In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 373

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 Strongest State—-Heavenly Buddha Descend

“I will win!” Ren Tianyou raised his head, and with determination flashing in his eyes, he looked towards distant Yaorao and slowly muttered. This was not only Ren Tianyou’s objective of this war, but even more was his final commitment to nine tailed-beasts.

“Roar!” After all nine tailed-beasts from Ichibi Shukaku to Kyuubi Kurama were swallowed by Gedo Statue, a roar filled with anguish came out from the mouth of Gedo Statue, reverberating through the horizon.

With both hands covering its huge head, mouth unceasingly issuing anguish roar seemingly having great pain, and with nine bloodshot eyes in its head, it gave people a kind of very terrifying feeling.

Right now its body emitted terrifying chakra, and huge pressure disintegrated the land around in succession. Moreover pieces of huge slabstones automatically floated in the sky.

“Those nine huge magical beasts were swallowed by this demonic statue? What actually is going on here?” Seeing those nine tailed-beasts were swallowed by Gedo Statue, Yaorao who was standing within the body of Demonic Buddha frowned, and a dangerous feeling unexpectedly welled up within her heart. She sensed that the energy contained within this demonic statue was capable of threatening her.

“This won’t do, I must quickly end this battle without delaying any longer. Now I don’t need to restore energy for the time being, as this 70% strength is already more than enough to kill this human.” After thinking, Yaorao began to control Demonic Buddha to take action. The figure of Demonic Buddha quickly rose, and with the appearance of purple colored lotus under the foot of Demonic Buddha, it directly rushed towards distant Ren Tianyou.

“There is still 5 minutes left.” Ren Tianyou standing in front of Gedo Statue muttered. According to response he got from the Gedo Statue to his Rinnegan, he knew that it would take 5 minutes for the complete resurrection of Jubi. And looking towards rushing towards him Yaorao, he slowly thought, “I have to hold on this final five minutes, I will definitely not let the sacrifice of tail-beasts be wasted.”

Thinking this, Ren Tianyou bit his right hand’s index finger and quickly made a series of hand seals, “Uchiha Kaenjin! (Uchiha Flame Formation!)”

With his right palm heavily slamming on the ground, a huge fiery red barrier rose from all around Gedo Statue, and completely surrounded Gedo Statue inside.

After setting up a barrier, Ren Tianyou quickly flew, then looking at Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha flying towards him, his left Rinnegan emitted powerful eye power, “Dojutsu—-Baleful Transposition!”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, an obscured space fluctuation simultaneously appeared in the space around Ren Tianyou and the space at the right hand side of Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha, then Ren Tainyou instantly disappeared and appeared at the right hand side of Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha.

In the instant Ren Tianyou used his dojutsu, the space of his place and the space on the right hand side of distant Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha had swapped, achieving the effect of instantaneous movement.

After suddenly appearing beside Demonic Buddha, again eye power rapidly gushed out from his eyes, then suddenly a powerful repulsive force spread all around the surrounding space.

“Shinra Tensei!”

Repulsive force directly affected the huge body of Demonic Buddha, and this repulsive force wanted to rebound its that huge body flying back.

“Don’t imagine that you will always have your way!” Yaorao standing within Demonic Buddha shouted loudly, and emitting purple colored energy, she folded her arms. And the Demonic Buddha also made the same kind of action as Yaorao, emitting a powerful purple colored radiance. After that although its body was still unceasingly moving back slowly, but it wasn’t directly rebound flying back.

“Actually blocking my Shinra Tensei, what short of joke is this, this bastard.” Seeing Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha unexpectedly wasn’t directly rebounded flying back just like in the beginning, Ren Tianyou thought while feeling shocked. And simultaneously used even more eye power to make Shinra Tensei even more powerful.

“Super—-Shinra Tensei!”

With a ‘hong’ loud explosion sound, Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha was directly rebounded flying back under the sudden boundless repulsive force. Even with her strength, she was unable to cope with this sudden upsurge of this repulsive force.

When the explosion dissipated, that Demonic Buddha quickly stabilized its huge body in mid-air after it was sent flying to some distance. Under this hard to resist Super Shinra Tensei move of Ren Tianyou, only the radiance around the body of this Demonic Buddha had become a little dimmer, it didn’t receive any fatal damage.

“What an abnormal ability ah, relying on the power of four divine artifacts coupled with her many years cultivation power, she actually formed such a huge giant whose strength is unexpectedly far beyond my current Full Body Susanoo.” Looking at distant Demonic Buddha, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. This was also mainly because of the qualitative difference between the energy possessed by Ren Tianyou and Yaorao. During this battle, this chakra within his body was already replenished two times by tailed-beasts, but Yaorao had been continuously fighting until now without showing any sign of her strength getting weaker.

This was the qualitative difference between Yaorao and Ren Tianyou. Yaorao as Demon Empress after all had cultivated for millions of years, moreover she had obtained the baptism of divine artifact’s power four times in succession, which basically wasn’t something Ren Tianyou who had cultivated for such a short time could compare. This was concrete details, now Ren Tainyou also saw such shortcomings on himself.

“My current attacks are still lacking certain degree of fatalness, now I can only use my strongest state to stall for final five minutes.” Looking at Demonic Buddha which was already flying towards him once again, and that Void Slaying Sword in its right hand which was emitting huge sword light, Ren Tianyou instantly decided in his heart.

Along with the special chakra circulating within his body, the perception of Ren Tianyou slowly became one with the surrounding environment, and special patterns emerged on his face, “Sage Mode, open!”

After the Sage Mode was opened, the perception of Ren Tianyou rapidly enlarged. And only this time, he was finally able to understand how strong the energy contained in that Demonic Buddha of Yaorao was. It was at least three times as strong as his before Full Body Susanoo.

After that he directly put his palms together without any hesitation. And circulating large amount of senjutsu chakra rapidly, “Senpo Mokuton—-Shin Susenju! (Sage Art–Wood Style—-True Thousand Hands!)”

Along with the loud shout of Ren Tianyou, a huge wooden Thousand Hands Buddha reaching over 70 meters grew out from the ground, and Ren Tianyou was standing on the head of this giant Buddha.

“I’m not done yet!” Standing on the head of this giant Buddha, Ren Tianyou again placed his palms together, and with large amount of eye power gushing out from his Rinnegan, he roared loudly, “Susanoo!”

And along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, large amount of purple colored chakra changing into Susanoo armor covered the entire body of this giant Buddha. Even those thousand huge hands of this giant Buddha were covered with the power of Susanoo, with Futsu no Mitama swords appearing in its hands.

Furthermore the head of this giant Buddha was covered with Susanoo helmet, and Ren Tianyou also stood inside it. This giant Buddha coupled with this Susanoo armor, looked just like a guardian deity Luohan.

“Come Yaorao, taste my strongest state.” Ren Tianyou standing on the head of giant Buddha, looking towers distant shocked Yaorao within Demonic Buddha, “This is my Susanoo coupled with True Thousand Hands formed strongest power—-Heavenly Buddha Descend!”

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