In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 100

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 100: Battle end

Chapter 100: Battle end

Inside this huge blood colored light, the complexion of all those five Saint-ranked warriors simultaneously became pale, and their body was unceasingly trembling. This five dragon suppression domain formation, not only absorb the life-force of these five individuals, but also place an extremely heavy pressure. Even if this five dragon suppression domain formation didn’t absorbed their life-force, with their physical strength, they won’t be able to handle this pressure for a long time.

“This is……..?” Ren Tianyou looked at this huge blood colored light, and thought that they were about to flee. Because when he had fought against mysterious woman at Eiffle Capital, she had used a teleportation scroll to flee. So Ren Tianyou feared that they were also using some kind of method to escape. As a result, he immediately speed up and hurried towards them.

“Everyone hurry up and get between us, we’ll join our force and use Dragon blood sky transfer spell to send you away from here.” Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo facing towards several younger generation of their clan, they spoke.

“Great grandfather, second grandfather, the backlash of using Dragon blood sky transfer spell………………..” Ximen Yue’er sadly stared at Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo, because she clearly knew the consequence of using Dragon blood sky transfer spell.

This Dragon blood sky transfer spell was created by the first patriarch of Ximen clan, it could utilize the full power of user to cut open the space, then send the target to appointed location. And to use this spell, the user should at least have the strength level of Deity-rank, but using this spell would thoroughly destroy this Deity-ranked expert. Because even delivering a single human would exhaust all the energy within the body of this Deity-ranked expert, and also the battle qi core of this expert, because of forcedly drawing out all the power within the body, would thoroughly disintegrate. And this expert would downright become a cripple.

And right now there were seven individuals including Ximen Yue’er, so even if Ximen Xinbo and Ximen Shu joined together to use this transmission spell, it could be estimate that, after using this spell, both of them would be thoroughly ruined.

“Take out all the space rings on your body, also take off all the items containing energies. We do not understand this space magic. We are just forcedly cutting open this space, so this space will be extremely fragile, and we cannot afford any other energy to corrode this space. If a single different energy enter this space, this space will thoroughly collapse, and every one of you will lose your life in the middle of the endless space.” Ximen Shu seriously said.

At the same time, they suddenly felt a violent fluctuation on the blood colored light which was surrounding them. They saw that the fiery red colored huge light sword of that huge Demon God’s giant hand had slashed on the blood red light. And along with the slash of that huge sword, a large amount of ripples appeared on the blood red light which was surrounding them. After that those five Saint ranked warriors who were sustaining the Wall of sigh formation, suddenly spit up a mouthful of blood simultaneously, and their complexion became even paler just like a paper.

“Not good, we don’t have any time to waste. Quickly take off the things which contains any type of energy and space rings and give it to us. We will immediately get ready to use Dragon blood sky transfer spell.” Ximen Xinbo immediately looked at those nervous younger generation of his clan and roared.

Hearing Xiemn Xinbo, then again looking at the violently shaking blood colored light, and that huge Susanoo who was unceasingly attacking, all of them immediately started to tremble, and without losing any time they took off the space rings and hand it over to Ximen Shu.

After taking those space rings, Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo immediately stood opposite to each other, then simultaneously started to gather all the energies within their body. And they opened their mouth simultaneously and started to chant, “I Ximen Shu/Ximen Xinbo with our blood, with its energy source, agree to exchange endless power, open blood abyss’s Zhang Yuan blood.”

After both Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo finished chanting, suddenly two, one gold and one white, two huge light beam simultaneously descended from the sky. At these two light beams, two huge energy dragons were unceasingly revolving around them and finally entered the body of Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo.

Zhang Yuan blood, was a kind of taboo power which was within the blood abyss of everyone, and if opened, the blood power could materialized itself, and simultaneously recover all the exhausted energy instantly. And also can use all the power of blood. But once Zhang Yuan blood is opened, only death awaits after a while.

Ximen Xinbo and Ximen Shu had clearly understood form the beginning that they don’t have enough energy inside their body to use Dragon blood sky transfer. So they had no choice but to open their Zhang Yuan blood. In any case, their one and only result in the end was death. Since they were going to die anyway, they might as well open Zhang Yuan blood to get a large amount of energy. This might increase the success rate of Dragon blood sky transfer spell.

After opening Zhang Yuan blood, Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo didn’t have time to sense the endless extremely profound blood power inside their body. Without wasting any time, the hurriedly completed the preparation of Dragon blood sky transfer spell.

After that Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo simultaneously lifted their hands, and all the energies within their bodies suddenly gushed out in beyond description pattern, then simultaneously huge gold and white energy dragon flew towards the sky, and suddenly the space of the sky gave out a ‘ka ka’ cracking sound, then suddenly a huge black hole appeared above their head. Along with the appearance of this black hole in the space, the power of this black hole started to destroy the Wall of sigh formation. And those five Saint ranked warriors suddenly ‘peng’, ‘peng’, ‘peng’……..changed into five blood pools, without leaving even the bones.

“Everyone quickly enter.” Looking at the appeared black hole, Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo used all their power to maintain the balance of this black hole. Then they turned their head towards Ximen Yue’er and others and roared.

Ximen Yue’er had a sad face looking at Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo who were exerting themselves to maintain this black hole, then she turned around and ferociously stared at Ren Tianyou with her eyes full of hatred. She resolutely stared at Ren Tianyou as if she wanted to imprint his appearance in her brain. Then yelled with her lovely voice, “Let’s go.” After that she jumped inside that black hole.

When the Wall of sigh was broken, Ren Tianyou didn’t attack immediately to stop these peoples from leaving. He had intentionally let them leave this place.

“Elder sister Yue’er, I am giving you face by letting them leave this place. But next time, when I come to Ximen clan, no one will be able to stop me. Those people who had injured me, humiliated and bully me, I must make them pay the heaviest price.” Ren Tianyou muttered to himself.

Actually Ren Tianyou had already recognized the identity of Ximen Yue’er, after all in the memory of Ximen Tianlong, she was the only one who had truly treated him fairly just like a family member. So this time to give some face to her, he had let the younger member of Ximen clan to leave. After all Ren Tianyou had chance to stop them, but he had let all of them leave this place intentionally.

After last person disappeared inside the black hole, the black hole disappeared. And at the same time a cruel smile flashed on the face of Ren Tianyou behind the mask, then he directly waved Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade) towards both Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo.

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  1. Why do I have a feeling that this last attack, something will go wrong…. Oh right it’s a Naruto-based novel.

    And thanks to the author for that over explanation of a technique that will ony be used 1 time this whole novel

      1. Both ximen bros crippled their cultivation to open that blackhole portal. So they dont have any power left to dodge incoming atk

        1. Battle ain’t over till they’re dead or captured. Judging by the current situation the battle will actually end in the first paragraph, possibly even first sentence of the next chapter. But strictly speaking it has not ended by the end of this chapter.

  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    …then why bother chasing them if you let them escape? just wait for the 5 minute to end!

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    1 scroll can make a random teleport, and for precise teleport one need to sacrifice his life?what bs is this?

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