In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 369

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Battle escalate

“Go, Beast of Calamity!”

“Void Slaying Sword, Demonic God Sealing Slash!”

Both Ren Tianyou and Demon Empress simultaneously roared, and the strongest attack of both of them collided with each other, then extraordinarily loud explosion sound reverberated between heaven and earth, and huge blast wave spread in all direction. Furthermore Ren Tianyou, Kyuubi, Gedo Statue as well as Demon Empress Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha were simultaneously blown out by this blast wave. Even with their power level, they were unable to resist this.

Only after all of them were blown nearly 100 li away, they were able to stabilize their body and stopped on the ground.

Right now the radiance of Susanoo surrounding around the body of Kyuubi had already become incomparably dim, but both Ren Tianyou and Kyuubi were unscathed. And with the help of that almost limitless chakra of Kyuubi, Ren Tianyou quickly replenished his chakra, and the radiance of Susanoo also began to restore rapidly.

And in the center of explosion, a huge mushroom cloud rose, and the space in the sky of this place was already shattered by the energy of this huge explosion, creating a huge space black hole which was emitting powerful suction force.

When the explosion clouds and dusts dissipated, the land underneath had already disappeared, vast underground water was bubbling out from the ground, changing the surrounding terrain of 100 li radius into a huge lake.

And the battleground of eight tailed-beasts and Thousand Eyes Evil Beast had already changed long ago. They had already moved to sea surrounding which was only several hundred li away from sea. So with regarding to the huge explosion on the side of Ren Tianyou, although they also felt it, but they didn’t have time to pay attention to it.


When this huge explosion occurred, the entire continent had shaken. And in Radiance Capital which was several thousand li away, Ling Xiaotian and others also felt the sudden violent shaking of the hall.

Because it was still late at night, some people who had consumed large amount of their energy because they had kept surveillance on the entire continent for the entire day were sleeping. But this sudden violent quake instantly woke them up with a start.

“What’s going on? What happened?”

“What’s going on? Why did the hall suddenly sway? Is it an earthquake?”

This powerful shaking woke up groups of people with the start from their deep sleep. Every one of them couldn’t help but jumped up in panic, and nervously looked all around to see whether something unexpected had happened or not. But there were also some thoughtful person, feeling this powerful shaking, they couldn’t help but recall the previous circumstance of Ren Tianyou summoning earth-shattering meteorite to fall on the ground, shaking the entire continent. That and current circumstance was practically the same.

Ling Xiaotian who was sitting on the chair also instantly thought of this matter, then thinking for a moment, he quickly rushed to the front of that magic crystal, then placing his hands on it, he began to chant incantation.

Along with the chanting sound of Ling Xiaotian, the water screen flashed, and scene after scene flashed, finally stopping in the scene of the battlefield of Yaorao and Ren Tianyou.

When they saw Ren Tianyou and Kyuubi in the form of Beast of Calamity as well as Yaorao’s that terrifying Purple Yuan Demonic Buddha, all of them were stunned, and all of them immediately knew that this was not a battle they ordinary people could meddle in.

But seeing completely tattered land as well as that space black hole in the sky created by the collision of the attack of these two people, all of them were instantly alarmed, because if this go on like this, then the continent would definitely sink sooner or later, and at that time, the land suitable for human to survive would become very few.

Thinking of this, Ling Xiaotian immediately prepared to contact Ren Tianyou to ask him to pull the battlefield to the sea area no matter what. He didn’t want such a big piece of land of the continent to disappear without cause or reason.

Sitting down cross-legged, Ling Xiaotain used secret skill of Tainji clan, and his conscious immediately entered into this water screen, instantly reaching faraway battlefield where Ren Tianyou was located.

And the instant Ling Xiaotian arrived, his was instantly sensed by both Ren Tianyou and Yaorao.

“Sire Zero, I am Ling Xiaotian.” The voice of Ling Xiaotian resounded in the mind of Ren Tianyou.

“I know you purpose, but I can only say sorry, currently I’m powerless to draw Yaorao to sea area, so now I don’t care about it much.” Before Ling Xiaotain could speak, Ren Tianyou directly explained, “Moreover until the victor is decided between I and Yaorao, neither I nor she will stop the battle, so even if the continent is smashed into pieces, or mountains and rivers are reversed, I can do nothing.”

“Sire Zero, please don’t be like this, if you two continue to fight like this, then the destruction of the continent is only the matter of time. The battle of before had already destroyed large area of land that is equal to the land of a kingdom, furthermore in the war of 30,000 years ago, Divine Wind Continent have already taken a heavy hit, and now this continent can’t withstand this kind of battle of you two.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Ling Xiaotian immediately begged to Ren Tianyou. Because he didn’t want the people of entire continent have no place to survive, and could only live in the isolated islands of the ocean.

But just at this moment, Yaorao discover the divine sense of Ling Xiaotian, then she immediately used her own divine sense to firmly strike this trace of will of Ling Xiaotian. And while crushing his divine sense, a sound was simultaneously transferred, “Roll away for this Empress, if you, ants dares to disturb the battle of this Empress again, then I will directly destroy the headquarter of your allied force. Now beat it!”

Far away in the Radiance Capital, “puff” Ling Xiaotian suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and his complexion suddenly became incomparably red, then he muttered in disbelief, “So…so powerful, not only destroyed my divine sense sound transmission, moreover she instantly injured my physical body which is thousands of miles away. Is this the strength of Demon Empress?”

But thinking about the tattered continent as well as that terrifying storm of the battle between Ren Tianyou and Yaorao, his complexion instantly became solemn. After that he immediately said to everyone present in the hall, “Immediately contact the leader of all army division, I want to converse with them.”



And in Magical Beasts’ Forest on the other side of the continent, Ling Weiwei who had some karma with Ren Tianyou was sitting cross-legged on hilltop at this moment. Right now her eyes were tightly shut, and an energy virtual shadow which looked exactly the same as her had appeared behind her, but this virtual shadow was very transparent compared to the time Ren Tianyou had seen it. It seems it would disappear at any time. Furthermore right now, water elements between heaven and earth as if sea waves were gushing into the body of Ling Weiwei. And at the same time, the virtual shadow behind her became increasingly shallow, and finally it disappeared completely.

And at that moment, the closed eyes of Ling Weiwei instantly opened. Now her eyeballs were completely blue in color, as if ocean. And those eyes could make people involuntarily sunk into them.

Ling Weiwei raised her head, then looked towards the east sky. That direction was precisely the direction of the battlefield of Ren Tianyou and Yaorao. After that as if she sensed something, she heavily sighed.

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