In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 106

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 106: Prototype Akatsuki group

Prototype Akatsuki group

Sea heaven, border town of Tianlan kingdom, this town was right next to seashore, was an extremely beautiful seaside small town. This town have extremely rich marine resources, the residents of this town depend on the neighborhood sea area to make their living.

At the Mercenary guild branch of Sea heaven town, a person wearing a white haori entered. This person was naturally Ren Tianyou. After he was fed up with the clothing of Sasuke, Ren Tianyou decided to exchange the haori of Fourth Hokage. After he wore this haori, it seemed like Ren Tianyou gave other peoples a kind of extremely positive appearance.

Ren Tianyou had inquired about how he could reach God weeping region, and it seems he first had to arrive Sea heaven to do so. As a result Ren Tianyou had hurried to this Sea Heaven town. Then without much extra effort he found the Mercenary branch of this town and decided to accept the mission of Purple gauze sky magnificent flower from this branch.

Arriving at this Sea heaven town, Ren Tianyou saw a huge building at the center of this town, and the sigh above it reads———-Mercenary Guild. Many peoples were entering and exiting from the main entrance of this Mercenary guild branch, and overwhelmingly majority of them were mercenaries. These mercenaries all depends on the missions of Mercenary guild to support their family and themselves. And some portion of those peoples had come to issue the missions.

Entering the Mercenary guild, Ren Tianyou instantly felt that the world outside and inside the mercenary guild was different. The bustling noises just like a swarm of flies buzzing in ears, constantly buzzed in his ears. First time entering the mercenary guild and Ren Tianyou instantly felt that his mind was spinning, and he started to get agitated. Now Ren Tianyou finally clearly understood, why Sun Wukong couldn’t bear Tangseng. This noise really is f**king irritating, don’t you think so?

Ren Tianyou raised his head, and looked inside the mercenary guild. Then he instantly discovered the mission taking window. After that he directly walked towards that window. The crowd of peoples in the mercenary guild couldn’t obstruct the steps of Ren Tianyou, and it seemed like Ren Tainyou was walking in an empty street. He directly walked past the crowd of mercenaries in front of him, but it seems all those mercenaries didn’t find anything strange about this.

Walking all the way without stopping, Ren Tianyou arrived near the mission taking window, and lined up. Waiting for a long time, finally the turn of Ren Tianyou came. Ren Tainyou walked forward, and he said smilingly to the girl whose brows were beaded with sweat, “Hello, I’m here to accept a mission.”

“Would you please show me your proof of mercenary?” That female replied back after hearing Ren Tainyou.

Hearing this female, Ren Tianyou was clearly stunned. He had not thought that he needs the proof of mercenary to accept the mission. “Eh, I don’t have any proof of mercenary.”

“If you do not have the proof of mercenary, then you are unable to take missions. First you need to get the identity of mercenary to take any mission issued by mercenary guild.” Hearing that Ren Tianyou was just a green horn, this girl didn’t mock him, but explained to Ren Tianyou.

“What should I do to get this identity of mercenary?” hearing this girl, Ren Tianyou directly asked.

“For identity of mercenary, you need to pay the handling fee of ten gold coins. No need to do anything else.”

“Then, please get me an identity of mercenary. After that help me register ten member mercenary group.” After hearing this female reply, Ren Tianyou thought for a bit, then decided to establish the prototype Akatsuki group in this different world. And when he found a suitable person, he would invite them to join this group one by one.

After Ren Tainyou handed the gold coins, this girl adeptly helped Ren Tainyou to register as a mercenary and also registered his mercenary group. After about five minutes, this female took out a copper colored card and handed it to Ren Tianyou, “This is your mercenary identity card. Right now you are D-ranked mercenary. From now on if you want to take or issue a mission, you have to use this card. If you lost this card, please visit any mercenary guild to re-issue it. Currently you are only D-ranked mercenary, so you can only take those C-ranked or lower ranked missions.”

“This is the insignia of your mercenary group. The insignia for all B-ranked or lower mercenary group is same. Only A-ranked or above A-ranked mercenary group are qualified to create their own exclusive insignia on our mercenary guild. SS-ranked mercenary group will be crowned with a title of ‘God of mercenary group’. Now please tell me your mercenary group name.” That female handed over 10 insignia to Ren Tianyou while explaining.

“Akatsuki mercenary group!” Without a slightest hesitation, Ren Tianyou replied.

“Your Akatsuki mercenary group has now been formally established, and the information about your mercenary group is already spread to all other mercenary guilds too. Now please tell me the mission you wanted to take.” That female inputted the information of Ren Tianyou’s mercenary group on the magic screen, then asked Ren Tainyou about the mission he wanted.

“I want S-ranked mission————-mission of Purple gauze sky magnificent flower.” Ren Tainyou said.

“Oh, S-ranked mission? What, you want that mission of Purple gauze sky magnificent flower!” Hearing that Ren Tianyou wanted an S-ranked mission, that girl didn’t have any big reaction, but when she heard what S-ranked mission it was, she was dull for a moment and exclaimed in surprise.

When other mercenaries inside the hall heard the surprise shriek of that girl, all of them looked towards their direction. And when they saw that the person accepting the mission which was known as death mission was a young person who looked only 17 or 18 years in age, and possessed only intermediate warrior ranked strength, each and every one of them sneered at him.

“Youngster now a days are really confident, only an intermediate-ranked warrior, but daring to take this S-ranked mission, I don’t know from where his confident is coming.”  Seeing that Ren Tianyou was the only intermediate-ranked warrior, a middle aged mercenary couldn’t help but became dumbfounded.

“What is happening these days, even an Intermediate Fighter-ranked youngster dare to take that S-ranked mission. I, your father am already Great Swordsman, even so I don’t dare to even look at this mission, although the rewards are extremely attractive.”

“I think he is clearly courting death. I estimate that he would be swallowed by the magical beasts of boundless sea before he could even enter the God weeping region.”

Ren Tainyou didn’t cared about the voices of others, but just directly replied to that girl, “Yes, I want to take that mission. Is something wrong, or that I can’t take this mission.”

“Ah! No, no! There is not any restriction for this mission, anyone can take this mission. But noble son, do you really want to take this mission?” Hearing Ren Tainyou, that female quickly waved his hand and denied. Then asked Ren Tainyou.

“Of course!”

“Fine, I will complete the procedure.” Hearing the determined voice of Ren Tianyou, that female was helpless, and was forced to complete the procedure to assign this mission to Ren Tianyou.

“This is your mission identity plate. When you complete this mission, identity plate, mercenary card and in addition the mission item, all of them is needed. If the mission fails……….” That female quickly registered the mission, then hand over a purple colored identity plate to Ren Tainyou. And started to explain.

“I will not fail.” Ren Tianyou directly interrupted the explanation of this female. Then taking that identity plate, he directly left the mercenary guild without looking back.

Looking at the departing back of Ren Tainyou, that female seems to have an illusion that maybe this youth would really complete this task. But when she thought this, she made a self-ridiculing smile. Countless mercenary had failed this mission, so how could a mere intermediate warrior who is just a D-ranked mercenary complete this task.

After leaving the mercenary guild, Ren Tianyou looked at the mercenary identity card, and had a smile on his face, “Since Akatsuki is already established, it’s time to find the member, and let everyone know this mighty name as in Naruto world.” Finished speaking, Ren Tainyou stored his identity card inside his space ring. Then he took out a ring which was engrave with one strange word on its top from his space ring. If the people who had seen Naruto series sees this ring, they would obliviously recognize this ring, this was the ring worn by Pein, the leader of Akatsuki organization, codename zero

In just this fashion, the Akatsuki group of another world was successfully established on this remote seashore small town. Who would have thought that the organization which would shook the whole universe of this world was created this hastily.

Ren Tianyou walked towards the north direction of the town, and was prepared to take the ship to go to the God Weeping region. Although Ren Tainyou could use kamui and directly go to God Weeping region, but Ren Tianyou had never rode a ship before and also wanted to learn the sea navigation system of this world. Anyway the time limit for this mission was three months, this was plenty of time, so he didn’t need to urgently rush towards God weeping region.

But when Ren Tainyou had just left the center of the town, he suddenly saw the long queue of many peoples on the street, and each and every one of them were extremely excited. Instantly Ren Tianyou was very curious, so he couldn’t help but walk over there. Generally Chinese peoples were full of curiosity, and even after arriving at this different world, Ren Tainyou was unable to change this trait.

When Ren Tianyou walked over to that queue of peoples, he looked at the front of the line. There he saw a delicate beauty who was wearing a purple colored clothing with skirt. Her figure was charming, and had a pitch-black pretty long hair. And she was sitting on the table. At her side, several middle aged huge peoples who were releasing powerful aura were standing as if they were her bodyguards. And at the side of the table there was a sign that reads, “SS-ranked mercenary group Jealous Heaven mercenary group is recruiting mercenary who have at least Sword master-ranked strength to go to God weeping region. Help Jealous Heaven mercenary group to accomplish their mission.”

“Very good, now I no longer need to look for a ship.” After seeing the content of the sign, Ren Tianyou instantly became happy. After that he also directly joined the line.


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  1. Because he is chinese all his actions are explained and only because he was chinese that he made those actions. -Dan

  2. oh lets hope its not a 10 chapter marathon of him proving himself.. cuz you know thats about to happen…
    And whats up with those bullshit excuses…chinese this and that
    just saying he was curious wouldve been fine…anyways idk why but he always seems to annoy the shit out of me..
    “lets waste time cuz i wanna ride a boat” boats fucking suck. just FLY which is probably 2102100% better

    1. Whaa?! Boats don’t suck, now I am going to have to have to pick a fight you. Let me show the skills I have learned from watching movies and not from actually practicing any real martial arts.

      1. I mean think about it. Far above the clouds seeing such scenery.
        or surrounded by water… water and water. slow moving shit boat.. OR
        On the sky whipping through the air, and you could still see the ocean so yea..

        1. If all you can see is water what does it matter if you are on a boat or in the air? Besides riding on a boat feels much different than riding on a bird and honestly being on a boat feels much better to me than flying. Anyway we all got different opinions.

            1. Boats are not mundane. Flying is not mundane either just extremely overrated. I personally prefer boats over flying it is no big deal. Just accept that there are other people in the world who do not enjoy the things you do, do not hate the things you hate, and have opinions that is different from yours.

  3. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I feel that the Ranking system already became useless.. and it was introduced just now..

  4. Thanks for the chapter. Prototype Akatsuki? What is that supposed to mean? And I am pretty sure Ren Tianyou can’t just warp himself to that place as he has never been there before because, unless I am remembering wrong, he has to mark a place first before he can do that and to mark it he has to have been there before. Being Chinese ain’t got shit to do with being curious most people just naturally are.

      1. What am I supposed to Google exactly?
        We might not be Chinese but that doesn’t take away the pointlessness of that line. What if you read naturally as an American (we are going to pretend you are American even if you aren’t) John Smith loved breathing air. Would you still not go, “What does being American got to do with that?”

        1. Google the jutsu for info or just read naruto wikia or the actual manga. Thats what i did.
          he actually can travel anywhere as far as his chakra can support.

          I tot it was funny remarks about themself’ including mc for doing something obvious. Its up to you if you consider author sense of humor as pointless. It just my pov

          1. Reading the actual manga would take too long and I didn’t see anything on the narutopedia saying that Obito’s right eye can teleport him anywhere. With both yeah, but not like with only one. I know he has traveled far with right-eye Kamui but not anywhere I remember him NOT being there before.

            Humor? That was supposed to be humorous? That didn’t seem humorous in anyway. It is not just my sense of humor differing from the author’s that’s making me say that it seems more like a serious description. Not that I actually think the author is funny though. I think his jokes are dry.

              1. You mean when he warped to where Konan herself was? That place wasn’t secret and he has been there before.

                  1. He didn’t teleport there though or to be specific we weren’t shown how he got there not in the manga at least. I can’t remember what happened in the anime.

                    1. Him standing in between two corpses ain’t proof that he teleported there.
                      How long do I think wha…? Grammar bro.

                    2. Something obvious doesnt need proof. Only manga feats is enough. Think for yourself, how did he found the corpses so quickly?
                      Kishimoto sensei still got way more things to proof in his manga rather than this

                    3. The obvious doesn’t need proof? No. The obvious already has proof which your claims do not. How did he find the corpses so quickly? Think for YOURSELF, he forced the information out of Konan. What Kishimoto has to proof ain’t got shit to do with this don’t bring him up because you can’t come up with a good argument.

                    4. Do you realize you dont even have any hint that can backed your point? I didnt even ask for it. His jutsu already been debated / discussed since 2012. No one including manga mention anything about your theory

                    5. I never posted a theory for one. Two, you did ask for it when you started talking to me. And since the supposed theory you are talking about is the ‘he can only teleport to a space he has marked thing’ than I am man enough to say that I remembered only SLIGHTLY wrong, when he teleported himself to one of Kaguya’s dimensions he did say that he marked the place which would allow him teleport there again. Now since I am done and I don’t give a shit about your opinions and lame arguments anymore don’t reply anymore.

                    6. This is not even an argument. He want to deny the feats in manga that obito can travel anywhere.

                    7. lol you make me crack of laugh out of me.
                      How did he entered there in the 1st place? by diving through kaguya dimension hole? Omg my stomach…

                    8. Go ahead laugh because it is obvious you are mentally challenged. Him teleporting through a hole with his dual eyed Kamui means shit when we are talking about the limits to his right effing eye not to mention him marking something AFTER he has been to the place doesn’t disprove what I said at all. Retard.

  5. Let see, no long ago the masked Ren Tianyou presented himself as the leader of “Akatsuki organization”, Pein, in front of the Ximen clan before he kill two of their elders.

    And now the guy has registered an “Akatsuki mercenary group!”.

    WTF!!! Why the hell wear mask and conceal your identity if you are going to make so easy to found you!!!

    Ah, well, let turn off the brain and enjoy the asskicking of cultivators by the cheat chinnese shinobi.

    Thanks for the translation.

    1. I was also thinking the same. But I again thought, there are numerous mercenary groups and no one will search all the name of the group unless it is too famous. Now it was only created and for it to became famous. It may take a bit long time, since currently there is only one member.

  6. I hope he recruit op and interesting characters for the akatsuki. I was actually thinking of the top 10 of the 100 clan.

  7. So, basically it is like this. He is fucking using Akatsuki uniform when go killing a ximen clan. And his brain must be soaked in water when he wanna use akatsuki uniform again when akatsuki mercenary group gathering

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