In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 101

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 101: System upgrade——-Mission system added

System upgrade——-Mission System added

At the border of Supreme Feilu Empire, in an anonymous mountain, a masked person wearing a black robe with red colored clouds imprinted on it, suddenly appeared. The whole body of this mysterious person were blood stained, and his clothing were tattered everywhere. It seems like he had just experienced a big battle.

This mysterious person was Ren Tianyou. After finishing off both Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo, Ren Tianyou found Divinity crystal form the space ring on their body. Feeling the power contained within this Divinity crystal, an excited smile appeared on his tired face. After that Ren Tianyou pack up only Divinity crystal and gold coins, and left all the remaining things, because he didn’t know  whether those other things could be tracked or not, as a result he discard all the remaining things. After that he didn’t stay there any longer.

Ren Tianyou used Choju Giga (Super Beast Scroll), and sitting on the back of ink eagle, he flew away from there towards Supreme Feilu Empire’s border. Flying for almost for an hour, Ren Tianyou stopped on a nameless mountain, then get rid of Choju Giga (Super Beast Scroll), and jumped down towards this mountain. After that he sat cross-legged at that place and gradually recovered his exhausted chakra, and made preparation of his next move.

After about two hours, Ren Tianyou recovered his chakra to normal state. Sitting on the rock, his right hand flashed with light, and twinkling with faint blue colored radiance, Divinity crystal appeared in his hand. Then his consciousness sunk and entered the system interface in his mind, “System, I already got Divinity crystal, what should I do now?”

“Host only needs to inject chakra into Divinity crystal, then the power of system will enter this Divinity crystal along with host’s chakra. After that the power of Divinity crystal will be absorbed by system.” The system voice was directly transmitted to the brain of Ren Tianyou.

Hearing the system voice, Ren Tianyou immediately released a light blue colored chakra and poured it inside Divinity crystal. After the chakra entered into Divinity crystal, Ren Tianyou suddenly fell on the ground. He sensed a boundless water system energy was flowing into his body from that Divinity crystal. When Ren Tianyou was about to resist this, he felt another terrifying energy suddenly stirred inside his brain, and along with his chakra, that energy started to flow into Divinity crystal. After that terrifying energy started to flow into Divinity crystal, that boundless water system energy became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared. Under this terrifying power, the energy of Divinity crystal couldn’t do a single thing, and was directly absorbed inside the brain of Ren Tianyou.

“Ding! Congratulation to host for successfully completing the mission to seize the Divinity crystal. Host obtain 30,000 system points as a reward. Please wait until system finished upgrading to open mission system and add a new function in store system.” After the Divinity crystal was completely absorbed inside his brain, system voice was transmitted to his brain. Then the system interference suddenly became black, just like computer’s screen before upgrading its software. And after that a line appeared on the system interference. “Current upgrade process is 1%”

Because of this Ren Tianyou was forced to sit on the stone with nothing to do, so in a daze, he waited for about an hour. The sky was gradually becoming bright. After waiting for a long time, finally the system upgrade was completed.

“System upgrade complete. Now system reached level two, mission system is added. From now on host can complete the missions to obtain system points. In addition, for enhancing host’s strength, new Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit) abilities are available in Store System. Host can use system points to exchange these Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit) abilities.” After the system upgrade was completed, the system voice was directly transmitted to the brain of Ren Tianyou, “In addition, to upgrade the system to level three, it requires ‘Purgatory blood crystal’. Time limit to obtain ‘Purgatory blood crystal’ is unlimited.”

Hearing the content of system voice, Ren Tianyou was jumping with joy. He didn’t expect that this time with the exception of Mission system, another features would also be added. Ren Tianyou was unable to hold himself back and directly opened the long awaited mission system. After opening mission system, Ren Tainyou saw thickly dotted sentences of mission. Without losing any time, Ren Tianyou started to read form the beginning.

  1. Kill Godking Laffey Rutter, and obtain his Divinity crystal. Host reward: 150,000 system points, and three tailed beast ‘Isobu’. Mission difficulty: 5 star.
  2. Make the wife of God Bulai Zi fall in love with you and make her yours. Reward: 300,000 system points, and 5 tailed beast ‘Kokuo’. Mission difficulty 5 star.

Looking at each and every abnormal mission, the corner of mouth of Ren Tianyou was unceasingly twitching, and black lines appeared on his face. “F**k, there is no mistake ah, what kind of broken mission is this.” Ren Tianyou gloomily roared loudly.

Watching each and every missions on the mission system, Ren Tianyou suddenly had the impulse to beat a people. “F**k, now I, your father have to go and kill a Godking. Before anything I don’t even know how high the power of this person is, and also don’t know how much strength is necessary for a person to be referred as Godking. But looking at the system reward, this person definitely is extremely powerful, perhaps a single poke of his finger is enough to kill me. And also I have no hatred for him and he is not my enemy, so why should I go and kill him.”

“And there is this second mission, unexpectedly I have to get a hold of the wife of another person. Isn’t this clearly asking him for a fight, one should not engage with another person’s wife, unless one is sick.”

Ren Tianyou continued to browse through the missions, and discovered many 5 star difficulty level missions. All were about attacking, killing, so- and so, and also some other missions were to steal the weapons of Gods.

Ren Tianyou barely managed to endure his impulse to beat a person until he finished reading this mission lists. After completely reading, he discovered that all the missions were of 5 star difficulty, seeing this he tightly frowned his brows, “F**k, currently I cannot complete a single mission. If it is like this, then this mission system is completely useless for me.”

Discovering this, Ren Tianyou was disappointed in this mission system. But in his disappointment, he suddenly saw a two flashing icons in the right corner of the mission system. He tapped first icon, then a system voice was suddenly transmitted in his brain. “Congratulation to host for activating first sub-mission—–Obtain your own summoning beast. Every qualified ninja has their own summoning beast, and these summoning beasts increase their strength. Please find your own summoning beast: Mission time limit: 2 days; Mission rewards: 5,000 system points; Mission failed: -5,000 system points; Mission difficulty: 2 star; Do you accept?”

“Accept!” Ren Tianyou accepted this mission without any hesitation. Because he was already about to exchange tailed beast and make it his summoning beast, so this mission was basically giving him a free system points.

After that Ren Tianyou tapped remaining flashing icon, carefully looking he discovered that this was the guide of mission system. After completely reading this guide, he immediately had the rough understanding about this mission system.

It turned out the difficulty of the mission system was divided into 1 star which was lowest difficulty to 5 star which was highest difficulty. The mission panel of 5 star difficulty missions refreshes every day, and one could choose any mission according to their requirements. In addition to 5-star missions, there were still a numbers of sub-missions, they also refreshes daily and could be chosen according to requirements, but the degree of difficulty of these sub-missions may vary after each refresh, and could also change according to his own behavior in reality. In addition to sub-missions, there was also main mission, and unlike sub-mission, these main mission must be accepted, couldn’t be refused. If these main missions were failed, then the penalties were extremely serious.

“From now on there are many ways to obtain system points.” Looking at the introduction of mission system, he again became extremely happy. From now on he had many ways to earn system points. And from now on he could also upgrade his doujutsu. This news was a great help for him to find the way back home.

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    1. He could already obtain Bloodline Limits; the Sharingan is a Bloodline Limit remember? All the level up did was add more Bloodline Limits to the list that he can purchase.

  1. I hate the way the story is progressing because there is no way for the reader to truly understand how powerful the mc is. Besides the fact he has a totally different leveling system which already throws the balance out of whack, now he can add bloodlines to his abilities. The way he is getting stronger is way to out of the norm.

  2. This just got stupid. YOU GOT A NARUTO SYSTEM! OBTAIN ALL OF THE ABILITIES! All the Kage’s ability and everything else! You’ll be immortal with madara’s technique!

    1. he needs tons of system points for that, means tons of killing either beasts or humans. and so its not that easy.

  3. No matter how many bloodlines, tailed beast, legendary items he gets it doesn’t matter because the mc is a fucking idiot who can’t think for shit.

  4. Points for killing dragon, and 2 god ranked dudes? hello where they at?
    every chapter is more painful then the last.
    MC is sooo retarded its so annoying.

  5. Mission 1: Impossible to complete
    Mission 2: …. WTF?
    Man the missions got from 0 to 100 real fast!
    Although it would be really interesting to read how’s he gonna do that in the future…

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