In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 362

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Yue’er’s Edo Tensei

“Shukaku!” Seeing those countless eyes on the demonic clouds shooting black colored light beams towards them, Ren Tianyou cried out loudly towards Shukaku.

“Humph, ore-sama knows what to do!” Shukaku coldly snorted, then heavily stamped his right claw on the ground, and boundless yellow sands directly flew up in the sky, forming a sand shield covering the whole sky above everyone present.

“Hong”, “hong”, “hong”……banging sound unceasingly resounded, as countless light beams hit the shield created by Shukaku. Also chunk after chunk of sands unceasingly fell down, but under the control of Shukaku, boundless sands would rise up and easily supplemented it, firmly blocking the attack of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast.

“Humph, although ore-sama’s attack power is weakest among nine tailed-beasts, but in terms of defense power, even Kyuubi, this stinking fox also can’t compare with ore-sama.”

While controlling boundless sands, firmly blocking the attack of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, Shukaku coldly said.

“Tsk, you damned raccoon dog, what’s here to be cocky.”

Hearing Shukaku, Kyuubi said in disdain.

“Stinking fox, what did you say?” Hearing Kyuubi’s those disdainful voice, Shukaku immediately roared loudly.

“Okay, calm down a little you two, now the most important thing is to settle these two troublesome fellow in front of us.”

Ren Tianyou placed his right hand on his forehead, and said helplessly. While facing such powerful enemies, these two tailed beasts still had mind to quarrel against each other, truly don’t know how their minds have developed.

“Let’s go, the real battle is about to begin, now all the skills already don’t matter, what should be truly relied upon is absolute power.”

Ren Tianyou said to tailed-beasts, then immediately flying down from the head of Kyuubi, he unhurriedly walked towards Yaorao and Thousand Eyes Evil Beast.

The nine tailed-beasts also closely followed behind him. And while walking ahead step-by-step, a large amount of purplish ash colored lightning slowly rose from the body of Ren Tianyou, slowly forming a giant with 60-70 meters height. The giant’s body was covered with huge energy armor, and at its waist, there was Futsu no Mitama Sword.

Full Body Susanoo was resealed, and with nine tailed-beasts, simultaneously walked towards Yaorao and Thousand Eyes Evil Beast.

This moment, the sky had already turned dark, unconsciously curtain of the night had already arrived.


On the other battlefield, Bu Feng and others leading the allied army of 100 clans and human, firmly withstood in front of the city gate, even though the offence of demon army was ferocious.

Although Demon clan’s overall combat capability was stronger, but relying on the advantage of city wall, coupled with attacking boldly without fearing death, humanity finally withstood the first wave of demon army.

And at this time of night, both sides had a tacit understanding and simultaneously withdraw their troops, because under the circumstance of poor vision in the night, the combat capability of both sides would be greatly reduced, moreover they really might accidently injure their own people.

In the hall, Bu Feng and others were sitting and were discussing about the upcoming war tomorrow.

“Didn’t expect the combat power of these Demon Generals to be so strong, actually able to be fight one-on-one with us to this extent.” Thinking of the battle of daytime, White Tiger Li Jianrong sighed and said.

“Yes, we really can’t look down upon the combat power of these fellows. According to Zero, these fellows are Demon clan’s thirteen Demon Generals. And all of them are similar level in strength.” Bu Feng who was leaning against the pillar with both of his hands folded in front of his chest indifferently said, “That Demon General I fought with today, his speed ought to be fastest among all demons. He actually forced me to release my seals. He is the first one to do so.”

“Yo, never thought one day, our haughty Lightning Speed Bu Feng would also praise other people ah.” Hearing Bu Feng, Yue’er covered her mouth and teased.

“I am just telling the truth, although I have yet to open my blood lineage, but that fellow also seemed to be continuously suppressing a power within his body.” The complexion of Bu Feng didn’t have any changes, and he was continuously recalling Late Night’s that ghost like figure. If the Bu Feng’s speed and reflexes were ethereal speed, then Late Night’s was synonym to ghost.

“Forget it, it’s better to stall for time as much as possible. If we are not in dangerous circumstance, we should try to not activate our Deity rank blood lineage we have obtained in secret realm as much as possible.” White Tiger said to his companions.

“But I wonder if there is Demon God level expert on the side of Demon clan, if they have, then it will be troublesome.” Jade Maiden worriedly said.

“We don’t need to fear, don’t forget that thing Zero has given to Yue’er before leaving.” White Tiger smiled and said to Jade Maiden.

“You mean that……yeah. I nearly forget this.” Jade Maiden suddenly thought of that thing in the hand of Yue’er, and said with a smile.

“Well, now the night has already come, it is time to initiate our most important plan, and use that thing Zero has given you to disrupt the camp of Demon clan this night.” White Tiger stood up and said to Yue’er.

“No problem, I am already prepared long ago.” Yue’er also stood up and said to everyone.

“This place is unsuitable to use it, let’s go to the roof, there is no outsiders there.” Finished speaking, White Tiger changed into afterimage and disappeared from that place. Afterwards, other also immediately disappeared closely following behind him.

On the roof, right now White Tiger and other stood in the middle of the night. And Yue’er was standing in front of everyone. She made a series of hand seals and finally clapped her hands, “Kuchiyose—-Edo Tensei! (Summoning Jutsu—-Reanimation!)”

Along with the voice of Yue’er, from the ground in front of her, suddenly a huge yellow coffin emerged before the eyes of everyone.

Yes, this ninjutsu Yue’er used was precisely forbidden jutsu—Edo Tensei Jutsu! In fact after Ren Tianyou had completely mastered Edo Tensei, he had given the method of learning this jutsu to Yue’er, making her master this ninjutsu sparing no effort.

And as a matter of fact, this jutsu was really not that hard to learn, as Ren Tianyou said before, the reason why only very few could use this ninjutsu in Naruto World was because after the death of Second Hokage, this forbidden jutsu was sealed and hidden away, until Orochimaru accidentally got the learning method of this ninjutsu, making it reappear in the world.

And before going to the battlefield, other than those two Demon Generals and Dark Night Demon God, Ren Tianyou had given all other resurrection materials to Yue’er, making her take all these resurrected person to the battlefield. And among all of them, there was a Demon God who was known as the most dangerous Demon God in the history of Demon World, whom they could treat as a lifesaving trump card.

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