In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 379

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God—-Chibaku Tensei

“Roar!” Ren Tianyou with both of his palms put together, rapidly circulated that boundless chakra within his body as well as slowly emitted his powerful eye power from his Rinne Sharingan, and at the same time, the Susanoo around his body also directly put its palms together, seemingly gathering the power.

Roughly after one minute, both Ren Tianyou and Susanoo simultaneously separated their hands, and one large one small two black colored energy balls flew out from the center of both Ren Tianyou and Susanoo’s palms. Then both of them slowly merged together, becoming a huge black colored energy ball which was over 10 meters in diameter, then flew towards Yaorao.

After this energy ball flew out, Ren Tianyou and his Susanoo simultaneously spread their arms, and looking up to the heaven issued a loud roar. And their body also emitted large amount of chakra, shattering the space around them one after another.

“Roar! God—-Chibaku Tensei!”

Along with the roar of Ren Tianyou, that huge black colored energy ball stopped in mid-air above Yaorao, then emitting a black colored dim light, this energy ball released a powerful attractive force. Numerous huge meteorites including some minor planets drifting in the outer space around this place were unable to withstand this powerful attractive force, and flew towards that in the process of releasing powerful attractive force black colored energy ball. “Hong”, “hong”, “hong”……one huge meteorite after another directly collided with this black colored energy ball. And slowly a huge star was in the process of emerging here.

Yaorao who was under this Chibaku Tensei was also directly drawn by this powerful attractive force. Although her strength was very strong that it was enough to destroy a world, but this moment, all her energy was focused on those four Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts to communicate with the origin power of their respective realm, so she could only look on helplessly while her body slowly flew towards that black colored energy ball. Even though that Demonic Buddha around her body was continuously resisting, it however didn’t have any effect.

The huge body of this Demonic Buddha directly attached firmly to the surface of this star under the attractive force of this God—-Chibaku Tensei. Shortly afterwards, again countless huge meteorites were drawn in under the attractive force of this Chibaku Tensei, and covered the body of Yaorao, slowly sealing her body inside.


In the Divine Wind Continent, countless people felt the continuously quaking continent unexpectedly stopped all of a sudden, and those energy four light beams which emitted suffocating pressure also disappeared. All of those people couldn’t help but wondered what had happened, but when everyone raised their head and looked towards the sky, all of them were stupefied.

In the pitch-black night, beside the moons which were emitting bright and clear moonlight, suddenly yet another huge moon appeared. Moreover the area of this moon was rapidly growing, and had already surpassed the area of the original moons.

“What’s going on here?”

This question involuntarily appeared in the heart of everyone, as they didn’t understand what was happening.


In the outer space.

Ren Tianyou standing within the huge Susanoo with his arms wide open, looked at that slowly forming huge star, while unceasingly strengthening it with the chakra within his body. Even though Yaorao was already sealed within this Chibaku Tensei, Ren Tianyou however didn’t stopped his action, because he was not exerting his effort to make such huge star to do something simple like sealing Yaorao, but he wanted to use this star to do something absolutely insane matter.

“Roar!” Ren Tianyou still unceasingly send out large amount of chakra from within his body. Even with his current level of strength, creating this star with the area which had now already surpass the area of one-third of entire Divine Wind Continent was very difficult matter, and now his originally nearly endless chakra unexpectedly began to reduce.

“Still not enough. Still not enough, Shukaku, Matatabi………Kurama, lend me your power!” Feeling the unusual condition within his body, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but yelled towards nine tailed-beasts within his body, asking them to lend him their origin power.



“No problem!’


Hearing the yell of Ren Tianyou, all nine tailed-beasts simultaneously send out their origin power to Ren Tianyou, making him able to continue this ninjutsu.

After obtaining the chakra of nine tailed-beasts, and coupled with the power of Ren Tianyou, the area of Chibaku Tensei unceasingly enlarged. Very quickly, its area reached more than twice the area of entire Divine Wind Continent, moreover it was still increasing rapidly. And under the powerful attractive force of this Chibaku Tensei, now even Divine Wind Continent began to shake, wanting to break away from its moving orbit and fly towards Chibaku Tensei. Ren Tianyou immediately changed the direction of the attractive force of Chubaku Tensei to avoid that disaster.

When this ninjutsu stopped, Ren Tianyou standing in the outer space was unceasingly panting, large beads of sweats continuously flowed down his forehead, and Susanoo around his body also dissipated.

And now in front of Ren Tianyou, there was a huge star. The area of this star was roughly five times more than Divine Wind Continent. And from the eyes of the people of Divine Wind Continent, they could only see a huge moon covering the entire sky.

“Hu, did I succeed?” Looking at this huge planet in front of him, Ren Tianyou wiped his sweat, and slowly thought in his heart.

“Like this I can launch this technique, and this star will be the medium to use this ninjutsu to the entire 3000 realms!” Ren Tianyou slowly thought in his heart while looking at this star in front of him.

As a matter of fact, Ren Tianyou manufacture such a huge star not only to seal Yaorao, but even more also to use a powerful dojutsu, Mugen Kotoamatsukami (Infinite Kotoamatsukami)!”

Yes, precisely Infinite Kotoamatsukami!

This will make Ren Tianyou’s Kotoamatsukami one-time use ninjutsu, this means as long as he use this dojutsu once, he could no longer be able to use Kotoamatsukami again as a price. The power emitted by this dojutsu would reach the entire 3000 realms, making the power of this ninjutsu illuminate every place of this universe.

Ren Tianyou had painstakingly used this ninjutsu, naturally was not because of stupid reason of destroying the world like Uchiha Madara. He wanted to control every living beings in 3000 realms, then obtain the whereabouts of all the Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts through this ninjutsu. After that, directly control the spirit of Divine Artifacts, and make them fly to his side on their own, obtaining all the Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts. This was the ultimate plan of Ren Tianyou.

And to shine the power of his dojutsu to the entire universe, a small moon was naturally not enough, so Ren Tianyou exerted great effort as well as exhausted large amount of energy to create such a huge star to treat it as a medium of Infinite Kotoamatsukami.

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