In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 108

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 108: Successfully joined

Successfully joined

That young girl in purple clothing firmly stared at Ren Tianyou who had made such a shameless sneak attack with her beautiful eyes and her face was completely red in anger, “You shameless guy, didn’t you hear me saying stop, and why did you still attack my people?”

“Bah, I am not your subordinate, why should I listen to you? Besides one should use any means whether it is fair or foul to successfully win the fight. You really are childish to think otherwise.” Listening to that young girl in purple dress, Ren Tianyou sneered at her with full of disdain, then stared at her huge breast, and opened his mouth, “Hum, woman with big boobs but no brain.”

“You bastard, what did you say?” Hearing the last sentence of Ren Tianyou ‘woman with big boobs but no brain’, in addition seeing that he was staring at her **, this immediately caused her to thoroughly explode. Then roared at Ren Tianyou which was just like the roar of the lioness from the east side of the river, which caused the ears of Ren Tianyou ringing.

“Why are you getting excited like this? How about speaking about the proper business, now I am qualified to join you team, right?” Touching his ringing ears, Ren Tianyou said towards this angry young girl.

“Although I belittled your strength, you are indeed qualified to join my team, but you have already injured my people, do you really think that I will still allow you to join? Moreover, I still have yet to settle the account of the matter just now.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, this young girl in purple dress furiously stared at Ren Tianyou and said.

“Come on, you know that the people under you were the first one to attack, and I was just passively defending. You can also ask anyone here, they could easily testify my point.” Hearing this young girl, Ren Tianyou shrugged his shoulder helplessly, and then said to her while pointing the crowds of onlooker.

“You……….” This young girl instantly started to pant for breath due to extreme anger, and along with her heavy panting, her 36E breast also started to move up and down continuously, and in addition Ren Tianyou just watched it intently. And right now inside her heart, that young girl was thinking, why this strange thing was happening today, she who was born in a major family from childhood had received excellent education, and generally she would very rarely lose her temper, and also she had never before lost her temper like today. After thinking this, this girl instantly push all the blame on Ren Tianyou. “It must be because this guy is too hateful, as a result my heart was throw into disorder, then get angry. Well, didn’t you want to get on our ship, this girl will let you. And after you board on the ship, look forwards to how I will get even with you.” Thinking this plan inside her mind, this young girl revealed a pleased with herself smile. Afterwards she looked at Ren Tianyou with her beautiful eyes which harbored evil designs. At that time without any reason, Ren Tianyou suddenly felt a chill running down in his body.

“Fine, since it is like that, I will let you allow you to join our team. You can travel on the ship of our Jealous Heaven mercenary group. This is half of your commission, and after completing the mission you will immediately get the remaining half. Now leave behind your name and your mercenary group name if any, we need to register it.” After thinking her next moves, this young girl immediately changed her tone of speech and accepted the request of Ren Tainyou to ride on their ship. Then hand over the package to Ren Tianyou.

Hearing that this young girl had suddenly accepted his request, Ren Tianyou felt something was wrong, but since his goal was already achieved, he didn’t care about it anymore. He just took the package, opened it, and saw altogether 200 Amethyst coins. An Amethyst coin was equal to 100 Gold coins, so it was total of 20,000 Gold coins. Really deserve to be one of the four SS-ranked mercenary groups, this Jealous Heaven really is generous.

“My name is Zero. I am the leader of Akatsuki mercenary group.” Accepting the package, Ren Tianyou replied.

“Zero? Quite an odd name. My name is Ling Weiwei.” After hearing the name of Ren Tianyou, Ling Weiwei also introduced herself. After that she looked at Ren Tianyou asked, “Just a moment ago, were you using illusions?”

Ling Weiwei had thought that the fighting circumstance of Ren Tianyou just a moment ago were illusions, because only illusions appears strange like that. Furthermore she had inspected the very first guard called Aliu who was disposed by Ren Tainyou, and discovered that he really was trapped in a very powerful illusion, and had remained unconscious.

Hearing that Ling Weiwei had mistook his Kamui as illusion. He lightly smile and replied, “Sort of.” Ren Tianyou would certainly not correct her, this way it would save him trouble to explain her, and also his power will not be leaked. Although Ren Tianyou didn’t care whether his ability got leaked, but it’s better for him if other knew less about him. As a matter of face, after he owned Obito’s eyes, Ren Tianyou could already bring out to play many kind of tactics. And now if Ren Tianyou really wanted to flee, then only a handful of people could stop him. When it comes to fleeing, the eyes of Obito were absolutely top-notch. As a nice youngster who had lived in 21st century, Ren Tainyou without doubt clearly understand that the most important things in the battle was to save one’s life. Who knows what kind of abnormal super experts exists in this world, so exchanging Obito’s eyes was a great choice.

“As expected.” Ling Weiwei mistakenly believed that Ren Tianyou had given a tacit consent. Then she pointed towards Aliu who was lying on the ground motionlessly due to the illusion of Ren Tianyou, and spoke, “Can you first undo the illusion?” Ling Weiwei pointed towards constantly drooling Aliu. And the other 4 guards slowly stood up from the ground while rubbing at the place where Ren Tianyou had hit them. Worst among them was the guy who got punched on the nose by Ren Tianyou, as his nose was still bleeding without end.

Ren Tianyou head over to the side of that guard called Aliu, then touched his forehead with left hand and made a hand seal with only right hand, “Kai!”

After Ren Tianyou undid the illusion, that guard slowly opened his eyes. Seeing that he was already awaken, Ren Tianyou left him alone, and went to the side of Ling Weiwei and said, “Well, I undid his illusion.”

Seeing that Aliu had really woken up, the face of Ling Weiwei became slightly better, and thanked Ren Tianyou.

“Haha, you are welcome. In fact I rather like your angry appearance, that way you looked even more beautiful.” Ren Tainyou suddenly bend over and softly said in the ear of Ling Weiwei. Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou stepped up and walked towards the innumerable crowds of onlookers. And these crowds immediately got out of the way of Ren Tianyou, making a path for him. The strong, wherever they go, the peoples would hold them in awe and veneration.

“Bastard!” Hearing what Ren Tianyou had said, furthermore feeling that residual heat of Ren Tianyou’s voice on her ear, she ferociously stamped on the ground. Then walk over to Ren Tianyou and said, “Remember, gather at the pier of Sea Heaven town, tomorrow at 9 in the morning.”

“Got it! I will arrive there in time.” Ren Tianyou replied and left.

Since the issue of getting a ship was solved, now his only problem was the mission of that island. So he went to the inn for an early rest, and prepare for the boat journey tomorrow and the next battles to come.


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  1. Oh jeez… another chapter of attempting to get revenge him showing how badass he is, how come this story went from unique and fresh to cliche tropes…

    1. Well it’s mostly cause of the mc, he could have put all five of the mercenaries under genjutsu ASAP, and just say to the girl “am I qualified now?”
      But he provokes them making more trouble for himself,

      1. true. Yea and saying “big boobs small brain” like wtf. Idk man. Like i said he wants trouble and shit. Everything would’ve been quick and done freaking flying and shit

  2. i think this doesn’t fit as a chinese novel, what i mean is making this a naruto xianxia doesnt fit it’s much better in western style probably. if the author made his attitude more similar of the uchiha’s then it would have been better.

    1. You can’t expect Sasuke behavior, otherwise the story will be considerate a rip-off of the original, Imo this happy go lucky charter of his make the story more funny.

        1. Itachi, madara and sasuke are only 3 members of the uchiha the clan was like a normal clan with regular people not everyone acted like homicidal maniacs.

            1. Itachi was literally the only one with a good reason but even then you have to think he killed everyone. Meaning men, women and children with Sasuke being the only one he spared. There’s a certain level of crazy that allows you to do that. Madara was brought up in war of all things even he couldn’t tell you why his clan and the senju fought for so long and so hard. Not to mention the horrible shit he’s done that we’ve seen and heard about but also the actions that were implied. Sasuke CHOSE to follow orochimaru the anime version of Josef Mengele I don’t care what your reasons are you’re crazy to follow that guy.

    1. He didn’t need hashiram’s cells as he could directly exchange Rinnegan. and if he want wood style, then that could also be exchanged via store system. Only system points matters, noting else ha ha

    1. The Akatsuki that was lead by Pain had ten rings which belonged to one of its ten members and each ring had a certain kanji written on them. Pain’s was ‘零’ which means zero as such the likely conclusion that I came to is that he is using the name of the ring used by Pain, since he was the leader, as a codename.

  3. hes like a bullied child gotten strong her has no idea how 2 behave so he lashes out evrywhere just 2 show how strong he is now 🙂

  4. I don’t get it. He never acted shameless til now? Why is he suddenly acting like a playboy? That’s weird

  5. At the academy he acted like a bitch around the females, feared them and let them do what they want. But now he suddenly acts totally diffrent? And why the hell would he so stupidly tease her like that for no reason, his asking for trouble for no reaso.

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