In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 380

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Infinite Kotoamatsukami

Looking at this star he had created in front of himself, Ren Tianyou directly flew towards it. After flying to the front of this star, his Rinne Sharingan began to emit large amount of eye power, reflecting it off this huge star.

In the Divine Wind Continent which was nearest to this star created by Ren Tianyou, countless people walked out from their room, and looking at that earth-shattering huge moon in the sky, all of them couldn’t believe that this star was man-made.

“What the hell is going on?” Looking at that huge moon in the sky, White Tiger couldn’t help but asked everyone of Akatsuki beside him.

“I also don’t know, but I am having a kind of bad feeling.” Bu Feng shook his head, and expressed that he also didn’t know what was happening in front of him.

But just then, the complexion of Void beside them suddenly change greatly, then pointing towards that huge moon in the sky, he said to everyone present, “Quickly look!”

Along with the pointing out of Void, the gaze of everyone couldn’t help but again turned towards the distant sky. At this moment, the heaven concealing huge moon in the sky suddenly had a great changes. Its original bright and clear moonlight suddenly changed into blood red, moreover in this blood red moon, slowly nine tomoe appeared. Precisely was Eye of the Moon.

“What’s going on?” Seeing that as if huge blood-red eyes moon, White Tiger instantly asked in confusion, “Isn’t that the pattern of Zero’s eye? How can it appear in the moon?”

“Don’t tell me that something happened to idiot?” Seeing the pattern that had suddenly appeared in the moon, Little Yu also immediately felt this was very similar to the pattern of the eyes of the person she was very worried about, merely she didn’t know why such pattern suddenly appeared in the huge moon.

Moreover thinking about her husband was currently fighting with Yaorao, the strongest expert of Demon World, she couldn’t help but instantly began to worry about Ren Tianyou’s safety even more.

But just then, the eye in the moon suddenly emitted an obscured power that spread towards the universe. The very first that came into contact with this power was Divine Wind Continent that was nearest to this moon. Under powerful dojutsu Infinite Kotoamatsukami, the consciousness of everyone began to slowly disappear, and the pattern of all these people’s eyes instantly changed into the pattern of Rinne Sharingan.

Now everybody were blankly looking towards the sky. Even the people possessing exceedingly high strength were unable to resist the effect of this powerful dojutsu, and all of them were controlled by Infinite Kotoamatsukami.

White Tiger, Southern Dipper, Jade Maiden, Little Yu and all others had also fallen into this dojutsu and lost their consciousness. Mo Yun who was in the process of setting up his scheme, as well as Ling Weiwei who was flying towards endless ocean had also fallen into this dojutsu. No matter how far you hide, no matter how deep you hide, no one was able to escape from the effect of this dojutsu.

But all these people were merely caught in this dojutsu, and were controlled by Ren Tianyou, nothing more. He didn’t harm the life of any of these people.


In the outer space, after Ren Tianyou used Eye of the Moon to reflect his eyes on the moon he had created, he immediately gathered together all the power of his Infinite Kotoamatsukami, and shone upon the moon.

Since the time he had exchanged the eyes of Uchiha Shisui, Ren Tianyou had never once used Kotoamatsukami, fearing he would waste the eye power of Kotoamatsukami. But today, he gathered together all the eye power of Kotoamatsukami, making it one-time use dojutsu. In other words, after using Infinite Kotoamatsukami once, Ren Tianyou would no longer be able to use Kotoamatsukami ever again.

After the success of Infinite Kotoamatsukami, Ren Tianyou sat cross-legged in the outer space, then closing his eyes, he link up with Eye of the Moon. After that all kind of information came to Ren Tianyou from these controlled people. After the people were controlled by Kotoamatsukami, all the secrets in the heart of all the people were transmitted to the mind of Ren Tianyou, all without exception.

After everyone present in the Divine Continent were controlled, the eye power of Eye of the Moon slowly advanced towards the depth of the universe. After that all the life of the planets were under the control of Ren Tianyou, and even the Universe Boundary Artifacts of these planets were under his control.

Roughly after one day, the closed eyes of Ren Tianyou slowly opened, and taking a deep breathe, he muttered, “I’ve already found all 3000 Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts, merely I’ve never expected to discover such interesting matters.”

After Ren Tianyou controlled Divine Wind Continent, the memory of everyone including Little Yu was transmitted to Ren Tianyou’s mind, which naturally includes the controlled Mo Yun.

And to the surprise of Ren Tianyou, this Mo Yun was unexpectedly a human, furthermore he was that Dark Saint that should have already died 30,000 years ago.

As a matter of fact, Ren Tianyou had already thought about this possibility, because the time when this Mo Yun had appeared in Demon Word was after Demon World failed their invasion to Divine Wind Continent.

In fact, at that time, after Seven Great Saints sacrificed their blood lineage and all battle qi to jointly issue an attack, they all didn’t die, rather lost their cultivation and changed into waste without any power.

But just because they all had become waste, after the conclusion of Demon World’s invasion, they were unexpectedly subjected to pry of Evil Eyes clan, as they wanted to obtain the method to open God rank blood lineage and also their cultivation technique. And confronting against Evil Eyes clan in the state when they had already lost their cultivation, the other six Great Saints naturally had no power to resist and finally they all choose to commit suicide.

But Dark Saint was lucky enough to escape this disaster, and luckily got a cosmic energy crystal called Evil Cloud Celestial Body, then completely recovered his strength, and moreover his strength was strengthen further.

But when he wanted to take revenge against Evil Eyes clan, each and every big powers of the continent stopped him. This made Dark Saint hate all humans and 100 clans of Divine Wind Continent in secret. Finally thinking to carry it through, whatever the consequences, he directly went and joined Demon Empress, then helped her to create Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers and came to invade Divine Wind Continent to avenge his six younger brother and older sister.

And the mother of Great Bear Di Qingyu was precisely Fire Saint, and she had also died in the hands of Evil Eyes clan, and even though he wanted to take revenge, he however didn’t have any opportunity.

“Didn’t expect this Mo Yun to truly be Dark Saint.”Ren Tianyou slowly thought in his heart, “But since this Evil Eyes clan killed the mother of Great Bear, I will help him take the revenge.”

Thinking this, with a single thought of Ren Tianyou, all the clansmen of Evil Eyes clan who were under the complete control of Ren Tianyou due to the effect of Infinite Kotoamatsukami, all of them choose to cut their own throat to commit suicide. Now the life and death of all these people without exception were completely under the control of the single thought of Ren Tianyou.

And the matter that surprised Ren Tianyou the most was, the identity of Yaorao. Although Yaorao was sealed, but also wasn’t able to escape Infinite Kotoamatsukami, and he was able to peep through all of her memories.

“So it was like this, never thought that in this world, I have a partner ah.” Ren Tianyou sighed with feelings.

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  1. Calling it now she is from earth and he will pity her, wouldn’t put it out there for the author to give us bs like this after the super long fights but ending with literally one move all problems

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