In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 109

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 109: Attack of ocean magical beasts (2-in-1)

Attack of sea magical beasts (2-in-1)

Next morning, at the northern pier of Sea heaven town, anchored a huge wooden boat. This boat was more than ten zhang in length, and four or five zhang in height. At the side of this boat’s deck, it had a tunnel entrance. At this tunnel entrance, one could clearly see a pitch-black pipe shaped thing, this was magic cannon.

Magic cannon, this was the top-tier alchemy item successfully created from the joint effort of alchemist master and best magician. The power of even one magic cannon was said to be extremely terrifying. It is said that if the saint ranked magic core is loaded in this cannon, then this cannon could bring out the power comparable to the power of low-Deity ranked experts. This magic cannon needs the magic core of at least rank 7 to start, so ordinary person could never afford to use this cannon.

And looking at this boat, there were at least 20 such magic cannons mounted on it. This boat could be counted as an invincible small fortress of the sea, of course with the presupposition that enough magic cores were available to use.

In front of this boat, Ling Weiwei was standing still wearing the same purple colored dress. Her curves were attracting the gaze of countless men who were just passing by, but seeing those 40 or so mercenaries standing at her side who were emitting a powerful oppressing aura, each and every one helplessly withdrew their gaze, and increased their speed and left that place as quickly as possible. And all along that beautiful face of Ling Weiwei was covered with cold frost like expression, as if she was in extremely bad mood.

At this time, a young man who was wearing strange clothing unceasingly walked over to the direction of Ling Weiwei.

“Hey beautiful girl, you are quite early.” Ren Tianyou stopped in front of Ling Weiwei and greeted her.

“Early? It’s already 10 in the morning, which far exceeds the appointed time. And you actually dared to say it’s quite early?” Ling Weiwei who was already at the bursting point, hearing the leisurely tone of Ren Tianyou, she thoroughly exploded.

“Uh, well, I was too busy last night, so I arrived late, don’t get angry.” Seeing the angry face of Ling Weiwei, and furthermore those 40 mercenaries at her side who were at least Swordsmaster-ranked experts staring at him with hostile eyes, although the skin of Ren Tianyou was thick like a city wall,  his face became a little bit red.

As a matter of face, Ren Tianyou didn’t lie, yesterday night he really was quite busy till midnight. For this mission, Ren Tianyou had to hurry over to Shukaku who was thousands miles away, and consult the next move with it. After Shukaku let him knew its space coordinate, Ren Tainyou used Kamui and hurried over to its place. But when Ren Tianyou arrived at that place and clearly look around the surroundings of this place, cold sweats instantly started to pour out from his forehead. Because although the current location of Shukaku was still the place where he had first summoned it, but now the surrounding environment were completely and thoroughly changed. Those hills, trees, flowers and plants, and so on, all were completely engulfed by sands turning this place into a boundless barren desert zone.

When Ren Tianyou saw this desert, Ren Tianyou instantly knew that this was the work of Shukaku. So he immediately asked Shukaku that, even after he had asked him not to make any wild moves carelessly, but why had it made such a big movement? After that who would have imagined that the reply from Shukaku could make Ren Tianyou fall directly on the ground.

“Is this a big move? Ore-sama only created this small place to sleep smoothly, that’s all.” After listening to the question of Ren Tianyou, Shukaku answered Ren Tianyou with a voice full of disdain.

“Eh!” Listening the answer which was filled with disdain, the forehead of Ren Tianyou was immediately filled with black lines. “F**k, never thought that one day I, your father would be look down upon by a beast. Forget about it, there really is difference between the thought of beast and human. It needed to make such a big move, just to sleep smoothly.”

After that Ren Tianyou explained about the dangerous place which he was about to go for training and experience, and also explained that at that time, perhaps he may need the help of its power. So Ren Tianyou advised it, not to sleep too deeply for this period of time, as he might use summoning jutsu any time to summon it.

After that he discussed the next movements with Shukaku, then he used Kamui to return back to that Sea Heaven town, but at that time it was basically already the second half of the night. As a result Ren Tianyou had arrived late at the gathering point.

“Humph! This time I will not create a fuss over your lateness, quickly board on the boat, we will set off immediately. Furthermore since I have already paid your commission, so I hope you would help us with all your heart in this mission.” Ferociously staring at Ren Tianyou, Ling weiwei said to Ren Tianyou and turning around she start to board on the boat.

Everyone stepped on the huge scaling ladder which was dropped down from aboard and climbed into the boat. After that a staff-member pressed on something at one location, then the scaling ladder was slowly taken in automatically.

“Never thought that the mechanism design of this boat was this amazing.” Seeing the scaling ladder was put away automatically, Ren Tianyou was surprised. This amazing mechanism, even if Ren Tianyou researched for a long period of time, he won’t be able to figure the principle behind it. Because the base of Ren Tianyou was not in this respect.

After a little while, Ren Tianyou suddenly felt a sudden vibration on the hull of this huge boat, then he saw that the cannon entrances of the boat were slowly being closed, and the mast sails slowly started to rise. And at the tail side of the deck, two huge square shaped planks slowly folded up, then along with the mechanism sound, those two planks slanted 45 degree. Afterwards powerful energy was emitted out from inside this boat, and suddenly sailed forwards quickly as if the arrow which was released from a bow.

Sensing this horrifying speed of the boat, Ren Tianyou was instantly stunned. He had never expected that the boat of this different world actually had this kind of horrifying fast speed.

“What’s it like? Aren’t you amazed with the ability of our Jealous Heaven’s Soaring dragon ship?” At this time, suddenly a voice of a female came from behind him. He saw that Ling Weiwei had suddenly appeared from behind him and had asked him that question while walking to his side.

“Yes, I didn’t expect that the speed of this boat was this fast.” Looking at Ling Weiwei, Ren Tianyou felt somewhat strange, as he had not expected that this Ling Weiwei who was extremely angry with him two times had taken the initiative to talk with him. This really took him by surprise.

“That’s a given, you know this Soaring dragon ship is the continent’s first boat created through the joint effort of alchemist master and Jing clan’s magic mechanism spell. Finally due to various reasons, this boat landed on the hand of our Jealous Heaven mercenary group. The speed of this boat is at least 60 to 70 times faster compared to ordinary boats, because to move our Soaring dragon ship, we need to use the magic core of at least rank 6.”

“And this Soaring dragon boat have two modes. First mode is this running mode, this mode vastly increases the speed of the boat, and also greatly increases the defense of this boat. Storm under rank 9, sea waves, whirlpool, and so on all are ineffective. Second mode is attack mode, this mode will cause all the 26 magic cannons to lock on to the target, and open the fire. Under that kind of attack, even if Saint ranked sea magical beasts would die the cruelest death. And even if Deity-ranked magical beast attack us, we furthermore have a super magic cannon on board. And if load it with Deity-ranked magic core, then this super magic cannon would display its boundless might. But as you know that even Saint-ranked magic core is already extremely rare, let alone Deity-ranked magic core, so this time I have brought only one Deity-ranked magic core. This single Deity-ranked magic core can sustain at most two shots from super magic cannon. So unless it is extremely necessary, I will not use this Deity-ranked magic core.” Ling Weiwei stood at the side of Ren Tianyou and explained slowly. Even she herself didn’t know why she had explained all this to Ren Tianyou.

After finished listening the explanation about this boat from Ling Weiwei, Ren Tainyou was completely surprised. He had never expected that this boat had concealed this many mechanism.

“It seems the backing of your Jealous Heaven mercenary group is very formidable. Such an unusual boat but you were able to get this.”

“Of course, do you know who the leader of our Jealous Heaven mercenary group is—-it is my grandfather, he is also known as Hell fire disaster, fire system magic Deity——–Ling Ruiqing.” Listing to Ren Tianyou’s question, Ling Weiwei instantly rose her head proudly, and replied back to Ren Tianyou with extreme proud.

“Bah, it’s all your grandfather’s glory, not yours. As far as I am concerned, you are just a big breast with no brain ignorant little girl.” Seeing that Ling Weiwei was extremely proud, Ren Tianyou snorted with disdain. Then he patted the head of Ling Weiwei with his right hand, after that he made a vulgar looks appear on his face and said, “Come, good child, uncle will buy you a candy.” Instantly Ren Tianyou changed into a strange uncle.

“Bastard, you’re courting death.” Feeling the palm on her head, and furthermore that vulgar looks on his face and hearing those hateful words, Ling Weiwei instantly became violent. After that, fiery red colored flame magical power immediately flashed on her body, and with the wave of her right hand, suddenly flame element quickly started to condense, then changed into a huge fire ball and advanced towards Ren Tianyou.

“Ah!” Ren Tianyou instantly cried out in alarm, and immediately tried to dodge the attack. He was successfully able to dodge the attack but his haori was caught on fire, “Ah, fire, fire, quickly put out the fire, ah.” Ren Tianyou gave a horrible shriek and run all over the place, and all the people on the deck showed a disdain smile when they saw a miserable condition of Ren Tianyou. They all just looked at the misery of Ren Tainyou without doing a thing, and they were also venting their anger of this morning too, where they actually had to wait for Ren Tianyou. At ordinary times these people were leader of small mercenary groups or expert mercenary, so when Ren Tianyou arrived late today, they already had a grievance inside their heart. So seeing burning Ren Tianyou running all around the place, they were revealing the satisfied smile.

At this time, everyone heard a ‘puteng’ sound, Ren Tianyou had finally jumped into the water jar of the deck. After that smoked started to rise from inside that water jar, then Ren Tianyou who had already changed into a drenched chicken, emerged out from inside that water jar.

Looking at his haori which was already riddled with gaping holes, immediately grief and indignation appeared on the face of Ren Tianyou, “Wuwu, I, your father had just bought this cloth ah, but now it’s burned like this, you should reimburse me.”

“Humph, this is still light. If you offend this Miss again, believe or not I will burn you to ash.” Looking at the miserable condition of Ren Tianyou, Ling Weiwei immediately smiled pleased with herself. Then waved her fair and tender fist towards Ren Tianyou and threatened.

“Okay, you cow lady.” Ren Tianyou helplessly said, then he hobbled towards the room of the boat. After that the mocking laughter of those mercenary was heard.

Ren Tianyou returned back to his room, then he instantly became serious. Just when he had placed his hand on the head of Ling Weiwei, from his mental perception, he had clearly sensed a formidable energy fluctuation and killing intent too only for an instant, then disappeared. But only from that instant intent, Ren Tianyou was able to determined that, that person was at least a Deity-ranked expert, and he was absolutely sure on his mental perception was correct as previously he had already fought against four Deity-ranked experts. But Ren Tianyou was not able to determine who the person was or where he was hiding, as that killing intent and energy fluctuation had flashed only for an instant. And he was also powerless to grasp this aura, so he had no way to trace him even if he Kanchi no Jutsu (Sensory Jutsu).

“It seems there is an extremely formidable hidden expert onboard. I don’t know whether he is a friend or foe. If friend then its tolerable, but if its foe, then that would be troublesome.” Ren Tianyou muttered to himself. Ren Tianyou had let Ling Weiwei to toss a fireball at himself and didn’t dodged completely, because he wanted that hidden person to relax his guard and slowly trace out that person without his knowing. If he was enemy, then he should hurry up and find him, then quietly finish him off.

“I do not believe you will continuously hide yourself like mouse without showing yourself. I want to see whether I find you first or you won’t be able to keep hide any longer first.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou made a series of hand seals, then closed his eyes and his mental perception quickly covered the entire boat.

Just in this fashion, the two days of time very quickly passed. Outside of eating and sleeping, all the other time, Ren Tianyou had used his mental perception covering the whole boat from his room, and looking out for that hidden guy. Because of this guy, Ren Tianyou didn’t get any time to enjoy the grand scenery of the seas of this different world, but Ren Tianyou still persisted on, he believed that this guy would definitely show himself before they reach God weeping region. And when Ren Tianyou had asked Ling Weiwei at most how many days remained to reach God Weeping Region, she had answered as at most in 2 days they would reach there.

On the third day from the time they had sailed off, Ren Tianyou was sitting crossed-legged on the bed of the room of the boat, both of his eyes were closed, and an invisible power of mental perception from his body had spread all over the boat. At this time, Ren Tianyou suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes immediately changed into Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Not good!” Ren Tianyou instantly jump down from his bed, opened the door and rushed towards the upper deck, because with the perception ninjutsu of Ren Tianyou, he had not discovered that hidden person, but accidently discovered a big guy from the bottom of the sea was advancing towards the Soaring Dragon ship which they were riding.

Ren Tianyou immediately left the room, and just like a gust of wind he quickly arrived at the edge of the deck. Then firmly stared at the sea with his Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Zero, what happen?” Seeing Ren Tianyou who had suddenly darted out as if he had gone mad, Ling Weiwei who was still watching the scenery, came over and asked Ren Tianyou curiously.

“Something big is coming towards our direction.” Without even turning his head towards Ling Weiwei, Ren Tian replied her and was still firmly staring at the sea in front of him.

“Something big? Zero, did you mean to say a sea magical beasts?” Hearing Ren Tianyou said a something big, the face of Ling Weiwei instantly became unsightly.

“Yes, and this guy is extremely powerful. You should quickly prepare for a fight. Stop the boat and go ahead to prepare the magic cannons too.” Ren Tianyou seriously said to Ling Weiwei.

“Aren’t you mistaken, Zero, you know…………..” Ling Weiwei considered that Ren Tianyou may be mistaken, and wanted to again confirm and clearly know about it, but before she could finish talking, Ren Tianyou interrupted her by yelling loudly.

“Just shut up, you stupid woman. If you don’t want all the people including you on the deck to get buried on this sea, then just do as I say.” Ren Tianyou didn’t think that, this time Ling Weiwei would be skeptical about his words, so he instantly turned towards Ling Weiwei and roared.

“You………..” Seeing that angry look on the face of Ren Tianyou, Ling Weiwei instantly felt wronged. She just wanted to make sure with good intention, why did he have to erupt like this? But seeing the serious expression of Ren Tianyou, Ling Weiwei sensed that Ren Tianyou may not be wrong, rather terrifying sea magical beasts were really making a surprise attack on them. Although they had this many magic cannons, nevertheless who know whether the power of these magic cannons is enough to repel those magical beasts.

Thinking this, Ling Weiwei instantly felt the seriousness of this matter. Then she hurriedly ran towards below the deck, and after about ten minutes, all the mercenaries on the deck felt that the speed of the boat was gradually decreasing, and finally stopped.

“Eh? What’s happening? Why is the boat stopping?” A mercenary asked this question after he felt that the boat had stopped.

“Yes, that’s right. Now there is only the distance of half a day to the God Weeping region. So why is it stopping?”


After sensing that the boat had stopped, all the mercenaries onboard started to ask question. After that everyone heard a series of ‘ka ka’ mechanism gears turning sounds, and then they saw a square shaped holes appeared on the body of the boat. And the pitch-black deep and quite cylinder of magic cannon was revealed from those holes. And in front of the deck, suddenly a huge tunnel entrance was revealed, then a huge magic cannon gradually rose from there. On the surface of this magic lead cannon, there was a many mysterious magic formation.

And after that, a sky blue colored light gradually rose from the hull of the ship, and completely surrounded boat. This was the defense barrier of this Soaring Dragon ship.

Seeing the changes on the boat they were riding, the mercenaries on the deck suddenly had a bad feeling inside their heart. And that was confirmed by the voice of Ling Weiwei.

“All mercenaries, just a moment ago we discovered a sea magical beast with unknown strength approaching towards our direction, so please prepare yourself for a battle. Magicians prepare their magic, and warriors stay at the side of magicians and protect them.” After the Soaring Dragon ship stopped, Ling Weiwei and 3 other guards who were releasing extremely formidable aura appeared at the top of the boat, and spoke towards the mercenaries below. The reason why the warriors were only required to protect magicians and no need to participate in a battle, because warriors below Saint rank were just a chicken ribs which could be easily broken in this boundless sea.

“What? Sea magical beasts?” Hearing Ling Weiwei, everyone were shocked. They had never thought that today they would encounter sea magical beasts.

“Everyone don’t panic, the magic cannons of our Soaring Dragon ship is also not to be trifled.” Seeing the disturbance among the mercenaries, Ling Weiwei immediately encouraged them. Right now they were about have a fight, so how could she afford to discard any them?

At this time, everyone felt the surface of the Soaring Dragon ship had started to violently shake. Terrifying monstrous waves had hit the Soaring Dragon boat, as if this wave wanted to completely swallow this boat. But the defense of this boat was able to block, then suddenly a nine headed huge snake type magical beast suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea from the inside the sea, and the eyes of all nine head were viciously staring at Soaring Dragon ship.

Catching the sight of this magical beast, everyone on the deck including Ling Weiwei were so afraid that they looked ghastly pale, their eyes revealed deep fear, “What? Nine headed Hydra.”

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