In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 375

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Six Path Mode

With Uchiha Flame Formation breaking open with an explosion, a loud explosion sound suddenly reverberated through the entire horizon. And along with the explosion shockwave, dusts and smokes rose. And the instant this explosion rose, the eyes of Ren Tainyou shone, then he quickly flew towards the center of explosion.

And at this time, a loud roaring sound of beast came from the center of explosion, and the surging powerful sound waves spreading out from the center of explosion dispersed all of the explosion dusts and smokes, revealing the circumstance inside.

“This…this is?” Seeing the thing appeared before her eyes, the complexion of Yaorao standing within Demonic Buddha blanked, and deep shock flashed in her eyes.

In front of her, there was a gigantic beast with ten huge tails swinging behind it. The skin of this gigantic beast was as if withered bark, and the most peculiar thing was, its forehead’s that one unusually evil eye.

That was a blood red eyeball, and the eyeball had nine tomoe. This eyeball gave people a kind of unusually evil feeling. Just looking at this eye, the consciousness of people seemed to involuntarily sink in.

This eye is the eye of the strongest tailed-beast Jubi—-Rinne Sharingan, also was legendary Eye of the Moon.

And the moment this Jubi was resurrected, Ren Tianyou had already arrived at its front. Then looking at the huge body of Jubi and sensing the suffocating chakra its body was emitting, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but sigh, “It indeed is worthy of the title of the strongest tailed-beast, this chakra alone is already truly strong.”

After sighing, Ren Tianyou no longer hesitated, his Rinne Sharingan emitted powerful eye power, and he simultaneously made a series of hand seals while circulating the chakra within his body, “Now it’s time to become host of Jubi.”

Although Jubi was resurrected, and relying on his Rinne Sharingan, he could completely control it, but that had no meaning to Ren Tianyou, because his goal was to become the host of Jubi, and obtain the power of Six Path. Thereby defeating this Yaorao.

“This big fellow is not a good news ah!” Looking at distant Jubi’s that huge body as well as sensing that oppressive chakra leaking out from its body, Yaorao standing inside Demonic Buddha felt danger.

“Eh? What is that human doing?” Just then, Yaorao suddenly noticed Ren Tianyou, standing in front of that magical beast with ten tails, was in the process of unceasingly making hand seals, as if he was preparing to do something.

“He!” Ren Tianyou finally maintained ‘Rat’ hand seal, then with chakra continuously circulating within his body and Rinnegan continuously emitting powerful eye power, he looked at Jubi in front of him, then loudly roared, “Come in for me.”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, Jubi’s that huge body instantly changed into nine white colored chakra and flowed into the body of Ren Tianyou. And Ren Tianyou slowly absorbed it.

Along with the absorption of these nine white colored chakra, the body of Ren Tianyou emitted dazzling white colored radiance, illuminating the entire horizon.

And when that huge body of Jubi completely disappeared, and white colored light beam also dissipated, Yaorao deeply frowned clearly seeing the changes in Ren Tianyou. And her fists also couldn’t help but tightened, “It seems it’d have been wisest choice to kill him in the beginning ah.”

Saying this, Yaorao couldn’t help but look towards the sky and muttered slowly, “Since this is already the case, there is no need for the existence of this continent.”

And on the other side, after absorbing Jubi, the body of Ren Tianyou already had earthshaking changes. Now he was wearing black and white alternating windbreaker, and behind him, nine black colored chakra balls were slowly revolving in the mid-air.

In the hand of Ren Tianyou there was a long scepter, and on one end of this scepter there were few black colored metal like substance making up iron hoop. And now his body doesn’t seem to have any aura, but if one carefully probe then they would discover his power was as if vast ocean. This was the state of becoming the host of Jubi and obtaining the power of Sage of Six Path.

And at this moment, Ren Tianyou firmly closed his eyes, because after sealing Jubi in his body, the consciousness of nine tailed-beasts had reawakened within his body.

“Little You, you succeed. You finally obtained the power of old man Six Path.” Within his body, the voice of Shukaku rang out speaking to him.

“Boy, not bad, you really didn’t let us tailed-beasts down.” Kuruma’s voice also rang out.

“Your consciousness finally restored, that’s really too good, too good……” Hearing the sound of tailed-beasts within his body, Ren Tianyou a little agitatedly said.

“Well, don’t get too sentimental now, boy, there is enemy in front of you here. Now show her our real strength.” Nine tailed-beasts loudly roared towards Ren Tianyou.

“Yeah, there is a battle waiting for me.” Ren Tianyou slowly thought, then slowly beginning to open his eyes, he said slowly, “Demon Empress Yaorao, let me show you my Six Path Mode power as well as the power of my new eyes.”

After Ren Tainyou opened his eyes, two radiance seemingly shot out from his eyes, eradication this dark surrounding.

The eyes of Ren Tianyou had also changed greatly. Now in his Rinnegan’s ripple pattern, each of them had few tomoe. Altogether there were nine tomoe in each of his eyeball.

This was precisely Ren Tianyou’s evolved eyes, Rinnegan’s strongest mode—-Rinne Sharingan!

The reason why he was able to awaken Rinne Sharingan was also related to the System within his body. After Ren Tianyou absorbed Jubi, becoming the host of Jubi, the voice of System resounded on the mind of Ren Tianyou, “Congratulation to host for obtaining tailed-beasts true power, become host of Jubi, and awaken Six Path Mode, now you have awakened Sharingan’s final form—-Rinne Sharingan!’

After obtaining Rinne Sharingan, and he asked the System inside his body, then knew the requirements to awaken this Rinne Sharingan.

First, must have Sharingan successfully evolved to Rinnegan.

Second, also the most important of all, must obtain the approval of all nine tailed-beasts, and obtain their tailed-beasts origin power, otherwise even if you became the host of Jubi, there was no way to awaken.

Third, i.e. absorb Jubi, becoming the host of Jubi.

Six Path Mode, coupled with Ren Tianyou’s Rinne Sharingan. This was the true Six Path’s power that was stated by nine tailed-beasts at that time.

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