ever give their foe enough time to prepare the forbidden magic spells.

“Since you have a magic spell that can finish off this beast instantly, I will tie it down, and help you to gain enough time for chanting the incantation of forbidden magic spell.” Hearing Wang Qingfeng, Ren Tianyou was relieved. Fortunately Wang Qingfeng had forbidden magic spell which was capable enough to finish off this Nine Headed Hydra, if Wang Qingfeng didn’t have any means, then without the use of the doujutsu of his Mangekyo Sharingan, he could only use that new big jutsu which he had only learned recently but not yet mastered.

“Only you?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Wang Qingfeng was surprised. He didn’t know whether he should believe in Ren Tianyou or not, after all if he started chanting forbidden magic spell, and was interrupted in the middle, then the power of backlash was enough to cause him a serious injury. And also if he didn’t fight, then it was possible that everyone in Soaring Dragon ship may not survive.

“Don’t procrastinate, I’m going first.” Ren Tianyou didn’t give any time to Wang Qingfeng to think, and quickly made a hand seals with both hands, “Suiton—Suiro no Jutsu! (Water Style—Water Prison Jutsu!)” Then from the water of sea around the Nine Headed Hydra, suddenly a huge water screen quickly rose and surrounded the Nine Headed Hydra.

Seeing that Ren Tianyou had already taken the action, and finally thinking the strange ways he had dodged the mystic light stab, Wang Qingfeng subconsciously believed in Ren Tianyou. Then he quickly retreated back, released a huge amount of powerful wind system magical power and started to quickly chant the incantation for forbidden magic.


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    1. But he is using ninjutsu which is magic in their eyes. They could sense he is intermediate rank warrior but dont know what rank magician he is.

      1. the girl knew he can only do illusions, although they can sense his warrior rank.they should be surprised he can do 2 types if they think his ninjutsu is a magician type i dont think a person with 3 types cant surprise you at all.

  1. This is the Jutsu that Zabuza used on Kakashi during the first mission to the bridge country….its basically a sphere of water almost completely impervious to damage and requires very little chakra to maintain

    1. Can you give the name of that jutsu?
      Also I think that was also ‘water prison jutsu’, Zabuza used to imprison Kakashi inside a water sphere.

      1. but kisami also used a water prison on guy ‘s team trapping lee,tenten and neji in spheres of water during his fight with guy. in shippuden when they were going to rescue gaara. is it the same jutsu?

  2. He basically gets himself in trouble then says “I didnt originally plan to blah blah blah”
    Wun ting was shocked,
    Plu tong was shocked
    Ring ring was shocked…
    I feel like the reaction ‘shocked’ is getting on my nerves after reading this. its always he/she is shocked….
    Well hopefully this fight ends the next episode, but knowing the author, 10 chapters more are needed….

  3. Hmmm I might be so exited bu~t I wanna ask you guys what will our Mc do when he act to do the revenge thing how will he do it:

    *wait for someone get pregnant in the main branch and do the 9-tails insident?
    *go there and act like pain(especially without the mask with the 6-path thing multi-bodies
    *drop a meteor litterally
    *act like bro madara and trash the place with susanoo
    *rampage there as a jinchuriki
    *use edo tensei and do the first ninja-xianxia/wuxia great war
    *litterally summon the world tree inside the Ximen Clan and get the fk out of that world
    *or transform into Killer Bee and enter the City where the clan is and rap all the way till in the gates and be suspected as a retard and be surroned with guards and introduce as Killerbee style and spin to transform to Eight Tails and spat out instantly a Bijuu Dama while Screemign “WRREEEEE~!

  4. ism’t he gonna advance through intermediate rank by eating the dragon’s meat or something??it is a drag to know that he is still that level even though he killed 4 god-rank??

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