In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 105

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 105:  Purple gauze sky magnificent flower

Purple gauze sky magnificent flower

Walking out from school building, Ren Tianyou directly went to Yuan Nan hall to get himself a trial by fire assignment. This trial by fire assignment was divided into an individual assignment and team assignment. Students could choose to form a small team to complete the trial by fire assignments, but these assignments were more difficult compared to individual trial by fire assignments. And although the difficulty level of individual trial by fire assignment is lower compared to those team trial by fire assignments, nevertheless carrying out the assignment alone was also a bit more dangerous. But those people who possessed a high level of strengths describes that, carrying out the individual assignments was more convenient.

Currently Ren Tianyou didn’t know many people inside the academy, so he had no alternative but to take individual trial by fire assignment. But when Ren Tianyou looked at his trial by fire assignment, he was greatly surprised, because his assignment unexpectedly was to find a Purple gauze sky magnificent flower from God weeping region, which was one of the five greatest danger spot of Divine wind continent.

Seeing the trial by fire assignment of Ren Tianyou, the person in charge of assigning the assignment to Ren Tianyou was also greatly surprised. Then on the spot, that person suggested Ren Tainyou to renounce this assignment. Hearing this, Ren Tianyou asked the reason curiously. And after the explanation of that person, Ren Tianyou clearly understood the reason.

It turned out that this assignment was not issued by the academy, rather issued by the member of mercenary union. In order to quickly accomplish this mission, mercenary union allied with Magic domain, Illusory Shrine, and they also simultaneously issued this mission. But since the issue of this mission till date, not a single person was able to complete this mission. And everyone who took this mission were powerless, so the client of this mission used various means to announce this mission, finally this mission even reached this Supreme Light academy. After that this mission was added in this trial by fire assignment.

This God weeping region itself was extremely dangerous place. Inside this God weeping region there were countless ominous bones of dead beast. The sheer number of these terrifying bones could easily swallow numerous people. For countless years, only extremely few person had returned back alive after entering this place. But this place contains many valuable treasures. These treasures attract countless adventurers to go to the trouble of travelling boundless sea area, and enter this isle. And this Purple gauze magnificent flower was one of the extremely valuable treasure contained within this place.

Purple gauze magnificent flower, was a kind of mid-heaven-ranked medicinal item. This medicine was purple in color and possessed 7 colored petals, namely red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. This medicine possessed incomparable medicinal power, which could cure any all kinds of poisons. And after taking this medicine, the body of human would have the resistance to all kinds of poison.

But at the side of this Purple gauze magnificent flower, there would always be a terrifying magical beast———7 rings silver twisted snake. 7 rings silver twisted snake was rank 7 magical beast. But even if the Saint ranked magical beast encounter it, they would flee without looking back.

7 rings silver twisted snake, its body is surrounded by 7 colored ring of lights. It would appear extremely gorgeous and beautiful. But as the saying, things that are the most beautiful are the most dangerous, this 7 rings silver twisted snake possess an extremely terrifying poison. Even the Deity-ranked magical beast couldn’t resist its poison for more than 1 minute, and meets a violent death. And this 7 rings silver twisted snake is as fast as lightning, its speed could be easily compared to the all-out speed of Saint-ranked wind system magical beast. Although it’s magical power only at the level of rank 7 magical beast, nevertheless not a single human and magical beast dared to have a thought to fight with it. So only very few persons are able to successfully obtain Purple gauze sky magnificent flower which is guarded by this magical beast.

Before speaking the terror of God weeping region, even the boundless sea area surrounding God weeping region contains numerous huge barriers. In this boundless sea area, there are countless terrifyingly powerful sea magical beasts. Even the Deity-ranked expert himself couldn’t dare to say that he could smoothly pass through this terrifying sea area.

Although this assignment was also one of the promotion trial by fire assignment of this academy, nevertheless basically not a single person or a team dared to accept this assignment. Basically when they saw God weeping region and 7 rings silver twisted snake, these two terrifying names, without the slightest hesitation they would immediately give up this assignment. And those few who accepted this assignment of the academy, every single one of them were buried at either boundless sea or inside God weeping region. So when this person responsible to assign the assignment saw this terrifying assignment on Ren Tianyou hand, this person immediately suggested Ren Tianyou to give up this assignment, because he didn’t want academy to unexpectedly lose a talented student.

But after Ren Tianyou saw this assignment, he thought for a moment, then decided to accept this assignment. Currently Ren Tianyou wanted to improve his strength, and the best way to improve the strength was fight, fight and continuous fight. Because only actual combat was the best way to improve the strength. It was impossible to become a true expert only by blindly working behind the closed door, and completely concentrating on bitter cultivation. Which powerful expert hadn’t successfully survived the countless life and death battles?

And this God weeping region, originally he already wanted experience this place, now taking advantage of this assignment, without any extra effort he could investigate this place. And find out why this place have the qualification to be known as one of the five greatest danger spot of Divine wind continent.

This person tried to make Ren Tianyou give up this task for a while, but seeing that Ren Tainyou was absolutely determined to accept this assignment, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh, “Fine, since you really insist on accepting this assignment, I will give you assignment card of this assignment. In addition, you can also go to Mercenary union and accept this same mission. This mission is set up as an S-ranked mission by Mercenary union, and anyone can accept this mission, without any restriction. After you successfully complete this mission, you can go to Mercenary union to receive the rewards.”

When Ren Tainyou took the assignment card, the system voice was transmitted directly inside his brain, “Triggered a main mission——-Explore the mystery of God weeping region: Mission requirement: enter the central region of God weeping region, and investigate what really happened in this region. Requirement for mission success: thoroughly investigate the reason behind the formation of this God weeping region, system will automatically verify the investigation progress rate of host. And when the mission is completed, system will automatically notify the host. Mission failed: Mangekyo Sharingan sealed for 10 years, and -30,000 system points. Mission rewards: 10,000 system points, and Shikotsumyaku (Macabre Bone Pulse) of Kaguya clan. Mission time limit: 3 months. This mission is forcedly accepted, cannot be refused, and also cannot give up. In addition, because host don’t have enough system points, if the mission is failed, the system points will be deducted and remaining system points will be in negative.”

When Ren Tianyou heard the system voice, his body clearly quivered for a second. He had never thought that, this system which was quite for a month would suddenly pop out like this. But when he noticed the penalty for the failure of mission, a wry smile appeared on his face. Then taking the identity plate, he left Yuan Ban hall without looking back.

After accepting the assignment, Ren Tianyou bid farewell to Luo Tianxing and others. He only told them that he was going for a trial by fire assignment, but never let them know that he was going to God Weeping region for his assignment. Because Ren Tianyou didn’t want them to worry.

Exiting the main entrance gate of Supreme Light academy, Ren Tianyou looked at that blue colored sky above his head, then then his eyes gradually changed into Mangekyo Sharingan. After the eye power started to slowly pour out from his right Mangekyo, then the surrounding space gradually started to twist and changed into a spiral shape ripple. Then the body of Ren Tianyou gradually disappeared from that location.

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