In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 102

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 102: Second Mangekyo

Second Mangekyo

After finished looking at mission system, Ren Tianyou withdrew form that system, and opened store system and to start looking at the newly added Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit) exchange function. After opening the Store System, in the exchange bar of this system, he saw a blinking Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit) exchange function.

Ren Tianyou opened this system, then thickly dotted Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit) abilities appeared before the eyes of Ren Tianyou. Such as Yoton (lava style), Shakuton (Scorch Style), Hyoton (Ice style), Jiton (Magnet style), and so on series of Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit) of Naruto world appeared in front of his eyes. Looking at these, Ren Tianyou was completely dazzled, and also made his mouth watery with saliva. It was not limited to these Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit), even Shikotsumyaku (Macabre Bone Pulse), the Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit) of Kaguya clan was also available, and Ren Tianyou even saw the Mokuton (Wood style) Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit) of First Hokage Senju Hashirama.

“Crap, Mokuton! (Wood style!) I want it, I want it, I want it ah.” When Ren Tianyou saw Mokuton (Wood style) of Senju clan, he instantly jumped down from the rock and started to dance, and roared in excitement.

It is important to know that Senju Hashirama had completely suppressed the turmoil age of Naruto world, and also suppressed five big power with his one strength, and became a myth of ninja world. Even Uchiha Madara with nine tails fox, couldn’t defeat him. Although that battle was the plan of Madara to get the cells of Senju Hashirama, nevertheless this proves the strength of Senju Hashirama. And after both Madara and Hashirama was resurrected, even though Madara already possessed Rinnegan, Hashirama was able to stop him. If it was not for Madara using the black Zetsu to control Obito and let him use Rinne Tensei no jutsu (Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth), and truly came back to life at his peak power, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Senju Hashirama.

But when Ren Tianyou impatiently opened the system interference and was preparing to exchange Mokuton! (Wood style!), his whole body paused. Then his mouth started to twitch unceasingly, it’s not that he didn’t want to exchange Mokuton! (Wood style!), rather when he took a glance at required amount of system points, he saw a long string of zeros. If he didn’t count mistakenly, then this Mokuton (Wood style) required 60 million system points.

“There is no mistake, it really requires 60 million system points. You are toying with me, this way when can I obtain Mokuton (Wood style)? Wu wu, my Mokuton (Wood style).” Looking at that long strings of zeros, Ren Tianyou instantly felt extreme pain in his ass.

“Ai. Forget about it. Temporarily I shouldn’t have such extravagant hopes about Mokuton (Wood style).” Ren Tianyou sigh helplessly, and then started to look at other Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit). As a matter of fact just looking at it, there was no problem, but looking at the exchange price, he really wanted to curse out loud. Because Yoton (lava style) was the cheapest one among all available one, but even this required 10,000 system points to exchange. All of them required more system points to exchange compared to Mangekyo Sharingan, it really was not his counting mistake.

In fact, Ren Tianyou was mistaken, for Sharingan, he had to exchange from 1 tomoe to three tomoe, then again needs to exchange Mangekyo Sharingan. After that Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and after that Rinnegan, all of them should be upgraded step by step. If calculate all the required system points, then the amount of system points will be extremely high.

“Forget about it, as per my previous plan, I will honestly exchange another pair of Mangekyo Sharingan.” Ren Tianyou again sighed helplessly. Then opened the system interference of doujutsu system, and said towards system, “I want to exchange Mangekyo Sharingan of Obito.”

“Okay, exchanging the Mangekyo Sharingan of Uchiha Obito consumes 10,000 system points, now there is 20,600 system points left.” The voice of system rang out directly inside his brain.

After the system voice, a powerful eye power was poured into the eyes of Ren Tianyou, and he felt extremely a sharp pain in his eyes. But Ren Tianyou already had this painful experience once before, so he just firmly clutched his hands and endured it. Blood started to flow out from his both eyes, and his nose was releasing a dull hum sound constantly.

Pain continued on, Ren Tianyou was already soaked with sweats, but was still enduring the pains in his eyes, he felt like thousands of ants were nibbling his eyes. His cheeks were already covered with blood which had flown out from his eyes.

Suddenly, Ren Tianyou felt a cool and refreshing sensation in his eyes. After that he opened his eyes, and inside the mask which belong to Uchiha Obtio, that three spiral shaped Mangkyo Sharingan which belong to Uchiha Itachi started to quickly rotate, and slowly changed into three stretched triangles evenly spaced around the pupil that each curve at the top around the eye to form a circle, making it similar to a pinwheel. This was the shape of Mangekyo sharingan of Uchiha Obito.

“So this is Obito’s Mangekyo? As expected, under these eyes, the space around me is completely different, as if it’s transparent.” Ren Tianyo used these new eyes and continuously scan all surrounding around him. And as he had expected, he discovered that now under his these eyes, he could easily sense space around him which was incomprehensive in ordinary times, “But why am I feeling as if my eye power is enhance by a lot.” Ren Tianyou sensed that compared to before, his this eye power was far stronger, so he wondered about it.

“Congratulation to host for successfully opening Mangekyo Sharingan of Uchiha Obito. Eye power is also enhanced. Reminder to host, before completely mastering these eye power, it is better not to exchange other Mangekyo Sharingan.” At this time, the system voice appeared on his brain.

“Why?” Hearing the system voice, Ren Tianyou subconsciously asked.

“Because if host cannot completely control this power, and exchanged another Mangekyo Sharingan, then the eyes of host may not be able to handle the eye power and your eyes will be thoroughly destroyed.” Hearing this indifference system voice, the whole body of Ren Tianyou shivered.

Although Ren Tianyou was very excited to get new powers, nevertheless this system voice gave him a huge pressure, “It seems I need to be careful when I’m increasing my power, if I only increase my power, without fully mastering it, sooner or later I may have a hidden trouble.”

“Forget about it, temporarily I also don’t want another Mangekyo.” Ren Tianyou shook his head, and no longer thought about these annoying things. “Still I want to feel this new power.”

Ren Tianyou gathered his chakra, pour it into his right eye, “Kamui!” After that his right eye’s doujutsu was activated, then a spiral shaped space ripple suddenly appeared from the right eye of Ren Tianyou and spread all around him, then along with this spiral shaped space ripple, the body of Ren Tianyou slowly disappeared form that place.


At the peak of the mountain, the sun had just rose, the morning light was shining on this hill top, and this place looked completely silent and amiable. Suddenly, in the space above this hilltop, spiral space ripple appeared and from that, a person wearing a black robe with red cloud pattern with mask on his face appeared.

“This Mangekyo of Obitio is really useful.” Ren Tianyou just stood there, and remembered the state of space when he had use Kamui. Due to the use of his Kamui, he continuously comprehend many mysterious law of space.

“Now I should exchange tailed beast, I also ought to possess my own tail beast.” After feeling the space power of Obito, the consciousness of Ren Tianyou again entered his mind, then look for the interface to exchange tailed beast. He was ready to exchange his first tailed beast.

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  1. In English, we split numbers by 1000’s at a time, or 3 zeros. In Chinese, they split numbers by 10,000 – 4 zeros. This unit of 10,000 is pronounced “wan” (萬), hence the short form “w”.

    For example, in English we would call one million “one thousand thousands” (1000 x 1000), while the Chinese would be “one hundred ten-thousands”, or 100w (100 x 10,000).

    1. Thanks for the knowledge. I knew that in Chinese, they split numbers by 10,000, but I didn’t know it could also denoted by 1w. **Learned a new knowledge.**

  2. Well now he is just a complete and total nightmare to fight, though super high level cultivators can typically break space which would no doubt cause problems.

  3. so now he has the illusion and the space type eye. is it still at the 1 tomoe stage, the sharingan of obito?

        1. No after possessing 10 tails he can fly sasuke can fly too because his eternal mangyaku sharingan can call perfect susano which can fly while madaras perfect susano can’t fly

        2. Konan’s paper wings, Tsuchikage, also that one guy with the chakra absorbing hand, clay bomb bird, sand style cloud, Eternal Mangekyo with the samurai Susano’o(Moon mark needed?) and Ninetails(I think the sun mark is needed) lets see what else…

          1. Rinnegan does not grant uthe ability to fly neither Pain/Madara or Sasuke could fly after acquiring the Rinnegan only Madara and Obito after becoming the Jyuubi hosts and Naruto after gaining the Sages Chakra could fly

            1. Wasn’t Pein flying when he used Shinra Tensei to destroy Kohona, and after that also flying when naruto in nine-tales mode chasing after him.

  4. How will he ever even get those, 60Million,
    he killed a dragon,
    two god ranked people
    stole divine crystal
    and that left him with 36k points.
    To gain 60Million he’ll have to conquer a couple worlds like tf

    1. Also he could complete many 5 star missions, for system points. But it would take a long time. But I like Shōton (crystal style) Kekkei Genkai, hope auther mention it.

  5. Thanks for the chapter. This is so stupid there is no way in hell that the Wood Release is worth 4,000 times more than a Mangekyou Sharingan. You know what a valid price for Wood Release would have been? 15,000 the price of the two tomoe upgrade, three tomoe upgrade, and a Mangekyou combined. But why did he make the Wood Release so freaking expensive? Because our Uchiha fanboy author can’t have his retarded MC use Hashirama’s jutsu because then his beloved Uchiha jutsus won’t have time to freaking shine. Is that actually the reason? I don’t know the prices are just so stupid I just felt ranting but I do know for one reason or another he doesn’t want the MC using Wood Release anytime soon, or even at all, considering the prices. On a more serious note 15,000 would have been a much better and logical price than 60,000,000, and the others should have been more or less at 5,000 as well considering that even if they aren’t less useful than Sharingan they are most definitely not more useful than one.

      1. Ikr, before starting the fight he had 2k points, which he kept just in case to cure blindness ( enough to cure 40%). Then he killed 5 saints dead soldier, 1 deity dragon and 2 deity ximen dudes. (When he killed saint lion he got 2k reward) so he should get at least 10k for 5 saints and at least 10k for each deity depending on rank (low-mid-high) or race (f**cking dragon !)
        But he only got the reward for mission… i call bs.

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