In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 352

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Dark Night Star Explosion

“Countless Dragons Transformation!”

In the face of countless black rays shooting towards him, Anlake directly shouted loudly, then along with the circulation of large amount of demonic power within his body, his body directly changed into countless dragon shaped energy light wave and dispersed in the sky. Although some of these dragon shaped energy waves were shot down, and were directly corroded, but these countless energy waves were the clones of Anlake all without exception. And as long as even one of them survived, Anlake wouldn’t be in any trouble.

Moreover Anlake was perfectly clear about the might of these rays. These rays were basically very tough to deal with, as even the energy would also be corroded by these rays.

When this attack of Dark Night Demon God disappeared, those dragon shaped energy waves that survived through Great Forever Dark Rays rapidly gathered together. And along with the burst of energy, Anlake appeared in the sky.

Looking at the distant Dark Night Demon God who had taught him, making him finally reach this level, was now under the control of Ren Tianyou, the eyes of Anlake couldn’t help but got slightly moist, “Teacher, you were the one who had saved me from the battlefield of war, moreover you carefully looked after me, taught me cultivation, and even to the extent that for me, you went to Abyss Demon Path by yourself, beheaded Evil Dragon Spirit by yourself and obtained his Dragon crystal and Dragon soul, then when I reached God’s domain, you let me refine them all, making me possess a foundation that greatly surpassed ordinary person, moreover giving me the ability to control the power of Evil Dragon Spirit and also to change into Dragon.”

“In my heart, I’ve already regarded you as my father long ago. When Her Majesty Demon Empress bestowed me the title of Demon God, I especially choose my title to be Evil Dragon Demon God. That was because I knew that everything I possess now was given to me by you teacher.”

“But now after your death, you are resurrected and controlled, moreover I have no choice but to fight you. Teacher, please forgive the rudeness of this disciple.”

Saying this, Anlake retracted the sadness within his heart, then looking towards distant Ren Tianyou, he said, “Wicked human, I Anlake swear to the souls of past dynasties’ Demon Emperor, I will definitely kill you, and take your head as a price for daring to humiliate teacher’s soul.”

Ren Tianyou was sitting on the distant stone platform and controlling the body of Dark Night Demon God, he was leisurely looking at the good drama of underneath. And when he heard the roar of Anlake, he merely laughed indifferently, and without paying much attention to it, he said, “I, Ren Tianyou will not show mercy to you all Demon clan.”

Shortly afterwards, Dark Night Demon God waved eight pairs of demonic wings on his back and rushed towards Anlake.

Watching his teacher rushing towards him, Anlake took a deep breathe, then opening his mouth, an ear-deafening dragon roar resounded, and endless sound waves spread all around. After that the ground around suddenly cracked, and from the body of Anlake, energy light waves appeared. Then blue veins suddenly rose on the surface layer of his body skin, and his aura also rose rapidly.

“This is……?” Seeing the action of Anlake, Ren Tianyou frowned and thought confusedly.

Just then, the body of Anlake slowly disappeared, and more than 40 meters long dragon appeared in the sky. After that a terrifying energy storm spread all around from the body of this dragon, sending countless stones flying.

“Roar!” This huge dragon looked up to the heaven and gave out a roar, then whipping up a pair of huge dragon wings, he rushed towards Dark Night Demon God.

He quickly rushed over to the front of Dark Night Demon God, then heavily hit Dark Night Demon God with his right claw, directly sending him flying, then Dark Night Demon God landed on the distant ground with a loud explosion sound.

Seeing Dark Night Demon God was sent flying, Anlake didn’t show mercy, instead directly opening his mouth, he gathered large amount of black colored energy in his mouth, then after gathering of energy was finished, that energy directly changed into countless energy light ball and landed on the place where Dark Night Demon God had fallen down, giving rise to a loud explosion sounds. And large amount of smoke and dust spread all over the place of battlefield, along with the series of explosions.

“Did that work?” Seeing the result he had brought about, Anlake who had changed into a dragon expectedly thought while watching the distant place.

“Never thought that the strength of this fellow would suddenly rise to this level after changing into a dragon, and under my carelessness, I actually let this fellow hit Dark Night Demon God.” Looking at the distant movement, Ren Tianyou muttered, “But……now it’s time to reveal the strength of this person, the strongest Demon God in the history of Demon World.”

At that time, a shock wave from the center of the explosion suddenly blow away all the dust and smoke spreading all around. And when the field of vision became clear, unscathed Dark Night Demon God was there floating in the mid-air while flapping his demonic wings.

“Teacher really deserves to be called the strongest Demon God, even if he is just mid God Lord realm in strength after being resurrected, we peak God Lord realm also can’t defeat him easily.” Seeing the unscathed Dark Night Demon God, Anlake was not too surprise. If Dark Night Demon God as a strongest Demon God was defeated so easily even though he was not at his peak, then it would be too extravagant to give him this title.

“I’ll give you all a big move.” Watching Anlake while controlling Dark Night Demon God, Ren Tianyou revealed an evil smile.

At this time, Dark Night Demon God Andre suddenly placed his palms together, and the large amount of demonic energy within his body began to circulate rapidly, and at the same time, the night sky within the radius of 10 li created by Dark Night Demon God began have subtle change.

In the originally pitch-black sky, slowly black colored demonic stars as if specks appeared, which glimmered and shone in the sky.

And meanwhile, in the middle of the palms of Dark Night Demon God, suddenly a black colored demonic star which was made up of his demonic power appeared, then it slowly flew out from between his palms, floating towards the sky.

The moment this black colored demonic star appeared, those somewhat dimly glimmering and shining stars in the pitch-black sky suddenly lit up, then a pitch-black colored stars splendor suddenly shot down from these countless stars, which entered into that black colored Demonic Star created by Dark Night Demon God.

After absorbing the radiances of these countless stars, this black colored demonic star as if eaten tonic, began to expand rapidly. It quickly expanded to 10 meters in diameter. Now looking from the distant, it seemed a black star had suddenly appeared in the air.

“This is……” Seeing this demonic star, as if he had suddenly thought of something terrifying, his big dragon eye abruptly shrunk, and his complexion changed greatly at the same time. After that without thinking much, he directly flew to the other side of the battlefield, and directly sent two Demon Generals resurrected by Ren Tianyou flying, then grabbing those caught off guard Yisha and Agule, he directly flew straight toward the distant sky in his full speed, as if there was something terrifying behind him.

“Your Excellency Anlake, you……you are……” In the dragon claw of Anlake, looking at flustered Anlake who was fleeing for his life while carrying them, Agule couldn’t help but asked in surprise.

“Don’t spout nonsense, now I don’t have time to explain, if we don’t run away fast enough, then all of us will die without a place for burial.” Anlake shouted, interrupting the words of Agule. He didn’t explain much, rather continued to fly straight to the distant sky as fast as he could. And at the same time, he was anxiously shouting inwardly, “Faster! Faster!! Faster!!!”

Thinking of that black colored demonic star behind him, Anlake could only pray that his teacher wouldn’t be able to bring out the power of this move as the legend stated. Furthermore now was daytime, so although now they were in the dark night domain created by Dark Night Demon God, but the power wouldn’t be comparable to using it in real night.

And after that black colored demonic star in the sky rapidly expanded to 30 meters, a terrifying energy of this demonic star wreak havoc all around it, and under the pressure of this demonic star, the ground underneath wasn’t able to withstand and numerous cracks appeared.

“Dark Night Star Explosion!”

With the voice of Dark Night Demon God, that huge demonic star suddenly stopped, then with a bang, it exploded. A black colored energy wave of explosion which surpassed the imagination of ordinary person engulfed all around, as ear-deafening explosion sound resounded across the sky as if the only sound that remained in this world.

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