In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 351

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Dark night befall

“Jinton—-Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu! (Particle Style—-Atomic Dismantling Jutsu!)”

Along with the shout of Yue’er, a huge transparent light beam shot out from the middle of her palm towards the middle of underneath demon army.

And along with the loud explosion sound, countless demon soldiers after being swept away by this transparent light beam directly disintegrated into molecular state and disappeared in the thin air.

“So……so strong!” Seeing the might of Yue’er’s Particle Style, Little Yu standing above the city wall couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

“That’s natural.” Jade Maiden beside her nodded her head and said, “Did you forget what Zero had said at that time when he was explaining about this Particle Style to elder sister Yue’er?”

Hearing Jade Maiden, Little Yu recalled the words that were stated by Ren Tianyou before, “Jinton (Particle Style) is just creating a transparent barrier, but everything including living things that are inside this barrier will be directly disintegrated on a molecular level, dying without a place for burial. So for those people possessing Particle Style, one may well say that there is no effect with only the number of enemies without quality.”

Recalling this, Little Yu looked towards Yue’er floating in the mid-air, and thought inwardly, “It seems elder sister Yue’er has really become a peak expert. Idiot, his painstaking effort didn’t go to waste.”

And in the sky, after the particle style radiance slowly disappeared from between the palms of Yue’er, beneath her, with herself as a center, the demon soldiers in the surroundings of several tens of meter had already disappeared without a trace. This was the might of Particle Style.


On the other side’s already changed into ruins Eiffle Capital battlefield, currently all 30 million demon soldiers had already changed into corpses. The entire 30 million demon soldiers had already disappeared.

Right now Ren Tianyou was sitting on the dilapidated walls, and was firmly staring at the ongoing battle with his Rinnegan. Now that the battle has reached this point, it was time to end it.

In the battlefield, Evil Dragon Demon God Anlake was currently fighting with Dark Night Demon God resurrected by Ren Tianyou using Edo Tensei. In addition, Agule and Yisha were also fighting with resurrected Demon Generals.

“Humph, I reincarnated you all, but instead of getting rid of my obstacles, you all are putting on a show of doing something without doing it like this.” Seeing the circumstance of battle underneath, Ren Tianyou who was sitting on the high platform coldly snorted and said.

Originally he wanted to see a dog-eat-dog drama between Demon clan. And what especially made Ren Tianyou surprise was, Andre this fellow was actually the teacher of Anlake, this made him think that this way he would be able to see even more great drama, but possibly because he had not bound Andre, letting him keep his consciousness, he was holding back, simply didn’t use any life threatening attacks, moreover before attacking he would always warn Anlake.

“Humph, now that you are already my pawn, you have to mentally prepare yourself to get rid of my obstructions.” Ren Tianyou snorted coldly inside his heart, then extending his hand, he raised his index and middle finger side by side, and rapidly circulated chakra within his body.

Along with the action of Ren Tianyou, Andre who was fighting closely against Anlake separated, then his body suddenly trembled. After that the spirit in his eyes quickly disappeared, and black colored demonic qi began to slowly reappear around his body.

“Roar!” Andre suddenly issued a loud roar, and that black colored demonic qi on the surface of his body rapidly formed a huge black colored light beam. And the body of Andre in the middle of this black beam began to change rapidly. Slowly eight pairs of black colored demonic wings appeared on his back, and his body emitted a powerful aura. After Ren Tianyou controlled Andre, he directly made him enter into Demonic Wing State.

“What’s going on here?” Seeing his teacher suddenly entering Demonic Wing State, Anlake was stupefied, but he quickly reacted, followed by his body emitting similar dark demonic pillar, and similarly eight pairs of demonic wings appeared behind him too.

After entering into Demonic Wing State, Anlake suddenly noticed that his teacher’s eyes already lacked any spirit. Seeing this, he looked towards distant Ren Tianyou, and after seeing the action of Ren Tianyou, he immediately understood, “It seems teacher is already under the complete control of this wicked human. Damn it, actually dare to trample upon my teacher’s soul. I will definitely not let you off.”

And at that time, distant Andre suddenly put together his palms, and the demonic qi from all over his body gathered in the middle of these palms. After that between the palms, a small black colored light ball appeared. This light ball emitted a pitch-black colored radiance, seemingly wanted to swallow the lights of surroundings.

“Dark Night Befall!”

This black light ball slowly floated up towards the sky from the middle of Andre’s palms, then this black light ball suddenly burst open, and dark demonic light spread all around. After that the original sunny sky immediately became dark.

When demonic light disappeared, the clear sky within the surroundings of 10 li radius now changed into night. This black colored sky emitted a pitch-black aura which spread out to the surrounding sky.

“Not good, this is teacher’s Dark Night Befall.” Seeing the changes in the surroundings, the complexion of Anlake immediately sunk, and his heart was filled with strong pressure. As the disciple of Andre, he naturally was very clear about the terror of this move.

Andre, no one clearly knows his background, only knew that he might be one of the demon who had appeared earliest in Demon World. And he always liked to travel at night, and loved that black colored night.

In the night, the strength of Andre would increase by 50% including speed, attack and defense. In dark night, among the similar level experts, Andre fully deserve the title of King.

And although Andre didn’t like to move out in day time, still it didn’t mean his strength would be reduced during daytime, because during daytime, he could use his extremely powerful strength to instantly make night to befall within certain range, creating a dark night domain belonging to him.

“The style of this fellow is pretty good, now let me see a good drama.” Looking at the sky around which had already turned into night, and again looking at already blended into night, Andre, Ren Tianyou thought.

After night befell, Andre waved his right hand, then countless black colored rays suddenly flew out from the sky towards Anlake.

“Sure enough, Great Forever Dark Rays.” Seeing these rays, Anlake suddenly got solemn. These move was one of the unique skill of Andra, once these rays hit the target, their body would be completely penetrated by these powerful rays. Moreover these rays had strong corrosive power that could corrode both body and soul.

Seeing these rays, suddenly a dragon form demonic energy wave sprang out of the body of Anlake, and he shouted loudly, “Countless Dragons Transformation!”

Along with the voice of Anake, an ear-deafening dragon roar resounded, and the body of Anlake directly changed into countless black colored dragon form light wave and disappeared in the air.

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  1. Well this is the reason you use your own dead allies as undead warriors. They would fight with all their might.

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