In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 354

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I also want your divine artifact

After this multicolored ribbon appeared in the sky, purple colored radiance simultaneously sprang out from the body of Yaorao, and she rapidly made hand signs. After that purple colored runes entered into that long ribbon in the sky.

Then along with the support of the Yaorao’s energy, from this ribbon strip, four light flew out, which changed into four multicolored light ribbons and rushed towards Ren Tianyou and the three demons who were resurrected by his Edo Tensei.

Seeing these three light ribbons, Dark Night Demon God and those two Demon Generals simultaneously dodged in the middle of the sky, and sent out their energy attack respectively towards the light ribbons approaching them.

But those three light ribbons were slick as if earthworm, directly dodging past the attacks of Dark Night Demon God and those two Demon Generals, those three ribbons wind around their body.

After these light ribbon wind around Dark Night Demon God and others, their body was tightly bound by these light ribbons respectively. After that, Dark Night Demon God and other two Demon Generals simultaneously circulated their demonic power within their body to forcibly struggle free, but all their effort were futile, no matter how they exert themselves, they were unable to break free.

“It’s no use, Silk of Chaotian in itself is binding type Universe Boundary Divine Artifact. It can unlimitedly divide into light ribbons and bind the enemies. Furthermore although the degree of sturdiness of these light ribbons is not as sturdy as Silk of Chaotian in itself, but are also not something that can be cut into pieces with common weapon.” Seeing Dark Night Demon God and others’ action, Yaorao who was standing far away coldly said, “Since you all have already died, then you all don’t need to appear in this world again.”

Then rapidly circulating the energy within her body, the Silk of Chaotian above her head emitted stronger radiance, “Seal!”

Along with the voice of Yaorao, the light ribbons that were binding Dark Night Demon God and others simultaneously emitted purple colored radiance. Then along with the appearance of purple colored curse seal in those light ribbons, Dark Night Demon God and others were firmly sealed, unable to move again, thoroughly losing their freedom, under the seal of Yaorao.

And in the other side, seeing light ribbon flying towards him, Ren Tianyou stretched his right hand, and eye power flashed through his Rinnegan. Then with his body as the center, a powerful repulsive force suddenly appeared all around him, which directly changed that light ribbon into a ball and sent it flying.

Seeing her Silk of Chaotian’s light ribbon was not effective, Yaorao didn’t get vexed, she just waved her hand, then Silk of Chaotian in the sky circled around that willowy waist of Yaorao.

“From your appearance, it seems you’ve already got Tower of Babel.” Looking towards Ren Tianyou in front of her, Yaorao who was floating in the mid-air slowly said. Although this was a question, but her tone was filled with certainty. “Hand over Tower of Babel now, then I will not kill you, moreover I will immediately command my demon army to withdraw to Demon World, and pledge that hereafter we will never invade Divine Wind Continent.”

“Her objective is really Universe Boundary Divine Artifact just like Tower of Babel had stated, merely I wonder what her aim is to gather so many Universe Boundary Divine Artifact.”  Hearing Yaorao, Ren Tianyou thought as he recalled what spirit of Tower of Babel had stated before.

These Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts were directly concerned with whether he could return home or not, so it was naturally impossible for Ren Tianyou to hand it over. Moreover although this Yaorao possess four Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, and also had strength of peak Demon Emperor, but with his Rinnegan plus complete absorption of Forever Green and the power bestowed by the spirit of Tower of Babel, he will not necessarily lose to the Yaorao.

Since this Yaorao had got four Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts, then that means she has got the inheritance power of Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts four times, making her particularly strong.

“Hand over Tower of Babel?” Ren Tianyou stretched his right hand, then along with a golden light, Tower of Babel appeared on the top of his right hand’s palm, “Do you think I will hand over Tower of Babel? Furthermore if you want to kill me, then you must have the ability first.”

“I, Ren Tianyou will never succumb to the threat of other people throughout my life, even if I have to burn both jade and common stone. Furthermore, not only will I not hand over this Universe Boundary Divine Artifact to you, moreover I will get hold of the Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts in your body.” Ren Tianyou snorted coldly and stared at Yaorao with gaze full of chilliness, then clutching his right hand, Tower of Babel immediately disappeared.

“Although I already knew this would happen, but I still want you to hand it over on your own accord, after all I don’t want to kill you.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Yaorao sighed and said slowly. Then the purple colored radiance around her body suddenly rose sharply, and twelve pairs of purple colored demonic wings slowly appeared behind her. Yaorao directly entered into Demonic Wing State from the start, wanting to end this battle quickly.

Seeing the action of Yaorao, Ren Tianyou took a deep breathe, then circulating chakra within his body and also making a series of hand seals, “Fire Style—-Grand Nine Flame Dragon Formation!”

Along with the completion of his ninjutsu, he spat out huge flame from his mouth. And along with the loud dragon roar reverberated through the air, nine huge flame dragon attacked towards Yaorao.

And after releasing this ninjutsu, Ren Tianyou directly followed behind his own ninjutsu, rushing towards Yaorao.

“Humph!” Yaorao coldly snorted, then directly changing into purple colored demonic light, she also flew towards Ren Tianyou. As for those nine flame dragons, when purple colored demonic light streaked across them, they directly changed into fire element and dissipated in the sky.

Confronting against Yaorao, Ren Tianyou neither dodged nor hid, directly met her head-on. Ren Tianyou’s right hand directly enclasped her fist.

“Dojutsu—-Fujutsu Kyuin! (Jutsu Absorption!)”

The eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed with strong eye power, and an absorption power appear from the body of Ren Tianyou, rapidly absorbing the energy of Yaorao.

“This is……?” Feeling her energy was actually being absorbed rapidly by Ren Tianyou, Yaorao was startled inwardly. Afterwards, the Universe Boundary Divine Artifact encircling around her body directly tried to bind Ren Tianyou.

“Not Good!” Seeing this Universe Boundary Divine Artifact was flying towards him, the pupils of Ren Tianyou shrunk firmly. After that he immediately stopped absorbing the power of Yaorao, and a powerful repulsive force transmitted outward from his body, spreading all around.

“Shinra Tensei!”

“Hong!” A loud sound of explosion resounded. And Yaorao who was caught off guard was directly sent flying along with her Silk of Chaotian.

In mid-air, Yaorao quickly stabilized her body. Although Shinra Tensei was very powerful, but it was still not enough to injure Yaorao. And in the mid-air, Yaorao quickly made several hand signs, then the energy within her body changed into purple colored demonic dragon and shot towards Ren Tianyou.

But when this purple colored demonic dragon reached near Ren Tianyou, it was directly absorbed by the power of Rinnegan, disappearing from the sky.

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  1. Lol maybe yaorao has the power of stealing techniques or the author just forgot about it instead of riciting iincantations he is really stupid
    These novel has a lot of exciting actions and cool techniques the author just copy paste a lot of them and but then at the end he rushes the story

    1. It states she is using “hand signs”, not “hand seals”. There is a rather important difference there. Hand signs simply means gestures of any kind; it is rather common for magic users to have spells that are activated with hand signs instead of words.

  2. Did you guys forgot that there are games out there where the magicians need to make hand signs to cast their spells? Like NOX for example.

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