In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 350

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Jinton (Particle Style) of Yue’er

“Cough cough……” Bu Feng covered his abdomen, and violently coughing few times, he shakily stood up with a trace of blood flowing down from the corner of his mouth.

Raising his head, he saw that in the not distant sky, Late Night who was still floating in the mid-air with both arms folded in front of his chest just like in the beginning, was indifferently looking at him.

“Never thought that one day I would actually lose in terms of speed, even Zero is able to match me only after using space magic.” Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Bu Feng solemnly thought inwardly.

“How is it? Do you still have strength to continue dancing in front of me?” Seeing Bu Feng had stood up, Late Night indifferently said.

“It seems the fight over Late Night’s side will be over very soon, so we’ll also have to speed up.” Seeing the battered Bu Feng, Mercury said to distant Amanda after forcing White Tiger to retreat.

“Settle the battle? Heh heh, you are greatly underestimating Southern Dipper, his speed is definitely the fastest under this starry sky forever. Do you really think that his speed is only this fast?” Hearing Mercury, White Tiger sneered in disdain.

“What does that mean?” Hearing White Tiger, Mercury involuntarily asked doubtfully.

“Go down and ask to Death God, before us Akatsuki, you demons will not have any room to retreat.” White Tiger didn’t answer, rather condensed sword intent, then slashed out sword qi from his black divine sword towards this Mercury.


“It seems I am being look down upon ah.” Bu Feng calmed down the violently surging qi and blood within his body, then stars radiance rose from his body. And along with this misty star splendor, four energy shackles suddenly appeared in his hands’ wrists and legs’ ankles respectively.

“Open!” Bu Feng firmly clenched his two fists, and shouted loudly. Then along with ‘ka ka’ cracking sound, these four energy shackles suddenly shattered into pieces, then changing into energy, it disappeared.

“This is……?” Seeing the action of Bu Feng, Late Night pricked his brows, then he couldn’t help but became serious.

After these four energy shackles disappeared, Bu Feng open and closed his fists, then waving his arms, he indifferently said, “It’s been a very long time since I feel so light, now I’m feeling pretty good after releasing the seals.”

As a matter of fact, what outsiders didn’t know was, the body of Bu Feng was continuously in sealed state. Bu Feng himself had set up these seals, and every single one of these energy shackles increased his weight by 2000kg, which means four seals increased his weight by 8000kg. This was Bu Feng’s own way to train his speed.

No one would have ever thought that the usual speed of Bu Feng which was already very fast enough was his speed in the state where his body sealed. Moreover looking at his actions of before, it shows that he was already accustomed to this seal.

Even when Ren Tianyou was chasing after him at that time, he had not released this seal, because although the speed of Ren Tianyou was fast, but in the eyes of Bu Feng, it was still not enough for him to release seal. If it was not the case for Ren Tianyou using Hiraishin no Jutsu, then Ren Tianyou would have never been able to catch Bu Feng.

After releasing the seals, Bu Feng slowly raised his head, then looking towards Late Night in the sky, he smiled. After that lightly stamping with his right leg, his body suddenly flashed, and leaving behind afterimages, he rushed towards Late Night.

“Humph, too naïve.” Seeing the action of Bu Feng, Late Night coldly snorted. Then lightly stepping on the air, he also disappeared immediately from the sky.

Before the eyes of everyone, both Bu Feng and Late Night disappeared in the thin air. Although no one could see their figure, but this moment, ‘peng’, ‘peng’…..muffled sounds resounded throughout the sky.

After that, suddenly two figures appeared in the mid-air, looking closely, they were Bu Feng and Late Night. They had punched each other, and due to the impact of each other’s punch, both of them fell back.

As a matter of fact, Late Night and Bu Feng had not disappeared in the thin air, rather because their movement speed was so fast that naked eyes couldn’t see them, thus it seemed like they had disappeared in the thin air.

And in fact, Late Night and Bu Feng were continuously moving in a fast speed while fighting, so only the muffled sound of fighting resounded in the air.

With the force of Late Night’s punch of just now, Bu Feng rapidly fell backward. And while still in the midair, Bu Feng stepped in the air and suddenly disappeared from there again.

And at the same time, above Late Night, suddenly wind breaking sound came, as Bu Feng had already appeared above the head of Late Night, and he was already kicking towards the head of Late Night. Without doubt, if this kick landed on the head of Late Night, then his head would definitely explode like watermelon.

When Bu Feng had appeared above him, Late Night had already sensed his movement. Afterwards, suddenly a black radiance flashed in his right leg, and he instantly disappeared from there.

‘Hong’ loud explosion sound resounded, as the kick of Bu Feng directly scattered a huge rock on the ground.

Just then, Late Night accompanied by black light appeared beside Bu Feng, then he sweep kicked towards Bu Feng, but Bu Feng easily dodged it.

Shortly afterwards, Late Night and Bu Feng began to continue their dogfight. Although the speed of Late Night was very fast, but after Bu Feng removed his seals, Bu Feng was already able to match him in speed, and was gradually suppressing him.


On the other side of the battlefield, Yue’er directly flew over to the middle of the demon army and landed on the ground. Then making a series of hand seals, “Doton—-Kaido Shokutsu! (Earth Style—-Erupt!)”

Along with the completion of the ninjutsu of Yue’er, the ground around suddenly spat out countless pieces of earth, which flew towards demon soldiers, and directly penetrated through their armor and stabbed their body.

At that time, seven or eight demon soldiers suddenly flew in the sky, and brandished the spear in their hand towards Yue’er, as if wanted to smash her.

“Humph!” Yue’er coldly snorted in disdain, then putting his palm together, she slowly separated her palms, and a transparent energy cube appeared between her palms. Shortly afterwards, under the support of the chakra of Yue’er, this cube rapidly enlarged, trapping all demon soldiers around her.

“Jinton—-Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu! (Particle Style—-Atomic Dismantling Jutsu!)”

Along with the charming voice of Yue’er, this cube suddenly flashed with dazzling light.

When the light disappeared, the demon soldiers trapped inside this cube had already disappeared including their armor and weapon, because they were already disintegrated to the most basic molecular state by the Particle Style of Yue’er.

Jinton (Particle Style) is a Kekkei Tota of Naruto world, made up by merging earth, wind and fire-nature change. At present the known people who can use this Jinton (Particle Style) are only Second and Third Tsuchikage. And under the utmost help of Ren Tianyou who possessed all the inheritance of Naruto world, Yu’er finally was able to merge together her chakra nature to finally obtain this terrifying power—-Jinton (Particle Style).

After disposing demon soldiers around her, she looked towards countless demon soldiers rushing towards her.

Seeing this, Yue’er quickly flew up in the sky. After possessing Jinton (Particle Style), flying was merely a small matter.

After flying in the sky, Yue’er again placed her palm against each other, then with the rapid consumption of chakra within her body, she slowly parted her palms, and a sharp pointed transparent cone appeared between her palms.

“Jinton—-Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu! (Particle Style—-Atomic Dismantling Jutsu!)”

Along with the voice of Yue’er, this sharp-pointed light beam suddenly increased sharply, rapidly reaching over 20 meters, then landed in the middle of demon army. Then Yue’er quickly turned around, and under the alarmed and panicky gaze of these demon soldiers, this terrifying particle style light beam quickly swept them away. In this instant countless demon soldiers were directly disintegrated to the molecular state and disappeared after this light beam swept them.

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  1. Bu Feng’s fight was like a fight in Dragon Ball, Bu Feng taking off his training gear and then flashing everywhere and punching at high speeds, also similar to bushy brows

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