In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 348

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Kill! Kill!! Kill!!!

Dark Empire’s frontier, Gu Luona City.

Countless demon soldiers had already gathered outside the city. In the beginning, there were at least 40 million demon soldiers. But right now, on the battlefield, there were scattered fragment corpses of demons and humans, all of these were the corpses of those who were unable to making it back after the conclusion of first battle.

And in Gu Luona City, the forth division of humanity and 100 clans’ allied army was garrisoned here. And the leader of this army division was White Tiger.

White Tiger was the first person to enter Akatsuki Organization. And after the long period of cultivation, plus obtaining the inheritance of Seven Great Saints, and moreover evolving his blood lineage to God rank, he had already stepped into peak God King realm in strength. Furthermore he was the eldest son of 100 clan’s Holy Sword clan. So no matter whether in his strength or status, everyone had already accepted him as a leader wholeheartedly, and with regarding to the instruction of White Tiger, no one dares to defy it.

And to be prepared for all contingencies, Ren Tianyou made all other member of Akatsuki other than Vermilion Bird, Azure Dragon and Northern Dipper who were leading those light magicians of Light Palace, follow White Tiger to the battlefield. And for just in case, before the war, Ren Tianyou had specially let elder sister Yue’er to learn a secret move, and also gave her a number of things to guard against the unexpected.

And on the side of Vermilion Bird, other than the three big experts of Akatsuki, the Brilliant of Light Palace was also there personally. Moreover all three of them were holding hirashin mark of Ren Tianyou, so that if there was any mishap, he could go and rescue them at any time.

And right now in Gu Luona City, White Tiger and his company and a number of experts dispatched by 100 clans were sitting in the hall, formulating next step.

In today’s first contact, the armies of them and Demon clan had made a brief confrontation, injuring each other. Moreover in the side of Demon clan, other than three Demon Generals, there were 5 mid-God King realm experts, as well as 7 or 8 True God realm experts, this shows the strength of Demon clan.

But in terms of the quantity of experts, humanity side was also not bad. White Tiger, Void, Southern Dipper, these three were peak-God King realm experts who had already evolved their blood lineage to God rank, moreover there was Yue’er who had already stepped into kage level and also had already successfully merge three attribute to awaken Kekkei Tota—- Jinton (Particle Style).

And relying on the might of Particle style, even though she had just stepped into kage level, and still didn’t possess Super kage level chakra, Yue’er could already proclaim herself king within God King realm. Even if White Tiger activated his god ranked blood lineage, he wouldn’t have any means to defeat Yue’er.

Moreover there were Jade Maiden and Little Yu who had also stepped into peak True God realm in strength. They were also able to keep out those True God experts of Demon clan. Furthermore there were still several experts of 100 clans. [T.L: Previously it was said that Jade Maiden and Little Yu had just stepped into God King realm, but here it is said that they are still peak True God realm, and in the later chapters too it is mentioned that they are only peak True God realm experts]

At this moment, a human soldier wearing battle armor came in, then respectfully said towards White Tiger and others, “Reporting, Demon clan began to move strangely again, as if preparing to besiege once again.”

“Humph, want to seize this Gu Luona City before I, White Tiger’s eyes, it’s simply a wishful thinking.” Hearing the report of this soldiers, White Tiger snorted, then waving his hand towards this soldiers, he said, “Got it, you can withdraw.”

“Yes!” This soldier answered then slightly bowing, he withdrew.

“Everybody, quickly head out to the city and prepare to meet the enemy head-on.” After this soldier withdrew, White Tiger said to the experts of 100 clans.

“We obey your command!” In this army division, White Tiger was the supreme leader, so they will comply with all the command issued by White Tiger. Moreover they themselves highly respected White Tiger, as in such a young age, he had already stepped into peak God King realm, so how could they not respect him.

After these experts of 100 clan withdrew to prepare for the battle, White Tiger said to Yue’er, “Sister Yue’er, how is it, are you able to completely control that thing given to you by Zero?”

“Ng, I have already learnt this forbidden technique. This move in itself is not that hard.” Yue’er nodded her head and said.

“That’s good, don’t use this move for the time being. According to Zero’s suggestion, this thing however is more dangerous at night. Since that is the case, after nightfall, we’ll use this to surprise attack Demon clan’s barracks.” White Tiger recalled one of the uses of that thing Ren Tianyou had stated when he had given that thing to Yue’er, then even he also couldn’t help but feel chill in his neck.

“Let’s go, we are also going to the city to meet the enemy head-on.” After completing the arrangement, White Tiger lead everyone outside the hall, then flew towards outside Gu Luona City.

All the magicians and warriors army stationed inside Gu Luona City had already came out of the city and now were looking at far away demon army, preparing for the war.

“Brothers, since these demon bastards of Demon clan dared to invade our homeland, what do you say we should do?” White Tiger leading numerous experts flew to the front of this army, then looking at that thickly dotted demon army, he shouted loudly.

“Kill!” Thinking of those Demon clan who were in the process of invading their homeland, the gaze of these humanaty and 100 clan’s allied army looking towards demon army gradually become full of killing intent, then they loudly shouted simultaneously.

“They want to bully and humiliate our clansmen, friends, wives, children and families, what do you say we should do?” The loud shout of White Tiger continued to enter the ears of everyone.

“Kill!” Thinking of their close friends and their family members who had died in the hands of these Demon clan’s people, and recalling some didn’t even leave behind their corpse, the killing intent in the eyes of this allied army became even denser while looking at that demon army. Now their eyes were already red.

“They wants to exterminate all of us, they wants to bully and humiliate us as if magical beasts, and they wants to destroy our beautiful homeland, brothers, what do you all say we should do?” White Tiger said all of these in one breathe. He wanted the momentum of this allied force to reach the maximum.

“Kill! Kill!! Kill!!!” These allied soldiers roared loudly in high moral, and their body also emitted powerful murderous aura. Now their gaze that was looking towards demon army was very ferocious and was full of dense killing intent. Seeing this, even those demon soldiers who had strong military discipline couldn’t help but felt fear.

“Good, then let’s work together to beat these demon bastard back to Demon World, and make them thoroughly roll away from our Divine Wind Continent.” White Tiger roared loudly, then pulled out a huge Black Iron Heavy Sword, and the iron chain of this sword’s hilt firmly tied up his body. After that he took the lead to rush towards demon army, “Kill!”

“Kill!” After seeing the action of White Tiger, the allied army also loudly roared simultaneously, then holding their weapon, they also fearlessly charged towards demon army.

And the people of Akatsuki also followed closely behind, each emitting a powerful aura, they also rushed towards the army of Demon clan, starting to cross sword.

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