In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 103

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 103: Ichibi Shukaku

Ichibi Shukaku

Before anything else he first purchased the summoning jutsu scroll from the store system, because only after using summoning jutsu scroll, one could conclude and sign the contract with summoning beast. A single summoning scroll required 1,000 system points, and he exchanged this scroll without any hesitation.

After finishing the purchase, a huge scroll suddenly appeared out of the thin air in the hands of Ren Tianyou. This was summoning jutsu scroll. After that he looked at the tail beast exchange system interference. After using the system points before, now he could only exchange one-tailed beast, Shukaku. And it required 15,000 system points to exchange.

“System, I want to exchange ichibi (one-tailed), Shukaku.” Ren Tianyou spoke towards the system in his mind.

“Ichibi Shukaku requires 15,000 system points to exchange. Checking the system points of host, at present host have 19,600 system points, exchange condition met. Now system is summoning ichibi, remaining time 10, 9, 8……….” Hearing Ren Tianyou, the system checked his system points, and after the exchange condition was met, the system consumed 15,000 system points and directly started to summon Ichibi Shukaku.

After the countdown was ended, all of a sudden a huge raccoon dog appeared at that top of mountain. This raccoon dog was sandy-brown in colored, with dark purple colored marking all over its body, and it was unceasingly swinging its huge tail. This raccoon dog was actually over 20 meter in height, and its powerful might spread all around the surroundings. Because of this powerful might, immediately the terrified roars of beasts resounded from inside the woods, and sensing the aura of Shukaku, many magical beasts were instantly so scared that they scattered and ran away in all direction.

“Haha, my esteemed self (ore-sama) is finally able to see the light again, no need to stay in that complete dark place any longer.” This huge raccoon dog opened its mouth and roared out in excitement. Being able to once more see the light, it was extremely happy. But when this raccoon dog saw the surrounding around him, it was completely surprised, “Eh, where is this?”

“This is Divine Wind Continent. This is another world, not Naruto world you are familiar with.” At this time, the voice of Ren Tianyou entered the ear of Shukaku.

“Kid, who are you?” Looking at Ren Tanyou, Shukaku raised his guard and asked.

“And you are to sign a summoning contract with me!” Ren Tianyou took out the summoning scroll which he had bought just a moment ago, and said towards Shukaku completeoly ignoring its question, “You can sign this contract on your own accord with me, or I can personally make you sigh it.”

“Damned human kid, you dare to look down upon my esteemed self, you are courting death.” Hearing the words of Ren Tianyou, Shukaku instantly felt greatest humiliation. Then it immediately condense a huge amount of chakra in its mouth, and its mouth started to bulge, then opened its mouth and spit out compressed air ball towards Ren Tianyou.

“Futon—Renkudan!” (Wind Style—Air Bullet!)

Looking at that huge air ball, the right eye of Ren Tianyou under the mask firmly shrunk, and invisible eye power flowed all over his body. “Hong!” A loud sound of explosion resounded, the Renkudan (Air Bullet) of Shukaku hit the Ren Tianyou and a large amount of dusts rose up.

“Oh well, my esteemed self killed this dumb idiot. Aha, now you are not arrogant.” Seeing that its attack had successfully hit its target, Shukaku roared with laughter. But at this time, a weak voice came through from the midst of dusts, and this weak voice interrupted the laughter of Shukaku.

“Are you only this powerful, Shukaku?”  The voice of Ren Tianyou slowly came through from the midst of dusts. After the dusts dissipated, Ren Tainyou was still standing at the same position. He didn’t even had a single scratch on his body, seeing this Shukaku who was extremely excited was completely dumbfounded.

“How is that possible, after taking my attack, you actually don’t have a single injury.” Shukaku couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his own eyes, then he roared.

“Nothing is impossible.” Ren Tianyou would never tell that he had used Kamui of his right eye and entered his own dimension, completely dodging its attack. He suddenly placed his right hand on his mask and immediately took it off. The face of Ren Tianyou with closed eyes immediately became visible. After that Ren Tianyou suddenly opened his eyes. And those demonic blood-red colored Mangekyo Sharingan suddenly became visible in front of the eyes of Shukaku. “Do I really have to personally make a move? You tailed beasts are always our servant under Sharingan.”

“Mangekyo Sharingan! How could that be, how could you have the power of Uchiha clan. In the end who are you?” The moment Shukaku saw Mangekyo Sharingan, a panic suddenly appeared inside its heart, and it roared panickingly.

After separating from the 10 tailed beast, how could it not understand the terrifying power of Mangekyo Sharingan? But opening a Mangekyo Sharingan was extremely hard, in Naruto world, it knew that only very few number of people had achieve these Mangekyo eyes.

Nevertheless it had never thought that its own luck was this bad. Out of all the peoples in this world, the first person it had encountered after he was freed possessed Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Since you are unwilling to sign the contract on your own accord, then it is up to me to help you sign it.” Ren Tianyou looked at that huge tailed beast Shukaku, then powerful eye power suddenly pour out from his right eye, and he directly stared at the eyes of Shukaku.

The moment the eyes of Shukaku and Ren Tianyou came into a contact, both of its eyes became dull, then its eyeballs slowly rotate and changed into a Sharingan shape. Actually Ren Tianyou had directly used the power of Sharingan to control this tailed beast.

After using Sharingan to control Shukaku, Ren Tianyou immediately spread out the summoning scroll, then taking the blood of Shukaku, Ren Tianyou used their blood to write the names on summoning scroll and then he also placed the blood fingerprint. After concluding the contract, Ren Tianyou place that summoning scroll inside hi space ring.

Then looking at dull Shukaku in front of him, Ren Tianyou removed the control of Sharingan. After that Shukaku slowly recovered its consciousness.

After its consciousness was restored, Shukaku sensed a contractual connection with Ren Tianyou, and instantly got angry, “Damned Sharingan, I will kill you.”

“Relying on your power, it’s impossible. I have already stated, all of you tailed beasts can only surrender under our Sharingan.” With regards to Shukaku, Ren Tianyou had an extreme disdain. In Naruto world, the bad temper of Shukaku could be said extremely irritating. It was said that Shukaku, was a type of Raccoon dog’s incarnation, was brought up in desert, and because of the influence of alien magic, it was buried in sand storm. And the heap of sands gave rise to this raccoon dog monster. It had died inside the sandstorm in the desert and due to is strong hatred, it was again reborn, in the form of one-tailed beast Shukaku. It love to play trick on others, and also love to use sandstorm to bury all the things in front of its eyes. The dark purple colored tattoos all over its body represents that it had the ability to control wind and sands.

“You………..” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Shukaku was speechless, because that was indeed a fact. Among the tailed beast, the strongest 9 tailed beast was also controlled again and again under the power of Sharingan. Although Shukaku itself refused to obey nine tails, nevertheless it really had no choice but to admit that the power of nine tails was strongest among all the tailed beast. And, even this nine tails couldn’t do a thing against Sharingan, let alone itself.

“What do you want?” Shukaku had no choice but to lower his arrogant attitude, then asked Ren Tianyou with its guard raised.

“Help me in looking the way to return home, and come with me in the expedition of this whole world. And also crush everyone who hinder me in finding the way back home. When I succeed in this, I will give you your freedom.” Seeing this Shukaku had admitted the defeat, Ren Tianyou heave a sigh of relief inside his heart. Tailed beast are extremely strong, so without doubt each and every one of them are extremely ambitious and proud. So if he used his strongest power and defeat it, then they may submit to him. But perhaps they would not follow him genuinely and sincerely, but at least he had Sharingan, and they didn’t have any room to revolt. And always keeping them under control with the power of Sharingan was not possible, so at the beginning, he had displayed the power of Sharingan, only to leave a deep impression in the mind of Shukaku.

“Find your way home? What’s that supposed to mean?” Hearing Ren Tanyou, Shukaku was clearly stunned, and didn’t know how to react. It was still believing that this was Naruto world.

“I have already stated this, this is not Naruto world you are familiar with, rather another parallel world. In this world there are cultivators, no shinobi. My aim is to stand at the pinnacle of this world, then break apart the restriction of this world, and return to my own world.” Ren Tianyou firmly said. When he said the last sentence, Ren Tianyou nearly clutch his fist and use his whole power to roar, because he believed that these two words return home was really too far away from current him.

“So I need your power. I promise you, when I successfully set a foot on my hometown, I absolutely will set you free and never bother you again.”

Hearing Ren Tianyou, Shukaku pondered for a long time, then it opened its mouth and said to Ren Tianyou, “Fine, since it is like that, I promise to help you. But don’t think that I have decided to help you just because I am afraid of your Sharingan, rather because it would be extremely interesting travelling in this new world. And I know that you are only shinobi here so I will reluctantly promise you.” Shukaku used its third rate lie and forcedly explained.

Hearing Shukaku, Ren Tianyou didn’t expose its lie, rather said with a smile, “Thank you for that, my name is Ren Tianyou, from today onwards we are friends.”

“Friends?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Shukaku fell into a long thought, ‘friend’ this one (two in Chinese) word was extremely distant for tailed beasts. A tailed beast was regarded as a calamity by the peoples of Naruto world. No one had ever said this words to them. When Ren Tianyou said he was its friend from now on, Shukaku neither denied nor affirmed. But this word had already deeply imprinted inside its heart.

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    1. He should, but as Obito’s Mangekyo was only ever shown in its Eternal form the author has no clue how much blindness should be happening from using the ability and appears to not be bothering too much about it.

    1. From memory the first person the Tailed Beasts considered a ‘true’ friend was Naruto, though clearly that hasn’t happened ‘yet’ to this Shukaku.

      The question is at what point in the timeline has the Naruto system taken everything from? With this I’m guessing that it must be pre-Shippuden, possibly even pre-Naruto entirely.

      Also interesting to note that it seems like the system didn’t just create Shukaku; it previously abducted him from his ‘reality’ and trapped him in some limbo area to await RTY’s purchasing him.

  1. This could have definetly been a first rate novel if only it had been as long as other xinxia novels (i.e. 1000 chaps or so). If he had done everything in a orderly fashion and the author layed out a genral comparison of power levels from the Naruto world to this one like (kage level = God level) and his power ups were orderly it would have been really good.

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