In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 360

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Chibaku Tensei (Planetary Devastation)

“Senpo—- Choodama Rasenshuriken! (Sage Art—-Massive Rasen shuriken!)”

Standing on the top of Rashomon’s that huge gate, Ren Tianyou shouted loudly, and threw those two massive rasen shuriken towards Abyss Hydra and Thousand Eyes Evil Beast who were sealed by Gracious Deity Gates and were immobile for the time being. If these two rasen shuriken directly hit these Abyss Hydra and Thousand Eyes Evil Beast who didn’t have any defensive ability, then even with their strength, they would be unable to escape unscathed.

But at this time, a purple colored figure suddenly flew over to the front of Abyss Hydra and Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, then extending both hands, two huge purple colored light beam flew out from her palm, which changed into two huge purple colored protective screen, blocking both rasen shuriken.

This figure was naturally Demon Empress Yaorao.

Yaorao floated in mid-air, and the energy within her body continuously gushed out from her arms, withstanding the attack of rasen shuriken. But this massive rasen shuriken unceasingly clashed with Yaorao’s that purple colored protective screen, issuing an ear-piercing sharp sound. And the powerful force of impact, forced Yaorao to unceasingly stumble backward.

On one side Yaorao was unceasingly forced backward by the force of impact of rasen shuriken, and on the other side Yaorao was unceasingly using her Purple Yuan Power to whittle away the power of rasen shuriken, making it unable to explode. In the blink of an eye, when the distance between Yaorao and Thousand Eyes Evil Beast and Abyss Hydra was reduced to just few kilometers, nearly half of the power of rasen shuriken was already whittled away by Yaorao’s Purple Yuan Power.

“Roar”, “roar”……Thousand Eyes Evil Beast and Abyss Hydra were unceasingly struggling, and their bodies were emitting powerful energy fluctuation. Furthermore Gracious Deity Gates were also unceasingly shaking under this powerful energy fluctuation, as if they would shatter at any time.

“Damn it!” Seeing his attack was unexpectedly blocked by Yaorao, Ren Tianyou cursed and his complexion also became very unsightly.

“Gracious Deity Gates will not be able to suppress them for long. Moreover when Yaorao completely block my rasen shuriken, and all of them join together, it would be even harder to deal with them.” Ren Tianyou unceasingly thought about the countermeasures inwardly, “Since it’s like this, before they come together, I should use a big move to deal with at least one of them.”

After thinking, Ren Tianyou forgot about the already dilapidated land all around, and apologetically said inwardly, “I’m sorry, now I really can’t take this into consideration, even if the continent is shattered, I have no choice but to do this.”

Finished thinking, he no longer hesitated, and immediately put his palms together. After that chakra within his body began to circulate violently, and his Rinnegan emitted powerful eye power, seemingly wanting to condense all the air around him.

It seemed to be only one second had passed, but again seemed a long time had passed. Ren Tianyou’s firmly joined together hands slowly loosened, and a dark energy ball flew out from between his two palms, flying towards the sky.

This pitch-black energy ball flew up to the sky, and floating in the mid-air, this energy ball slowly covered the sun’s radiance. Just like solar eclipse, the sun was gradually swallowed by a shadow, and sunlight seemed to gradually disappear.

Ren Tianyou who was standing on the Rashomon spread his arms, then looking at that black colored energy ball, he shouted loudly, “Chibaku Tensei! (Planetary Devastation!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the ground within the radius of 100 li began to shake violently. The magnitude of shaking grew bigger and bigger, and the ground began to rupture one after another. After that large pieces of disintegrated earth began to fly towards that black colored energy ball in the sky.

With ‘ka ka’ loud colliding sound, pieces after pieces of earth collided on the top of that black colored energy ball, and under the attraction of powerful suction force of this black energy ball, slowly a satellite appeared in the sky.

Even Thousand Eyes Evil Beast and Abyss Hydra who were suppressed by Gracious Deity Gates were also attracted by Chibaku Tensei. Their body along with the pieces of earth flew towards it. And under the effect of powerful suction force on their body, they were powerless to escape successfully.

“Roar!” Thousand Eyes Evil Beast roared loudly, and a powerful black colored mist surrounded its body, then a strong power spread all over the place around it from its body. After that, under the attack of its energy, the space around unexpectedly twisted little by little.

At the time when the space began to twist, the suction force effecting on the body of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast disappeared. Seizing this chance, it immediately flew out from the range of this Chibaku Tensei.

But as for Abyss Hydra, it was not so lucky. The gap between its strength and this Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, who had once wreaked havoc in entire Demon World and also an existence even Yaorao was unable to kill, was too much. No matter how it struggle, it was unable to flee from Chibaku Tensei.

While Thousand Eyes Evil Beast was able to successfully flee from the attack of Chibaku Tensei, but wishing to assist Abyss Hydra to flee together was too unrealistic. As for Yaorao, she was entangled with two rasen shuriken, so she was also powerless to come over and help it.

“Humph, now that this is the case, I will dispose you first.” Seeing Thousand Eyes Evil Beast escaping Chibaku Tensei, Ren Tianyou didn’t lose heart, rather continued to release the chakra, directing the power of Chibaku Tensei to the body of Abyss Hydra.

“No……” Abyss Hydra issued a roar of fear as its body was firmly drawn to the top of the satellite. And immediately afterwards, countless pieces of earth collided against the body of Hydra, thoroughly sealing its body in the middle of this satellite.

When the shaking stopped, the ground around was thoroughly tattered already. And at some place, boiling hot magma had erupted out from deep underground. This scene around him looked just like the exact image of doomsday.

And the most shocking sight was in the sky. Right now a huge satellite which had the diameter of over 100 li was floating in the sky, this gave people a kind of strong visual impact.

“It’s time to thoroughly dispose you.” Looking at that huge satellite created by himself, Ren Tianyou took a deep breathe, then quickly made a series of hand seals, and four purplish ash colored light entered into this satellite.

“Nine Wheel Seal!”

After these four light entered into this satellite, immediately nine halos made up of light thoroughly encircled this satellite. This was a kind of sealing jutsu, which could seal all solid body. And unless one possess more strength then Ren Tianyou, they wouldn’t be able to break this seal.

“Fly to the outer space where no one can reach!” After doing all these, Ren Tianyou waved his head, and under the effect of eye power of Ren Tianyou’s Rinnegan, suddenly this satellite slowly rose, and flying towards outer space, it disappeared from the vision of everyone present.

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  1. What kind of seal is this ‘Nine Wheel Seal’ ?
    tried to look in net, just found Eight Trigrams Sealing Style ,is it legit?

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