In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 368

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Strong Collision

Ren Tianyou and Kyuubi jointly formed strongest beast of disaster. And in this form, Susanoo’s powerful defensive ability would make up for the weak defensive power of Kyuubi, moreover with Susanoo and Kyuubi’s joint attack power, this beast of disaster’s might would be many times more powerful compared to previous time when he had use this Majestic Attire on Ichibi Shukaku.

And as for Gedo Statue, this moment it began to run wildly with all its strength. Although it had already lost Jubi’s chakra, but it in itself contained powerful life-force, moreover with Jubi’s physical strength coupled with the power of Ren Tianyou’s Rinnegan, its might was something that couldn’t be look down upon.

With huge quaking sound, Gedo Statue ran wildly towards that huge Demonic Buddha. And when Demonic Buddha was still nearly 10 meters away, it jumped with a loud bang, and its huge body soared in the sky while kicking towards Demonic Buddha.

Seeing Gedo Statue kicking, a disdain flashed in the eyes of Yaorao standing within the body of Demonic Buddha, then raising the huge right arm of Demonic Buddha, that shield on that right arm blocked the kick of Gedo Statue, making it powerless to kick again.

At this moment, the shield suddenly flashed with light, and a huge repulsive force suddenly appeared, directly sending this caught off-guard Gedo Statue flying. But in the mid-air, Gedo Statue somersaulted backward and stably landed on the ground.

“Why does this shield looks so familiar?” Seeing the shield on the right hand of Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha, Ren Tianyou who was standing on head of Kyuubi found it somewhat similar.

Just then, a divine light flashed in the mind of Ren Tianyou, and with his eyes shining, he blurted out, “This is Yaorao’s that mirror like Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, never thought she was actually treating it as the shield of this Demonic Buddha.”

Yes, the shield on the right arm of Demonic Buddha was that mirror like Universe Boundary Divine Artifact. Before Yaorao had used this mirror to directly block an all-out attack of Ren Tianyou’s Full Body Susanoo, this clearly shows how tough its defensive power was. And now it had directly become larger, becoming an excellent defensive equipment for Demonic Buddha.

And just then, Ren Tianyou noticed a purple colored crystal ball was embedded on the forehead position of this Demonic Buddha. This crystal ball was emitting soft purple colored radiance, continuously supplying the energy to this Demonic Buddha.

This crystal ball was precisely Universe Boundary Divine Artifact he had seen before—-Purple Ling Dark Break!

“Never thought that Yaorao is unexpectedly so intellegent, she created such strong method to perfectly combine the power of her Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts, but I wonder where Yaorao is using the other two Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts.” Looking at this huge Demonic Buddha created by Yaorao to combine the power of four Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but solemnly thought inside his heart.

Perhaps she knew the thoughts of Ren Tianyou, that Demonic Buddha transferred that shield to its left hand, and suddenly a huge sword light flew out from his right hand. This sword light slowly extended to nearly 10 meters in length before stopping, and revealed a long sword.

This was a simple sword with a simple pattern carved on its blade, and it was continuously emitting sharp aura.

This sword was also a Universe Boundary Divine Artifact called Void Slaying Sword, was a Universe Boundary Divine Artifact of a realm called Flowing Cloud Continent. When Yaorao invaded Flowing Cloud Continent 80,000 years ago, after she nearly destroyed then entire continent, she got this Void Slaying Sword.

This Void Slaying Sword had the ability to cut through the void, so any barrier type defense skill was merely a joke in front of it. This was a pure attack-class Universe Boundary Divine Artifact.

“This sword……” Seeing this sword that was emitting sword qi which seemed to break the void around it, Ren Tianyou instantly became alert. Furthermore he couldn’t help but felt huge danger from that sword.

“Kurama, use bijudama, we will attack together!” Ren Tianyou said to Kyuubi.

“Okay!” Kyuubi answered, then under the control of Ren Tianyou, the energy helmet covering the head of Kyuubi slowly opened, revealing the huge head of Kyuubi.

After Susanoo’s helmet was opened, Kyuubi immediately opened its mouth, and large amount of chakra began to gather in front of its mouth, forming a huge chakra ball.

“This move again!” Seeing that huge energy ball above the mouth of Kyuubi, Yaorao inside distant Demonic Buddha couldn’t help but become alert. With regarding to the bijudama of Kyuubi of just a moment ago, although it appeared that Demonic Buddha had easily blocked this bijudama, still in fact, after blocking this bijudama, a large portion of energy within the body of Demonic Buddha was instantly depleted, and the outer radiance of this Demonic Buddha had become slightly dimmer.

Thinking this, Yaorao began to manipulate the energy within the body of Demonic Buddha and gathered it towards right hand’s that long sword. With the support of large amount of energy of Demonic Buddha, Void Slaying Sword’s sword blade emitted powerful purple colored sword light. Along with the appearance of this sword light, the void space around gave out ‘ka ka’ cracking sound, as if it wasn’t able to bear this continuous powerful sword qi and was about to get disintegrate.

And when Kyuubi was preparing bijudama, Ren Tianyou directly inserted Futsu no Mitama Sword in the right hand of Susanoo into this bijudama, then his Rinnegan poured powerful eye power into this bijudama. After that in the middle of this huge bijudama, a long energy sword blade appeared.

“Go, Beast of Calamity!” Ren Tianyou yelled loudly, and Susanoo swung its right arm. After that this bijudama where huge amount of both Ren Tianyou’s Susanoo and Kyuubi was gathered directly shot towards distant Yaorao’s Demonic Buddha. All along the way, even the space itself gave out ‘ka ka’ cracking sound.

And just at this time, Yaorao also finished her preparation of attack. And the blade of Void Slaying Sword in the huge right arm of Demonic Buddha elongated to over 20 meters huge sword blade, and at the instant this sword appeared, tiny cracks appeared in the space around it.

After that looking at that incoming giant chakra ball, Yaorao swung the right arm without slightest hesitation, and that Void Slaying Sword chopped down with an indomitable will and momentum, then countless tyrannical aura wantonly spread all around.

“Demon God Sealing Slash!”

Under the gaze of both Ren Tianyou and Yaorao, this huge sword light collided with energy ball, followed by a loud thunderous sound reverberating throughout the horizon.

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