In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 353

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Arrival of Yaorao

Along with the shout of Dark Night Demon God, that huge black colored demonic star in the sky suddenly exploded, and a loud sound of explosion reverberated through the entire horizon, as if only this sound was left in the entire sky.

And along with the explosion of this demonic star, a terrifying shock waves accompanied by as if liquid, thick black colored demonic mist quickly engulfed everything within dark night domain of 10 li.

After this black colored demonic mist swept over, the ground within the dark night domain were corroded rapidly as if disappearing in a thin air.

This black colored demonic mist was power of dark stars in the sky summoned by Dark Night Demon God using a unique power within his body. This demonic mist could not only could corrode all of the things, it could corrode even the souls, this was also the reason why Anlake was so afraid.

Just when Anlake was about to reach the edge of dark night domain, explosion shockwave accompanied by thick black colored demonic mist reached his changed into huge dragon body. And feeling the unusual changes right behind him, Anlake gritted his teeth then directly threw away both Agule and Yisha in his dragon claws towards the front. After that both of them turned into a light, and was thrown out of the Dark Night Domain range, escaping Dark Night Star Explosion’s explosion range.

After that Anlake quickly turned around, then opening his huge dragon mouth, he let out a loud dragon roar, creating a huge black colored dragon shaped guard shield, firmly blocking in front of his body.

Just after that, that huge shockwave accompanied by black colored demonic mist directly collided against the guard shield of Anlake. After that huge energy ripples came out of dragon shaped guard shield, and the powerful corroding energy of this black colored demonic mist unceasingly diminished the energy of this dragon shaped guard shield. This dragon shaped guard shield began to weaken rapidly, and slowly become transparent as if it’d disappear at any time.

“Roar, block for me!” Seeing his guard shield was waning rapidly, Anlake roared loudly, and released energy from his body which unceasingly entered into the energy guard shield in front of him, thus sustaining the power of this guard shield.

But that was merely a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood. Despite the support of the energy of Anlake, he was basically unable to withstand the corrosive power of this black colored demonic mist, and the power of his guard shield continuously weakened.

Why was Dark Night Demon King named as the strongest Demon God in the history of Demon World, but not one of the strongest? That was because his power came from the corroding power of infinite dark stars in the sky. As long as there was dark star in the sky, his power would be greatly strengthened. With his power of dark night that could corrode even the soul of the enemy, coupled with his own strong demonic power, he was named as the strongest Demon God.

Although this Evil Dragon Demon God was also one of the three Great Demon God of present, but the gap between his and Dark Night Demon God’s strength was too much. Moreover dragon soul within his body was also bestowed to him by Dark Night Demon God in those years, so Dark Night Demon God was perfectly clear about the strength of Anlake. Furthermore although after resurrected by Ren Tianyou, he was not at his peak strength, still average person didn’t have ability to deal with him.

“Your Excellency Anlake.” After being thrown out of the explosion range, both Agule and Yisha stabilized their body. Then seeing Anlake’s that huge dragon body was gradually being swallowed up that black colored demonic mist, both of them immediately cried out in alarm, and simultaneously thought to rush in there and help Anlake.

But just then, suddenly a purple radiance rose at a distant horizon. This purple radiance directly shot forward, and passing by both Agule and Yisha, entered into that black colored magic mist in front of them.

“This is……?” Seeing that purple light, both Agule and Yisha simultaneously stopped, and a figure of a person appeared in their mind.

And after seeing the appearance of this purple demonic light, the Rinnegan of Ren Tianyou who was not far away shone, and the corner of his mouth slightly rose. “Finally came?” Then he stood up from the stone, and folding his arms in front of his chest, he firmly stared at that demonic mist within dark night domain.

In the middle of the originally pitch-black demonic mist, suddenly a huge purple light beam rose, and this purple light beam gradually expanded. And the moment this light beam rose, the power of this light beam directly eliminated the dark night domain. After that the sky restored to clear skies, and the demonic mist created by Dark Night Star Explosion also melted and dissipated rapidly in the sky under the radiance of this purple light beam.

Now Anlake had already reverted back to his human form, and was kneeling down on one knee while continuously panting heavily, and beads of sweats were dripping down from his forehead. In front of him, a figure completely covered with purple radiance was floating in the mid-air.

And after this purple radiance dissipated, a figure inside was revealed. This figure, if not Yaorao then who else it could be.

As a matter of fact, the moment when Ren Tianyou caused the meteorite to fall, Yaorao had sensed it. And she was clear that only with the strength of Anlake and other two Demon Generals, they wouldn’t be the opponent of Ren Tianyou, so she immediately assigned other two Demon God to other battlefields, and she personally rushed over to this side, finally saving Anlake from the imminent peril at the last moment.

And this moment, Dark Night Demon God stood in the mid-air not far away, and as for other two Demon Generals, they however had already disappeared without a trace as if they had disappeared into the thin air.

“Many thanks for saving me, Your Majesty Demon Empress. But your subordinate have failed to fulfill Your Majesty’s task, please punish me.” Anlake lowered his head towards Yaorao. And both Agule and Yisha also simultaneously knelt down in one knee, and asked for punishment.

“Well, I know all the matters of this place, you all withdraw first, and go to the third battleground. That place needs your help.” Yaorao waved her hand without punishing them.

And at that time, in the sky not far away, suddenly countless dusts flew, and slowly gathering, they slowly formed two figures. Actually the two Demon Generals resurrected by Ren Tianyou whose body was scattered under the one move of Yaorao, at this very moment were restoring, relying on the undying characteristics of Edo Tensei.

“Never thought that you had this kind of secret skill to resurrect already dead people as your pawn for a battle. It seems last time you came to steal the corpses from the graveyard was in preparation to resurrect them.” Looking at these resurrected three people, and especially those two Demon Generals who were in the process of restoring after she had exterminated them, Yaorao instantly knew that it was impossible to kill these people, and could only seal them.

“This is my small gift for you, do you like it?” Ren Tianyou standing at a distant place indifferently smiled and said.

“Merely this is powerless to threaten me.” Yaorao coldly snorted, then purple colored light flew out from her body, and floated above her head.

“This is……Universe Boundary Divine Artifact? Sure enough, Tower of Babel is right, there furthermore are other divine artifact on her body. Now this is troublesome.” The pupils of Ren Tianyou suddenly shrunk, and he exclaimed, then he instantly became solemn in his heart.

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  1. Universe Boundary Divine Artifact? What a bullcrap. If he summoned ten tails and become it’s jinchuriki then he will beat her in no time.

  2. If you notice the first war was over 3000 years ago our MC is considered 23 so she is over 100 times older, she is such a cougar.

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