In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 349

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Battle of speed

White Tiger took the lead with Black Iron Heavy Sword in his hand. And under the support of colossal battle qi within his body, he emitted a sharp sword qi, then flying high up in the air, he slashed out a huge sword light from his Black Iron Heavy Sword.

“Night Quaking Sword Secrets, Second style—-Night Quaking Thunder!”

Along with the voice of White Tiger, everyone in the battlefield suddenly heard soul shaking sounds of thunderclaps. Along with ‘hong’, ‘hong’……sounds of thunderclaps, the complexion of those people whose strength was lower than White Tiger turned pale, and they couldn’t help but stop what they were doing. Shortly afterwards, that towering sword light accompanied by thunderclaps, under the frightened expression of these unguarded demon soldiers, reached them with loud bang.

‘Hong’, a loud sound of explosion resounded, accompanied by the sounds of tragic screams. More than 100 demon soldiers in the front were instantly chopped into pieces by this towering sword light, spilling the blood to the ground. And on the other side, Void was also same, following the light sound of Karma Transmigration, a death blade light slashed out the demon army.

And as compared to the violent move of White Tiger, Southern Dipper Bu Feng appeared more elegant.

In the mid-air, Bu Feng emitted the radiance of the stars, then changing into a blur, he disappeared from that location.

And at the same time, countless afterimages of Bu Feng flashed in the battlefield ahead. Along with the flashing of afterimage, before demon soldiers could react, their necks would have already cut, then covering their neck they would lie down on the ground forever.

When all the afterimages join together, Bu Feng folding his arms in front of his chest appeared in the mid-air. Then indifferently looking at those more than hundred demon soldiers who were rolling on the ground after changing into corpses due to having their throat cut instantly, he said, “You all are too slow!”

After seeing the invincible might of White Tiger and other, the spirit of all the soldiers of allied army behind them rose, and their moral also rose sharply, then all of them rushed towards demon soldiers.

When White Tiger and others were continuing to act, several figures flew out and rushed towards them from the demon army, blocking White Tiger and others. They were precisely three Demon General among thirteen.

All of the thirteen Demon Generals were peak God King realm expert. And among all the God King realm experts in this demon army division, they were the peak expert. And only these three Demon Generals were comparable to White Tiger and other, without much difference in strength.

Stopping White Tiger was a Demon General holding a spear. His body was emitting a calm aura, and compared to White Tiger’s that violent sword power, one might well say that this was completely different.

And the one who blocked Void was a female Demon General. Her body was emitting a mature charm, and more importantly, she was an extreme fire energy cultivator. And that explosive temperament and Void’s that ice-cold aura was also completely different.

And as for the one blocking Southern Dipper Bu Feng, he was extremely mysterious Demon General. The whole body of this youth was covered with a black colored long robe, and his face was also full of magic lines of Demon Clan, and same as Bu Feng, he was also folding his arms in front of his chest while floating in the mid-air, and was watching Bu Feng with interest.

“Mercury, it seems Late Night is interested in that person.” Seeing that black robed youth’s eyes were flashing with excitement, that female demon with mature charm said to the Demon General holding the spear.

“Yes, this fellow finally run into someone whose speed is a little bit faster, so he’s naturally interested.” Hearing that female Demon General, that Demon General holding spear warmly said. “But Amanda, we also shouldn’t waste too much time on these trash humans, and resolve this battle as soon as possible. We absolutely cannot delay the plan of Her Majesty the Demon Empress.”

“Got it!” That female Demon General i.e. Amanda nodded her head, then powerful flame rose from her body, surrounding her body.


“Your speed is indeed not bad, but I wonder you can dance before me.” Looking at Bu Feng in front of him, Late Night indifferently said.

“Oh? Do you want to try?” Hearing Late Night, Bu Feng said while his eyes shone.

“Yes, I really want to try.” An evil smile appeared on the face of Late Night, then spread open his both arms, “I want to see whether you human can still dance in front of I, Late Night.”

“Then come.” After the voice of Bu Feng resounded, at the same time, behind Late Night, a wind breaking sound resounded. Bu Feng had suddenly appeared behind Late Night, and as for that body in the previous place, it slowly dissipated in the sky. Because his speed was too fast, he had created an afterimage.

“Xiu” Wind breaking sound resounded, Bu Feng waved his right hand towards the head of Late Night. But Late Night didn’t react in any way, merely stood blankly in the same place.

The eyes of Bu Feng flashed with complacent looks, but when his right hand passed through the head of Late Night, his complacent looks turned into shock, because he didn’t feel any resistance in his right hand, and directly passed through the head of Late Night.

“After……afterimage?” Suddenly these two words appeared in the heart of Bu Feng. And just then suddenly the voice of Late Night came through behind him, “Is this your speed?”

Late Night as if suddenly appearing out of thin air, suddenly appeared behind Bu Feng. He was still folding his arms in front of his chest just like before, and had spoken indifferently. And as for that Late Night in front of Bu Feng, it nevertheless slowly dissipated. This was really an afterimage.

“What?” Hearing the voice from behind, all the fine hairs on the body of Bu Feng stood erect, and feeling of danger welled up inside his mind, because not only he didn’t notice how Late Night move just now, moreover even after Late Night appeared behind him, he was not able to notice him, as if suddenly appearing out of thin air, he didn’t have any aura.

Without thinking much, Bu Feng immediately moved front, and simultaneously turned around rapidly. Because previously he would always be the one who would suddenly appear behind other people, but now, other people suddenly appear behind him, moreover he was unexpectedly unable to notice that, so how could Bu Feng not feel shocked?

But just after he turned around, he saw a blur in front of his eyes, and Late Night suddenly appeared in front of him, followed by a wind breaking sound. After that without thinking much, Bu Feng immediately used his arms to guard his chest, then the punch of Late Night suddenly landed on the arms of Bu Feng.

Bu Feng was sent flying back by the impact of this punch, but at that time, wind breaking sound suddenly came from above his head, and an attack advanced towards his head. Seeing this, the tiptoe of Bu Feng’s right leg flashed with star splendor, and he instantly disappeared from there, appearing 100 meters away. But just after Bu Feng appeared there, a burst of severe pain suddenly came through his abdomen. He didn’t know when but Late Night had already appeared in front of him, and his right fist had heavily landed on his abdomen, directly sending Bu Feng flying.

“Cough cough!” Bu Feng stabilized his body in the mid-air, then violently coughed few times, then wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he solemnly looked at Late Night who was standing not far away from him. This was the first time he had ever lost in terms of pure speed.

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