In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 366

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Yaorao’s eruption

Now that she had already got DNA of that killed demon, Yue’er felt that there was no need to waste time with him, moreover from the pressure Mo Yun was emitting, she knew that even this Aierke was also not necessarily his opponent.

Seeing that strange method of Aierke leaving, Mo Yun slowly thought, “That should be undoing of that technique. Never thought this continent actually had such mystical magic.”

After muttering to himself, Mo Yun also left this courtyard. From the start to finish, he didn’t even take a single glance at the corpse lying on the ground of demon who was killed by Aierke.


“Okay, go and bring a captive of Demon clan, then I will immediately use Edo Tensei, and learn about that mysterious black robed person whose status is unexpectedly higher than Demon Gods.” Yue’er stood up and said towards White Tiger and others.

“This is simple, Bu Feng, you are fastest among us, so quickly go and bring one back.” White Tiger nodded his head, then said to Bu Feng.

“Got it.” Bu Feng answered, then he immediately disappeared from there. And roughly after three minutes, a figure was heavily hurtled down to the ground from the sky, precisely was a demon soldier with both of his hands tied behind. Shortly afterwards, the figure of Bu Feng suddenly appeared before everyone present.

“Well, I’ve brought a person.” Bu Feng indifferently said.

Yue’er nodded her head, then picking up DNA material which was already prepared long ago, she went to the front of that demon soldier, then quickly made a series of hand seals, and rapidly circulating chakra within her body, a black colored runes spread towards that demon soldier from that bloodstain. After black colored runes appeared all around this demon soldier, Yue’er clapped her hands, “Kuchiyose—-Edo Tensei! (Summoning Jutsu—-Reanimation!)”

Along with the voice of Yue’er, that runes on the ground suddenly flashed with white colored radiance, then countless dusts flew, surrounding the body of that demon soldier.


And on the other battlefield, the serious battle between Ren Tianyou and Yaorao had also begun officially. After nine tailed-beasts were summoned by Ren Tianyou, the pressure on Ren Tianyou weakened greatly.

Under the control of Ren Tianyou, Full Body Susanoo pulled out that formidable Futsu no Mitama sword, then rapidly circulating charka within his body, powerful lightning radiance rose from Futsu no Mitama Sword.

“The Thunder-God’s Slash!”

Ren Tianyou shouted loudly, then instantly lightning flew out from Futsu no Mitama Sword. After that this Futsu no Mitama Sword which was nearly 20 meters in length at first instantly elongated to nearly 50 meters in length, then the huge right arm of Susanoo brandished this huge Futsu no Mitama Sword directly towards Yaorao.


“Hong”, “hong”, “hong”………the sound of explosion unceasingly reverberated through the horizon, and the earth underneath was directly chopped by Futsu no Mitama Sword’s slash, causing red-hot magna to bubble out from the depth of underground.

Yaorao felt as if this sword slash could split the entire horizon, and a trace of unprecedented seriousness flashed in her eyes. Now her entire body was already locked on by this Futsu no Mitama Sword slash, basically powerless to flee, so she could only select to defend.

“Defying Heaven Domain!” Yaorao waved her right hand, then that strange mirror of her waist suddenly flew out, floating in front of her. Shortly afterwards, Yaorao quickly make hand signs, and along with special Purple Yuan Power of Yaorao entering into this mirror, this mirror rapidly became large. It became a huge mirror which was nearly 10 meters in diameter and blocked her entire body, furthermore large amount of energy flew out from this mirror, which changed into white colored shied in front of her.

And just then, the slash of Futsu no Mitama Sword came crashing down. Along with the ‘hong’ loud sound of explosion, that mirror actually stopped the full power attack of Ren Tianyou’s Full Body Susanoo.

“Roar! Break for me!” Seeing his Futsu no Mitama Sword was actually stopped, Ren Tianyou standing in the Susanoo issued a loud roar, and along with eye power gushing out from his eyes, Futsu no Mitama sword glimmered with powerful purple colored lightning, then huge impact force directly sent Yaorao flying, and she crashed in the distant mountain.

Then along with loud explosion sound, that huge mountain actually broke into pieces directly, and pieces of rocks fell scattered all around.

“Did that work?” Ren Tianyou withdrew Futsu no Mitama Sword, then looking at that already broken into pieces distant former mountain, he thought inwardly.

But greater the expectation, greater the disappointment, a purple colored light flew out from the pile of rocks towards the sky. This person was naturally Yaorao.

This moment, Yaorao was injured and a trace of blood also flowed out from the corner of her mouth. Under the full power blow of Ren Tianyou’s Full Body Susanoo, even Yaorao suffered few internal injuries.

But under the effect of that Purple Yuan Power within her body, her injuries were recovering.

“It seems I can no longer use such boring style to accompany him to play.” Looking at Ren Tianyou’s that huge Susanoo as well as nine tailed-beasts he had summoned, she unhurriedly thought inside her heart.

After thinking that, Yaorao directly put her palms together, and the Purple Yuan Power within her body circulated rapidly, then she began to slowly chant the incantation. After that along with the movement of energy within her body, suddenly a purple radiance appeared in the originally pitch-black night sky. This purple radiance suddenly descended splitting open the night, then changing into huge purple colored light beam, it surrounded Yaorao.

And when this light beam descended, a sound, as if the sound of Buddha humming, seemed to come through the sky, reverberating through the entire horizon.

“What is this sound? Why do I feel like killing intent is welling up inside me?” Hearing this sound that had suddenly reverberated through the sky, Ren Tianyou felt his blood and qi were unceasingly stirring, and dense killing intent suddenly sprang out from his body. This thoroughly alerted Ren Tianyou against this forthcoming move of Yaorao.

“Roar! Purple Yuan Demonic Buddha!” Yaorao spread open her arms, then looking towards the sky, she roared loudly. And along with the voice of Yaorao, a loud droning sound suddenly came through the sky, followed by a figure descending from the heaven.

Seeing this huge figure that had arrived after splitting open the night sky, the corner of Ren Tianyou’s mouth twitched, and he yelled involuntarily, “F**k, there is no mistake……”

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