In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 372

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Jubi Revived

“Who said you don’t.” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s helpless voice, all nine tailed-beasts simultaneously yelled loudly, and surging sound waves were transmitted into the ears of Ren Tianyou. And at the same time, the gaze of all of them simultaneously turned towards the distant Gedo Statue, and eyes flashing with determination, they roared, “That key is all nine of us.”

“You all? Don’t tell me that……?” Hearing all nine tailed-beasts, Ren Tianyou’s expression became blank, and instantly understood their meaning, so he exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes, now that is the only way.” Kurama nodded and lowered his voice.

“Won’t do, you all cannot do this, in the first place, I promised you all that I will never use all of you to resurrect Jubi, because when Jubi is resurrected, the consciousness of all nine of you will completely disappear.” Hearing the confirmation from Kyuubi, Ren Tianyou instantly opposed. Although he could temporarily control Jubi after its resurrection, and sealing it within his body to become the host of Jubi, he could obtain the power of Sage of Six Path, but Ren Tianyou didn’t want to do this.

From the time he had first summoned them, they had greatly help him many times. During the battle of God Weeping Region, invasion of Ximen clan, destruction of Dragon clan and the life and death battle with Heaven Sealing Demon God……all along these time, if it was not for the help of tailed-beasts then he might have already died at an earlier time. And now for himself, against his will, he had to injure his true friends, this however was someting Ren Tianyou really didn’t want to do.

“Boy, hearing you say this, we all feel that all of our help to you were not in vain. As a matter of fact, what common people don’t know is, if you forcibly fuse us together to resurrect Jubi and become its host, then you will not obtain the genuine power of Sage of Six Path.” Kyuubi slowly explained to Ren Tianyou, “Since the time that old man Sage of Six Path separated us from Jubi, we nine have our own consciousness, and each of us retain unique tailed-beast power.”

“So at the time when we are being fused together to resurrect Jubi, if you don’t have sincere recognition of all nine of us, and furthermore if all nine of us didn’t entrust you our power, then the power of Six Path you possessed will only be pseudo power of Six Path, and your power will be as far apart as clouds and mud compared to old man Sage of Six Path.”

“Moreover when we entrust you our genuine tailed-beast power, our consciousness will enter into your body, then after you merge our body with Gedo Statue to resurrect Jubi, pull Jubi into your body and become its host, then combined with our origin power entrusted to you, the power within your body will truly awaken, becoming real second Six Path.”

“But then you all will……” Although all the things Kyuubi had said were very alluring, becoming host of real Jubi, and obtain the real power of Six Path, but the conscious of all nine tailed beasts would disappear, and this kind of consequence was something he was unwilling to bear.

“You can rest assured, our consciousness will not disappear, because our consciousness will have already entered into your body.” Kyuubi said to Ren Tianyou, “Moreover now this is the only way left, otherwise after you died, do you think the enemy before us will let us slip by.”

“Boy, don’t hesitate, extend you right hand.” Shukaku said to Ren Tainyou.

Hearing Shukaku, he looked at the decisive expression of all the tailed beast, and again distant Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha who was in the process of unceasingly gathering power, and decisiveness flashed in his eyes, then standing on the head of Kyuubi, towards nine tailed-beasts, he extended his right arm.

Seeing Ren Tianyou extend out his right hand, nine tailed-beasts simultaneously staked their right hand above the back of Ren Tianyou’s right hand, then nine special chakra fluctuation flowed into the right hand of Ren Tianyou from the body of nine tailed-beasts, entering into his body.

“Boy, summon Gedo Statue, we are ready, let the people of this different world see your true power after you obtain our tailed-beasts power.” Now that their power had already transmitted completely, their origin power had already entered into the body of Ren Tianyou. After that they asked Ren Tianyou to summon Gedo Statue.

“You all can rest assured, after finishing off the enemies, I will think of a way to restore you all.” The eyes of Ren Tianyou was a little moist, as he said to tailed-beasts. Then he made a series of hand seals, and the chakra within his body which had already replenished completely under the support of nine tailed-beasts began to circulate rapidly.

“Gedo Statue!”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, distant Gedo Statue instantly jumped over, heavily landing behind Ren Tianyou and nine tailed-beasts.

“Do it, boy.” Seeing Gedo Statue had already stood in place, nine tailed-beasts simultaneously yelled loudly towards Ren Tianyou.

And looking at the action of Ren Tianyou, distant Yaorao was puzzled. But because she had wasted a lot of power in a battle just now, she was in the process of using the origin power of four divine artifacts to restore her strength.

As a matter of fact, Ren Tianyou was more tragic in comparison, as although he had obtain one Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, but it had no attack power, because the biggest ability of Tower of Babel was to suck in the enemies and seal them inside, but he could absorb only those enemies whose strength didn’t exceeds his. So although crowd tactic was useless against Ren Tianyou with this, but it was useless against an expert enemy.

“Power of Outer Path!” Hearing nine tailed-beasts, Ren Tianyou firmed his heart, and making a series of hand seals, he finally clapped his hands, then powerful eye power gushed out from his Rinnegan gushed out. After that Gedo Statue behind him instantly opened his huge mouth, and directly spat out nine huge golden chains from its mouth.  These chains directly wrapped around the necks of all nine tailed beasts and dragged them into the statue.

“Goodbye, Little You.” Shukaku yelled towards Ren Tianyou while in the mid-air.

“You must win this battle.” Nibi Matatabi also yelled towards Ren Tianyou.


He continuously heard the sound of nine tailed-beasts, until all nine tailed-beasts completely disappeared, entering into the mouth of Gedo Statue, and was swallowed into its abdomen. At this moment, Ren Tianyou shed two drops of tears.

“I will win!” Ren Tianyou firmly said, then Ren Tianyou stared at distant Yaorao with determination flashing in his eyes.

“Roar!” After all nine tailed-beasts entered into the body of Gedo Statue, Gedo Statue immediately issued a loud roar of anguish. Its body emitted a tyrannical chakra, and the nine eyes on its forehead opened wide.

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  1. Now this will get interesting. On one hand I doubt that it will be easy, but on the other hand there only seems to be 9 more chapters left untranslated so it has to finish soon. I would be really sad if it just ended after the battle so I’m hoping at least 5 chapters are used to wrap it up. that would leave 6 chapters to finish this.

  2. “because the biggest ability of Tower of Babel was to suck in the enemies and seal them inside, but he could absorb only those enemies whose strength didn’t exceeds his”
    Wut this is totally useless lol

    1. My thoughts exactly at least other artifacts can bind enemies, black or attack even stronger enemies, but that thing just fails

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