In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 364

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Unexpected appearance of Mo Yun

The body of Aierke slowly appeared from the shadow, then emitting a special shadow demonic light, his body again blended thoroughly with the surrounding light, becoming invisible.

Afterwards, Aierke rapidly rushed towards the center location of Demon clan’s campsite. Although he was very fast, but there was no sound at all, and even when he passed by those demon guards right in front of them, they didn’t notice anything. This was a special ability of Aierke called Night Ghost.

Inside the city, White Tiger and others were able to see all the action of Aierke through that light mirror created by Jade Maiden Li Xinyun. And seeing that special ability of Aierke, all of them couldn’t help but clicked their tongue in wonder. Having such mystical concealing ability, coupled with the ability to enter into shadow and move, this fellow could really became the nightmare of his enemy. If you became enemy with him, then later on when you walk out in the night, then you should take every steps carefully, because with this kind of highly skilled assassin targeting you, as long as, if your strength is far higher than him, then he would have at least several tens of ways to play you to death.

Arriving at the centermost location of campsite, there was a huge courtyard which was brightly lit. Seeing this, Yue’er who was controlling Aierke instantly understood that the destination had arrived. Now that Yue’er had used Edo Tensei to resurrect Aierke, she naturally wouldn’t target those ordinary demon soldiers, her primary targets were those God King realm experts and those three Demon Generals, and also conveniently spying this campsite of Demon clan to determine whether Demon Gods were present or not.

Aierke immediately sneaked into this courtyard, only to see that this courtyard was empty. There were several rooms inside, and the centermost hall was brightly lit, and indistinct sound was coming through this place.

Yue’er controlled Aierke very cautiously and walked towards the front of this hall’s door. Then looking inside from the crack of the door, she saw there were ten or so individuals inside this hall. All the God King realm experts of Demon clan who had taken part in today’s war were present here. But there was two people whom Yue’er didn’t know.

One was a demon youth wearing white colored robe whose face revealed evil qi. Although he looked young, and Yue’er couldn’t see through his strength, but Yue’er estimated that the strength of person was at least God Lord realm in strength.

Yes, this person not only had God Lord realm power, furthermore his identity was also not simple. He was one of the three Great Demon God, Baleful Heaven Demon God, Busike.

No one would have thought that, one of the three Great Demon God Busike was actually present here in this battlefield. One should know that the strongest person within humanity and 100 clan allied army was Holy Sword clan’s Clan Head, father of White Tiger, Li Tianjian. And he was high God Lord realm in strength. Moreover now he was leading second division to second battlefield, so currently in the army of White Tiger and others, there wasn’t any God Lord realm expert, with the exception of Aierke who was resurrected by Edo Tensei.

“Damn, never thought that Demon God would really appear here. It seems we must change our fighting plan for tomorrow.” Hearing Yue’er saying that she believed that youth was Demon God, the complexion of White Tiger Li Jianrong became a little solemn and said.

“No matter how, tomorrow we must quickly finish off those Demon Generals. Everyone, tomorrow it would be best to activate our power of blood lineage to quickly finish off the battle in the shortest time possible. Then we six should combine our power to jointly attack that Demon God, and stall him as long as possible.”

“Wait a minute, who is that fellow?” Just then, Little Yu suddenly said, pointing at mirror’s that person whose body was thoroughly covered with black robe. After that others also looked towards the direction where Little Yu was pointing, and saw that mysterious shadow.

Outside the door, Yue’er controlled Aierke to take a step forward, then looked at that mysterious person whose entire body was covered with black robe. But compared to that Demon God whose strength she could indistinctly perceive, Yue’er however couldn’t feel any energy fluctuation in this person. Moreover, Yue’er clearly sensed extremely dense death qi which could suffocate people, as if was from a dead person.

But just then, something unexpected happened. Just when the gaze of Aierke landed on the body of this person, this black robed person instantly looked towards outside the door, and his eyes shone, seemingly seeing through the stealth of Aierke.

“Now good!” Yue’er instantly thought, she had never thought that the vigilance of this mysterious person was actually this high. She had merely looked at him, and he had already noticed her.

“Who’s there?” Along with the hoarse voice which could cause people to have goosebumps, a black colored light suddenly shot out from the body of this mysterious person, and directly collided with the door.

In this imminent peril, Yue’er instantly controlled Aierke, making him directly dive into the shadow, then following the shadow, he rushed to the roof, firmly hiding there without any motion.

With a ‘hong’ loud explosion sound, the entrance door was directly smashed into pieces by this black light. Shortly afterwards, this mysterious person directly rushed out, and standing on the courtyard, he carefully looked all around, seeing whether there was any suspicious aspect or not.

And at that time, Busike and those Demon Generals also came out, and arriving beside this mysterious person, Busike respectfully said: “Your Excellency Mo Yun, what’s the matter?”

“Just now there seemed to be someone outside the door.” No one would have ever thought that, this mysterious person was Demon clan’s that mysterious Mo Yun. At that time, leaving the place of Yaorao, he had come here. No one knew what his aim was and also his identity.

“What? Someone?” Hearing Mo Yun, Busike was startled, then he immediately spread his divine sense covering the entire courtyard, but discovered nothing.

“No need to look, there is no one inside the courtyard, just now, it might be my misconception.” Mo Yun waved his hand, and said. Then he again said to all the people around, “Okay, remember all the things I have said just now, now it’s very late, so all of you go and rest for the night, and prepare yourself for the fight tomorrow.”

“Yes, Your Excellency Mo Yun.” Hearing Mo Yun, everyone simultaneously answered, then separately went their own ways. After everyone left, Mo Yun again glanced around, but still noticing nothing, he entered the hall.

And after everyone had left, Aierke’s body slowly walked out from the shadow in the roof. Then after looking all around, he disappeared. He didn’t leave this place, rather was intending to capture a person among those people present at that time.

Although White Tiger and other didn’t recognize Mo Yun, but seeing the sudden appearance of such strong expert, they naturally want to know some information regarding this person, and the best method to obtain this information was naturally from the mouth of these people.

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    1. We was the guy that sneaked around the hotel where Tianyu and the others where staying at when they finally reunited again. Also he was the guy that provided intel to Yaorao about the Human Alliance’s moves that’s why the Demon Clan was able to make preparations just right after they arrived in the divine wind continent.

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