In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 356

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Forced to go all-out

When the smoke and dust of explosion disappeared, Ren Tianyou descended to the ground from the mid-air and stably stood in the middle of that huge crater with the radius of over 20 li which was created by Super Shinra Tensei of Rinnegan. After that rising his head, he looked towards distant Yaorao who was sent flying by his Shinra Tensei.

After Yaorao stabilized her body in mid-air, she also slowly descended from the mid-air. Seeing Ren Tianyou had blocked her Purple Yuan Heavenly Explosion of just now, she took a deep breathe, then rapidly gathering energy within her body, she heavily slammed her palms to the ground.

Along with the palms of Yaorao landing on the ground, the ground around suddenly began to sway violently, and a long fissure appeared in already utterly dilapidated ground. After that a deep purple colored energy seeped out from that crack.

Feeling the shaking of the ground, Ren Tianyou was not even able to stand firmly on the ground, so with no other choice, he left the ground and floated in mid-air while cautiously and alertly looking at Yaorao underneath.

“Purple Yuan Thousand Dragon Roar!”

Along with the voice of Yaorao, innumerable dragon roar resounded from underground, reverberating through the entire horizon, then countless purple colored dragon made up of Purple Yuan Power flew out from that fissure, and rushed towards Ren Tianyou.

“Now I am temporarily unable to use Shinra Tensei, so I have to……” Looking at those countless dragons in the sky, Ren Tianyou sighed. This moment, he was powerless to use Shinra Tensei for the time being, still needed five minutes or so to recover, but Yaorao was continuously using one big move after another, making him feel a kind of pressure.

Thinking this, powerful eye power reappeared in his eyes, and a purplish ash colored lightning radiance appeared on the surface of his body, which quickly changed into a huge energy war god with four arms tightly holding Futsu no Mitama Sword. This precisely was the Susanoo of Ren Tianyou.

Then looking at those countless purple colored dragon flying towards him, more than 10 purplish ash colored energy magatama suddenly flew out from Susanoo, which directly shot through those energy dragon. After that those huge energy dragons blew up and scattered in the air.

But there were at least hundred dragons flying towards Ren Tianyou. And at this moment, a purple colored light suddenly rose from the four Futsu no Mitama swords in the hands of Susanoo, then raising all those four huge swords simultaneously, he sent out purple colored sword slashes towards those dragons.

When these sword slashes landed on the body of dragons, their body shattered. But there were no less than hundred dragons, so these sword slashes were basically powerless to completely stop all of them. In the end, remaining 30 or so dragons collided against the Susanoo of Ren Tianyou.

A series of ‘hong’, ‘hong’……explosion sound resounded, and huge explosion shockwave spread all around, raising large amount of smoke and dust above the ground.

After full three minutes, explosion stopped, and Yaorao at not distant place slowly raised her hands.

When smoke and dust dissipated, Ren Tianyou’s Susanoo with half of its body already blown up was revealed. And right now, from the corner of the mouth of Ren Tianyou who was inside Susanoo, blood spilled out, he had suffered slight injury. After that along with eye power slowly flowing out from his eyes, the half body of Susanoo began to slowly restore.

But would Yaorao give Ren Tianyou this chance?

The Silk of Chaotian on the body of Yaorao rapidly flew out and quickly elongated towards Ren Tianyou.

Seeing this Silk of Chaotian flying towards him, with a thought, Susanoo raised its only remaining arm that was holding Futsu no Mitama sword, then send out a slash towards Silk of Chaotian, but under the skillful control of Yaorao, Silk of Chaotian dodged his attack.

“Swish!” Silk of Chaotian immediately bound Ren Tianyou’s that huge Susanoo, quickly covering the entire huge body of Susanoo, and a purple colored energy runes spread out in Silk of Chaotian.

“Not good!” Feeling his body was bound of Silk of Chaotian, Ren Tianyou immediately noticed that his Susanoo was basically unable to move, moreover the restoration of his Susanoo was also stopped.

Seeing Ren Tianyou’s Susanoo was tied up by her Silk of Chaotian, Yaorao immediately began to make hand signs. Along with the action of Yaorao, Silk of Chaotian immediately tightened, and the purple colored rune spread faster and faster, seemingly wanted to completely seal Susanoo.

“I never thought that I would actually be forced to this plight in such a short period of time. The difference between my combat experience and Yaorao, this experienced veteran Demon Empress level expert, who have lived at least 100,000 years, is too much.” Feeling his Susanoo was being sealed, Ren Tianyou shook his head and couldn’t help but thought of these things. Perhaps the current strength of Ren Tianyou was already comparable to Yaorao, but the difference in combat experience between them was very big, so he was forced to this extent in such a short period of time.

“I have no choice but to forcibly shake this off right now, and if I delay any longer, I will be screwed.” Thinking this, powerful eye power gushed out from his Rinnegan, then a loud sound of explosion resounded in Ren Tianyou’s side, and the Silk of Chaotian that was binding Susanoo was shook off by a sudden strong force, and was sent flying back.

When this sudden and unexpected shockwave spread all around, Yaorao emitted purple colored defense light covering her body as a condition reflex, blocking the attack of this shockwave.

“What’s going on?” Feeling this sudden and unexpected shockwave, Yaorao exclaimed in confusion in her heart. Just now when her seal had reached the final key moment, unexpectedly it was broken by a strong force, moreover her Silk of Chaotian also was forcibly sent flying.

Yaorao caught flying back Silk of Chaotian, then looking towards the direction of Ren Tianyou, her eyes suddenly shrunk and was filled with disbelief seeing the scene before her.

Right now there was an over 50 meters giant in the place where Ren Tianyou was located. The body of this giant was filled with purple colored lightning sparks, and was surrounded by a huge suit of armor. Furthermore with the powerful might being emitted by this giant’s huge body, the surrounding’s air seemed to be solidified.

And right now Ren Tianyou was standing on the forehead of this Susanoo, and the strong power of Susanoo was firmly surrounding him. This precisely was Ren Tyianyou’s Full Body Susanoo.

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