In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 357

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Fierce Fight

In Radiance Capital of Light Empire, the general headquarters of the allied force of humanity and 100 clans, Tianji clan’s Clan Head Ling Xiaotian was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the hall. In this hall, there furthermore were many clansmen of Tianji clan who were in the process of maintaining that huge water screen in the middle of this hall, which precisely was perception system created by Tianji clan that covers the entire Divine Wind Continent.

And beside them, a number of 100 clans’ leader and people of humanity forces were discussing the next countermeasures. After coming into contact with Demon clan, although the humanity were in disadvantageous position, and the entire combat capability of humanity army roughly lose to the soldiers of Demon clan, but relying on their terrain advantage, at this very moment, humanity was making great effort to recover from losing battle.

At this time, a burst of huge shaking sensation suddenly came through. The entire hall unceasingly shook, and all the people within the hall also stumbled here and there due to unexpected and sudden shaking, and they stabilized their body with great difficulty.

And as fast as this shaking came, that fast it went away and disappeared very quickly. But everyone knew that this was not an illusion.

“What’s going on here? Where did this quake come from?” Brilliant stood up and asked towards those several people of Tianji clan who were responsible to keep an eyes on the circumstance of various battlefields.

“Immediately find out what had happened?” Ling Xiaotian also stood up and said towards his clansmen.

“This…this is?” The face of clansman of Tianji clan that was responsible to keep an eye on the battlefield of Ren Tianyou was filled with disbelief expression, and cold sweats flowed down from his forehead, then said stutteringly as if he had seen something terrifying.

“Did you find anything? Quickly explain.” Ling Xiaotian instantly arrived in front of this clansman, then tensely said. Now one might well say that the war situation of entire battlefield was undergoing a myriad changes in an instant, so he couldn’t help but get nervous, as one should know that this war however directly relates to the fate of entire Divine Wind Continent and its people.

“On the battlefield of Eifle’s Capital, Akatsuki’s leader, Zero suddenly summoned an earth-shattering meteorite. And after this meteorite fell from the sky, this instantly destroyed over 30 million demon soldiers of Eiffle Capital, now only few scattered demon soldiers have survived by luck.” That clansman of Tianji clan responsible to keep an eyes on battlefield threw out a tremendous bomb all at once which exploded in the brain of everyone present there.

“What? How can this be? He is actually this strong!” Hearing this Tianji clan’s clansman, one leader of human forces exclaimed in great surprise.

“Yes, didn’t expect the strength of this Zero was actually strong to this extent!”


Hearing the narration of this clansman, Ling Xiaotian immediately stepped forward. Then he placed his hands filled with unique ability of Tianji clan’s blood lineage on the water screen. After that along with the dazzling ripples, the situation of Eiffle Capital appeared on the water screen.

The original Eiffle Capital had already ceased to exist, and now there were ruins everywhere. Furthermore the entire battlefield was thoroughly dyed red by the blood and bodies of demon soldiers.

Followed by the arrival of Demon Empress Yaorao, and a series of confrontation between Ren Tianyou and Demon Empress. Yaorao’s Universe Boundary Divine Artifact’s heaven destroying and earth exterminating big move as well as Ren Tianyou’s Super Shinra Tensei, Susanoo……and finally the Full Body Susanoo that giant form reaching over 50 meters in height. Seeing all of these that appeared one after another on the water screen, everyone present were greatly shocked within their heart.

“It seems our and these two’s strength is basically in different dimension.” Seeing Ren Tianyou and Yaorao’s power, Brilliant muttered. Under their attack power, even the space itself began to break and earth was also broken. If they were present on the scene, then they would have already been wiped out from the battle.

“Not good, we can’t let these two fight in the middle of the continent.” Suddenly Ling Xiaotian solemnly said.

“Why?” Hearing Ling Xiaotian, Brilliant confusedly asked and others also had puzzled looks.

“The continent can’t stand the destruction of these two people. Look, currently they have still yet to go all-out, but the surrounding terrain has already changed completely, and earth has also ruptured. If this goes on like this, then the land will definitely sunk. And you all also don’t want a huge continental sea to appear in the middle of the continent, right?” Ling Xiaotian pointed the ground around the Eiffle Capital, and said to everyone present.

Hearing the words of Ling Xiaotian, everyone carefully looked at the battlefield. Sure enough, just like Ling Xiaotain had stated, the surrounding land had already been reduced by more than 30 meters height, and some place already had a deep gully from where underground water was erupting out. So if this goes on like this, then perhaps the land around Eiffle Capital would really sink, and deep sea would appear in its place.

“Not good, quickly contact Zero, make him pull the battlefield as near as possible to the sea.” Brilliant immediately said to Ling Xiaotian.

“Okay, I’ll contact him at once.” Finished speaking, Ling Xiaotian sat cross-legged, then a mysterious aura appeared from his body which entered into the water screen and disappeared.


On the battlefield, Ren Tianyou standing in the Full Body Susanoo looked at underneath Yaorao. Right now eye power was continuously gushing out from his eyes and was entering into Susanoo.

“Didn’t expect you to still have this kind of move.” Seeing the Full Body Susanoo of Ren Tianyou, Yaorao took a deep breathe, then quickly made several hand signs. After that purple colored radiance rapidly gathered in front of her body. This purple colored demonic light increasingly flourished, becoming a huge purple colored lotus whose diameter was more than 5 meters. And when the energy flowed all over the place from this lotus, the surrounding space seemed to be unable to withstand this pressure.

“Go, Purple Lotus Era!”

Yaorao’s jade finger pointed towards Ren Tianyou, then this purple colored lotus changed into a purple colored light and shot towards Ren Tianyou’s Full Body Susanoo.

“Humph, Insignificant skill!” Looking at this purple colored lotus, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly, then giant Susanoo’s right arm directly pulled out Futsu no Mitama sword from the waist of other side. ‘Ka’ the sword unsheathing sound resounded, and a huge purplish-ash colored lightning sword slash was slashed out towards that purple colored lotus. And when they collided with each other in the mid-air, they repelled one another.

These two attacks mutually restricted each other and finally with a ‘hong’ sound, both of them cracked open. Then along with a loud explosion sound, another huge crater appeared once again on the ground underneath, and powerful shockwave spread all around. But just before that shockwave reached Ren Tianyou and Yaorao, it was blocked by their power, and dissipated.

Just then, Ren Tianyou and Yaorao suddenly felt a sense of prying, and both of them simultaneously stopped their action, then looked towards the void.

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