In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 370

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One attack of fate

“Ai, I’ve never thought that elder brother Zero’s strength has already reached to such level, but this Yaorao is really worthy of being strongest Demon Empress in the history of Demon World. I fear now her strength has already entered peak God Emperor realm, and is advancing to that legendary realm above God Emperor realm.” Ling Weiwei issued a deep sigh. Her gaze seems to penetrate through the space and see the battlefield of Ren Tianyou and Yaorao. “In my previous life when I battled with Yaorao, I died physically as well as my continent was completely destroyed as a result. But at the key moment, considering everything, I kept back my origin power, and let a part of my divine sense enter rebirth and arrived at this Divine Wind Continent, but I have never thought that she would actually put her eyes again on this continent where I am living.” [T.L: What the, when did the character of Ling Weiwei changed to actually call Ren Tianyou as an elder brother, is this something to do with absorbing her origin power?]

“No matter whether your purpose is to gather all the Universe Boundary Divine Artifact or not, in this life time, I will definitely stop you. Elder brother Zero, you must hold on, wait for me, wait for the moment when I completely receive my inheritance power, then I will immediately come to the battlefield to help you.” Ling Weiwei thought aloud. After that she retracted her gaze, and again began to absorb inexhaustible water elements from between the heaven and earth, and that slight aura leaking out from her body made all the magical beasts within Magical Beasts’ Forest to shiver and lie on their own nest, not daring to make even a slight movement.


And in the battlefield, a pair of huge wings appeared on the back of Beast of Calamity formed by Ren Tianyou and Kyuubi. Then flapping the wings, Kurama’s that huge body flew to the air from the ground where water was bubbling forth from underground, then directly flew towards distant Yaorao who had changed into that huge Demonic Buddha.

Just like Ren Tianyou had said to Ling Xiaotian just now, this battle will not stop, even if Ren Tianyou himself wants to stop, Yaorao will definitely not give up, because both of them were determined to win the Universe Boundary Divine Artifact in each other’s hand.

Rushing to the front of Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha, Kurama attacked Demonic Buddha with its two front claw which was covered with Susanoo.

Seeing Kurama had arrived in front of it, under the control of Yaorao, the Demonic Buddha firmly placed its huge left arm’s that Heaven Defying Mirror which had changed into shield in front of it. And after the attack of Kurama was blocked, a powerful repulsive power came from the mirror, but Ren Tianyou was already prepared for it.

Along with the strengthening by the eye power of Ren Tianyou, the Susanoo’s huge armor around the body of Kurama slowly shone with purple colored radiance, and at the same time, the two legs of Kurama heavily landed on the ground, directly nullifying this powerful repulsive power.

“Humph, this divine artifact of yours have the ability to rebound the attack, I have already seem through it, now it doesn’t have any effect on me, receive death.” Looking at Yaorao within Demonic Buddha, Ren Tianyou standing on the head of Kyuubi sneered. Shortly afterwards, those two Susanoo arms on the sides of Kyuubi quickly lifted up those two Futsu no Mitama Sword they were holding, and under the control of Ren Tianyou’s Rinnegan, they directly chopped towards Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha.

But at that time, Demonic Buddha’s right arm directly swung Void Slaying Sword, then with ‘dang’, ‘dang’ two metal colliding sounds, Futsu no Mitama Sword was blocked by Yaorao’s Void Slaying Sword.

“I think you’d better hand over Tower of Babel now. Although your strength indeed surprised me, but the gap between you and me is something you cannot imagine.” Yaorao standing within Demonic Buddha indifferently said to Ren Tianyou, “Although I don’t want to massacre, but I have no other choice. Because all of these Universe Boundary Divine Artifact concerns with my dream, so you are unlikely to understand how determine I am to win these Universe Boundary Divine Artifact.”

“As long as you hand over Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, I will immediately withdraw my army. And you also don’t want to turn this beautiful continent and all those people living in this continent into nothingness under our battle right?”

“Moreover if you really want Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, then I can give you all of them after I finished using them, I just need the help of their power once, that’s all.”

“Pretty good, the terms you said are really pertinent, but I am sorry to say that I can’t do as you say.” Ren Tianyou standing on the head of Kurama said to Yaorao, “I am also determined to obtain all Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts, not for any other reason, but because these Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts are the sole reason why I cultivate strenuously after I arrived to this continent.”

“I, Ren Tianyou cultivated strenuously everyday not for my dream, but just to see my family’s face once again. Now I finally have an opportunity to realize this wish, so how can I give up?”

“So even if the continent is destroyed, or the human race is completely annihilated, I will not hesitate. I only need to protect my family and friends, and that will suffice for me. Although I cannot save all the people of this continent, I can guarantee the life and safety of my all friends.”

“It seems we really do not have any possibility of reconciliation, really a pity, a pity that I have no choice but to personally end the life of a man who I feel had a talent.” Hearing the persistence of Ren Tianyou, Yaorao standing within Demonic Buddha slightly sighed. Then that giant Demonic Buddha around her body slowly shone with purple colored radiance, and at the same time, the energy within its body also strengthened continuously. Moreover that Void Slaying Sword slowly suppressed Futsu no Mitama Swords in the hands of Susanoo, and slowly pressed them towards Kurama.

But Ren Tianyou was already prepared, he raised his right hand with index and middle finger stretching erect side by side in front of him, and his Rinnegan emitted powerful eye power.

“Gedo Statue!”

Under the control of Ren Tianyou, suddenly a huge shadow appeared in the mid-air beside these two people. Carefully looking, this shadow was Gedo Statue, and under the control of Ren Tianyou, it had seize this rare chance to jump up suddenly to the mid-air.

Then it heavily kicked Demonic Buddha’s that huge body with its right leg, directly sending it flying.

And how could Ren Tianyou waste this rare chance, his eyes immediately changed into Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan’s pattern, then his left eye’s pattern began to spun rapidly, unceasingly circulating powerful eye power. And at the same time, he yelled towards Kyuubi, “Kurama.”

“I know what to do!” Kurama answered, then immediately opened its mouth, and began gathering huge amount of chakra, rapidly forming bijudama.

Then under the command of Ren Tianyou, Kurama directly shoot its bijudama towards sent flying Demonic Buddha.

And at the same time, the dojutsu of Ren Tianyou was also already ready. Then the space in front of Yaorao began to distort rapidly, and a huge space black hole appeared in Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha, warping its physical defense.


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  1. gg yaorao gg the mc always have somekind of plot armor and not only that your fighting against a person that is desperate which means that he will do anything and i mean anything to get back to his family and desperate people take desperate measures

  2. “Humph!” Calyzto snorted disdainly looking at the translator and emitted repulsive force sending him back flying

    1. But translator used shadow clone jutsu to withstand that powerful repulsive force, then counterattacked him with rasangan. ‘bam’ 😉

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