In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 104

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 104: Preparation for promotion assignment

Preparation for promotion assignment

At a depopulated corner of Emperor Feilu country’s Supreme Light academy, suddenly a spiral shaped space ripple appeared, and a youth of about 17 or 18 years in age abruptly appeared from inside that space ripple at that place. This youth was naturally Ren Tianyou.

After he had signed the summoning contract with Shukaku, Ren Tianyou gave it freedom to move around, but strictly warned it not to create chaos, so as not to provoke other extremely powerful people of this world. And because Ren Tianyou had signed the contract of summoning with Shukaku, naturally his first mission was also completed, and his system points was again increased by 5,000 points. After that he used 2,000 system points to remove all the blindness values which was accumulated due to constant use of doujutsu of Mangekyo Sharingan in the previous battle. Now he had only a bit more than 7,000 system points left. And after his eyes were restored to its strongest period, Ren Tianyou directly used kamui, to return back inside Supreme Light Academy.

Returning back to the academy, Ren Tianyou looked at the time, then cold sweats appeared on his forehead, “How terrible, I’m already one hour late for the class. It seems I have missed Wang Jiafei, that little girl’s class.” Thinking that the class he had missed without informing was of Wang Jiafei, he immediately knew that, he was going to have a tragedy next.

So helplessly, Ren Tianyou forcedly walked and hurried towards his classroom. If he took aother teacher’s class while absenting from just her class, then his fate would be even more miserable by at least 100 times. So he at least wanted to reach the classroom before she leaves the class.

Reaching the classroom, as expected he saw that Wang Jiafei had just finished her lecture, and when she saw Ren Tianyou coming in leisurely, her superb beautiful face immediately became gloomy. Then after gloomily staring at Ren Tianyou, she coldly said, “Humph, come with me.”

Wang Jiafei brought Ren Tianyou to the office, then locked the door. Looking at the locked door, and that gloomily staring at him face of Wang Jiafei, cold sweats started to flow out from the forehead of Ren Tianyou, and he swallow a mouth full of saliva, “Haha, today’s weather is pretty good. So don’t use this kind of expression to stare at me like that, I get embarrassed very easily.” Ren Tianyou pretended not to know anything. Raise his head and was unceasingly dodging the eyes of Wang Jiafei.

“Humph!” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Wang Jiafei only snorted with disdain. After that Wang Jiafei roared in rage at Ren Tianyou for about two hours. Only after that Wang Jiafei finally let him off.

After he left the office, Ren Tianyou looked at the sky depressingly. “Ai, they did said not to offend this woman, too frightening.”

After that Ren Tianyou attend the boring classes daily, and the time slowly passed. In a flash, one month had already passed. In one of the office of Supreme Light Academy, with a complex expression on her face, Wang Jiafei asked Ren Tianyou, “Are you really ready for this?”

“Yes teacher, I have already decided to advance to second year. Please select my trial by fire assignment. After completing this assignment, I will return back and take on Tower of Babel, then advance to second year.” Ren Tianyou stood in front of Wang Jiafei, and said in a firm voice.

After more than a month of steady life, Ren Tianyou had successfully learnt several new ninjutsu, and decided to explore this tower of babel. Ren Tianyou all along was very curious about this mysterious tower, and really wanted to find out what was the thing that actually awed everyone of this world, and also wanted to know why everyone keep their mouth shut about this tower after exiting this tower. Perhaps there was some great secret, or maybe there was something that could vastly increase power, so in order to become capable enough to return Earth, his home town as early as possible, Ren Tianyou will never give up any chance to improve his strength.

But Ren Tianyou didn’t know where the Tower of Babel was, so the only method he had was to ascend the class. After completing the assignment of trial by fire, he would naturally be qualified to enter this mysterious tower. And at that time, he could thoroughly investigate this Tower of Babel.

As a result, Ren Tianyou directly went to Wang Jiafei and purposed to get promotion to second year, and select a trial by fire assignment for him.

“You have entered this academy for less than six months, so why are you hurrying to advance to second year? Are my classes really that unworthy for you?” Wang Jiafei with a complex face asked Ren Tianyou. After hearing that Ren Tianyou wanted to advance to second year, and leave her class, she suddenly felt a kind of indescribable feeling rose inside her heart.

“It’s not like that, rather I really wanted to enter Tower of Babel.” Hearing questions of Wang Jiafei and seeing the emotion of her face, the body of Ren Tianyou faintly quivered, after that he turned and looked towards the sky outside and sadly said, “Perhaps that place might bring me a bit closer to my dream, so I cannot help but go there. Please teacher, help me achieve this dream.”

Listening that sad voice of Ren Tianyou, and seeing that even more lonely silhouette of his, Wang Jiafei suddenly had a kind of illusion, as if Ren Tianyou didn’t belong to this world, and she clearly felt that the distance between them was extremely large. Then Wang Jiafei forcedly resist the feeling of her heart, then said, “Fine, teacher will help you, this is my teacher badge, you can take this to Yuan Nan hall, at that time someone will give you a assignment.” From her pocket, she took out a gold colored badge, then she hand it over to Ren Tianyou. “Okay, you can go now, teacher is feeling a little unwell. So you can go first, teacher wishes you to have a pleasant journey.”

Taking the badge of Wang Jiafei, Ren Tianyou placed it inside his pocket, and just when he had reached the entrance, Ren Tianyou stopped his steps and said to Wang Jiafei, “Teacher, actually I know your feelings, but currently I am not qualified enough, and also I don’t have any thought to think about these things. Currently I only have a dream, which is to raise my strength. I think you will never be able to understand the feelings of a person, who suddenly arrive at a completely alien land, and furthermore without a single chance to set foot on his birthplace again. Perhaps one day after I achieve my dream, and got free time, I will think about these feeling towards the woman.” Finished speaking, Ren Tainyou left the office.

Watching the departing back of Ren Tianyou and his words still ringing inside her ears, Wang Jiafei couldn’t bear anymore, and silently cried leaning on the table.

Ren Tianyou felt extremely suffocated inside his heart, as if a heavy stone was pressing down on his body, and he was feeling extremely unhappy now. Ren Tianyou never knew that her feeling towards him was this deep, although normally she frequently cursed him, and seemed like she had extremely bad explosive temper, nevertheless Ren Tainyou had discovered the feeling of Wang Jiafei towards him. And it’s not like he didn’t have any interest on her, it’s just that he didn’t know that his feeling was really love or not. But just like Ren Tianyou had said, currently he was not qualified to think about the love affairs between man and woman. As his current main thought was only how to increase his strength.

And now hearing that small sobbing sound from inside the office, he utterly detested himself for being this weak. Perhaps currently if he had enough strength to break through the restriction of this world, then perhaps there would not be today’s this scene.

After walking out of door, he walked downstairs. When walking down the stairs, Ren Tianyou saw someone unexpected———-Yan Xinluo.

He saw that Yan Xinluo was leaning on the wall while folding his hands and eyes closed, as if he was waiting for someone. After hearing the footsteps of Ren Tainyou, Yan Xinluo opened his eyes, looked towards Ren Tianyou and said, “Are you leaving?”

“Yes, I plan to go out and complete the assignment. After that I’ll return to enter Tower of Babel.” Seeing Yan Xinluo, Ren Tianyou was surprised as he had not thought that Yan Xinluo was waiting for him.

“I hope you come back soon, I don’t want to lose a rival. After you came back, we will fight to decide who will become the head of the mercenary group that you wanted to create.” Finished speaking, Yan Xinluo without looking back left.

Hearing Yan Xinluo, Ren Tianyou was startled, after that he revealed a smile, “Finally agreed to join. Not bad, finally the Akatsuki of different world got a second member.”

Previously Ren Tainyou had spoken to Yan Xinluo that he planned to found a mercenary group with only 10 members. And wanted Yan Xinluo to join this mercenary group, but at that time he had replied that he would consider a little. But he had never thought that when he was about to leave the academy, he would give this big news. Now getting on a good spirit, Ren Tianyou walked downstairs and very quickly his silhouette disappeared from there. But Ren Tianyou didn’t know that, at a little distant place in the same floor, a woman wearing a white colored clothing was staring at Ren Tainyou’s departing figure. “Can you really return?”

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