In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 365

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After Mo Yun entered the hall, Aierke’s figure slowly appeared from the shadow in the roof under the control of Yue’er, then immediately used Aierke’s unique shadow skill to stealthily move inside the courtyard.

Inside the courtyard, a Demon clan with tall and big figure opened the door of the courtyard and slowly walked inside. This was the target of Aierke, a mid-God King realm Demon clan.

And in one corner of this courtyard, the figure of Aierke slowly became visible. Hiding in the dark corner, coupled with his that strong concealing skill, this mid-God King realm demon was unable to notice any movement.

Appearing from the dark, the gaze of Aierke was fixed on the body of this demon. After that half squatting, he placed his palms on the ground, and circulating the demonic power within his body, his shadow unexpectedly began to lengthen rapidly.

This elongated shadow began to quickly advance towards that demon clan, and instantly enter into the shadow of this demon behind him.

“Shadow Bind!”

Instantly, the body of that demon shook, and originally going forward body immediately stopped.

“Not good, there is enemy.” Seeing he couldn’t move his body, that demon was shocked. Immediately afterwards, he opened his mouth to shout, but the movement of Aierke was faster than him.

After seeing that demon was bound by the Shadow Bind he had used, he instantly disappeared. Diving into his this elongated shadow, he reached the shadow of this demon.

After reaching to the shadow of this demon, suddenly a black colored giant shadow that looked like a ferocious mouth of beast of prey appeared above the head of this demon.

“Shadow Devouring Technique!”

Along with the technique of Aierke, a phantom which looked exactly the same as this demon slowly flew out from inside the body of this demon, and the face of this phantom was filled with alarmed and panicky expression.

This phantom was the soul of this demon, Aierke had used his unique Shadow Devouring Technique to suck out the soul of the bound demon, then devour it. This was a very powerful secret technique.

But just when Aierke was about to devour this soul, a change occurred, a black colored sword light suddenly flashed and advanced towards that ferocious mouth of beast of prey.

“Swish!” This sword light directly split apart the secret technique of Aierke. And that soul of demon that was sucked out also flew back to his body, and at that time, the Shadow Binding on him also disappeared.

The body of Aierke became visible from the shadow. Right now there was a huge cut in his chest caused by that sword light piercing through his chest.

In a distant place, that mysterious Mo Yun wearing black robe with sickle like weapon in his hand slowly floated down from the sky, and landed beside that demon. This moment, that demon had already revert back to original state, and seeing Mo Yun beside him, he immediately kneeled in one knee, and said gratefully, “Many thanks for saving me, Your Excellency Mo Yun.”

“Rise!” That hoarse voice of Mo Yun resounded, as he waved his hand towards that demon. Then looking towards Aierke who had his chest pierced through by his move, he said, “Shadow Devouring Technique? Aren’t you Shadow Demon God Aierke? No, Aierke had already died more than 10,000 years ago in the hands of Demon Empress Yaorao, so it’s impossible for him to still be alive.”

Yes, Mo Yun had already recognized Shadow Devouring Technique of Aierke, after all, this move was naturally famous as it was the unique technique of the most dangerous existence among Great Demon Gods.

But at this moment, Mo Yun suddenly notice that dusts were slowly flying above the wound of Aierke’s chest, and the wound was unexpectedly restored.

At the same time, he also noticed those two eyes of Aierke without any spirit. And immediately understanding a little, he said, “So that’s how it is, it seems you are using a secret technique similar to my secret technique to create Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers to resurrect him, but this technique is more powerful, actually able to use even the unique technique Shadow Devouring Technique, and moreover also being able to restore the injuries.”

“This Edo Tensei Jutsu is something you aren’t able to comprehend. Did you think that we don’t have countermeasures to your those Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers? I wonder what would happen when your Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers runs into my Edo Tensei army.” At that time, Aierke who was under the control of Yue’er said to Mo Yun. She had never thought that this mysterious person, Mo Yun would unexpectedly appear here at this time. She originally wanted to catch the soul of this demon and bring it back to Void, and make him use special secret technique of Death clan to extract all the information they wanted to know from him, but now it seems she could only change the method.

“It seems you are the person to resurrect Aierke. Never thought this secret technique is so exquisite, I can’t wait to capture and interrogate you with tortures about this secret technique, jiejiejiejie……” Saying this, Mo Yun issued an unpleasant to hear strange laughing voice. Although he was facing one of the three Great Demon God of before, but Mo Yun didn’t seem to feel any pressure, as if he was facing a common people.

“Now I can only kill that demon, then bring back some of his DNA. And after returning, use Edo Tensei to resurrect him, and obtain all the information from his mouth.” Yue’er secretly thought the only method that was left.

After thinking this, Yue’er controlled Aierke. The right leg of Aierke slightly moved backward, then his body changed into myriads of black colored afterimages, rushing towards Mo Yun.

“Pretty good physical skill, but even though there are many afterimages, there is only one real entity.” Seeing countless afterimages, Mo Yun indifferently said. Then brandished the sickle like weapon in his hand. ‘Dang’ metal colliding sound resounded, as the dagger in the hand of Aierke was firmly blocked by Mo Yun.

“Shadow Killing Technique!” After being blocked by Mo Yun, the body of Aierke slowly shrunk and entered into the shadow, then advanced towards Mo Yun changing into big black colored shadow sword.

Confronting the killing technique of Aierke, Mo Yun was forced to dodge the cutting edge.

Mo Yun was able to dodge, but that demon behind him however wasn’t that lucky. With just a blood-curdling scream resounding, that demon collapsed to the ground, as the move of Aierke had penetrated through his heart.

After that the figure of Aierke suddenly appeared in that place, and he immediately cut a piece of flesh from the corpse of this demon and held it in his hand.

“Humph, dare to kill in front of me, it seems I am being looked down upon ah.” Seeing the death of that demon, the complexion of Mo Yun became unsightly looking at Aierke. And just when he was thinking of using a move, he saw Aierke opening his mouth.

“I have already fulfilled my purpose, now we shall meet in battlefield tomorrow, goodbye.” After Aierke finished speaking, a coffin suddenly broke out from the ground, then Aierke entered inside the coffin, and both coffin and Aierke disappeared from there.

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