In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 345

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Tengai Shinsei (Heavenly Obstacle Quaking Star)

Ren Tianyou stood above the city wall of Eiffle Capital. His eyes had already changed into Rinnegan. Now he was staring at those underneath demon army with his eyes containing powerful eye power.

Just now his Susanoo getting broken by the fist of Agule, although was a bit outside of his expectation, but in fact even if he didn’t borrow the power of Rinnegan, he could have easily dodged that heavy fist of Agule without any injury. The reason why he used Rinnegan was, because Ren Tianyou didn’t want to waste too much of his energy to deal with these demon soldiers.

At first he had directly dashed into the middle of demon army, as he thought that he could kill them by catching them unprepared, and give them heavy casualties, but in reality he was merely able to kill ten thousand or so demon soldiers, which when compared to that 30 million demon army, was negligible number.

Furthermore after undergoing the battle of just now, these demon soldiers were gradually adapting to his fighting rhythm under the leadership of Agule and Yisha. In the beginning, it was one sided massacre, but now they were defending with one group and counterattacking with other group, so now Ren Tianyou wanted to use absolute power to let them see the real power.

Thinking this, slowly purple ash colored lightning energy reappeared around Ren Tianyou, slowly forming a huge purple ash colored skeleton, which slowly changed into a huge energy war god, precisely was Ren Tianyou’s Susanoo!

After that Ren Tianyou inside Susanoo made a hand seal, simultaneously Susanoo’s two pairs of hands also made hand seal and maintained that hand seal. And at the same time, that chakra within his body that was comparable to tailed beast began to violently move.

“What does he want to do?” Seeing the move of Ren Tianyou, the complexion of Agule and Yisha simultaneously became solemn, and both of them simultaneously had an ominous foreboding.

They had already experienced the might of Susanoo, that humanoid combat weapon. And Agule with the assistance of Yisha had finally managed to break it with difficulty, and at that he had believed that he would be able to injure Ren Tianyou, but who would have thought that, Ren Tianyou would stop his move with special move.

And now within the short period of time, he was basically powerless to bring out the might of that punch of just a moment ago, so he feared that Ren Tianyou with Susanoo would again come down and wreak havoc, but he didn’t know that, a move that was even more terrifying than the half body Susanoo of Ren Tianyou was about to befall.

Ren Tianyou’s both hands and Susanoo’s two pairs of hands simultaneously maintained three different hand seals. After that the chakra within his body violently roll over and over, and the eye power of Rinnegan also surged rapidly. Compared to ordinary Bansho Ten’in (Universal Pull), even stronger gravitational pull linked up to outer space under the effect of his chakra. After that under the effect of large amount of Rinnegan’s eye power, a huge meteorite directly pierce through the atmosphere, falling towards the direction of Ren Tianyou.

When Agule and Yisha were wondering why Ren Tianyou had not made any move, they noticed that the ground below them were covered by a large shadow, as if something huge covered the sky above them. After that they immediately raised their head to look up, but the scene above them completely stunned both of them, with their face filled with shock, disbelief, despair……and so on expression.

An enormous meteorite with more than 70 li in diameter was rapidly falling down towards the battlefield. If this meteorite falls, then it would definitely wipe out nearly all of these 30 million demon soldiers. Not even one in ten will survive.

“Bas…Bastard, how is this possible? The strength of us and this human is basically on the different dimension.” Looking at the rapidly falling meteorite, Agule said while gnashing his teeth.

“Don’t tell me this is the strength of THE TRUE GOD?” Also looking at this rapidly descending meteorite, Yisha muttered. Then she immediately roared towards demon soldiers. “Retreat, all of you retreat ah.”

“Everybody, run for it.”

“Quickly run, run for your life.”


Only after the roar of Yisha, those demon soldiers finally woke up from the stunned state. After that under the absolute power of suppression and the dread of death, these elite demon soldiers of Demon clan forgot their usual firm military discipline. All of them began fleeing wildly for their life with face filled with panic, fear…..expression.

And as for Yisha, looking at the rapidly descending meteorite which would land very soon, she firmed herself, then going over to the side of Agule, she began to use her special ability, intending to go all-out to survive.

Looking at those demon army fleeing wildly for their life, Ren Tianyou sneered. This meteorite was something he had created by spending almost one-sixth of the chakra within his body, so how could they easily escape it.

Tengai Shinsei is one of the dojutsu of Rinnegan. At that time after Madara was resurrected by Kabuto using Edo Tensei, he had used this move to summon two earth-shattering meteorites to directly destroy the fourth division of ninja allied force. One might well say that this is super powerful ninjutsu.

As a matter of fact, this move and Chibaku Tensei (Planetary Devastation) has similar expect, which is, both the moves’ main principle is to use Bansho Ten’in to its limit. Using Rinnegan’s powerful eye power, bringing out the mechanism of Bansho Ten’in’s power, and under the effect of large amount of chakra within the body, link up with the meteorite of outer space, then use Bansho Ten’in’s powerful gravitational force to pull down meteorite from outer space, thereby attacking the enemy.

This move’s range not only covered the entire battlefield, but even covered Ren Tianyou as well as the entire Effile Capital.

However since Ren Tianyou had used this move, he naturally wouldn’t perish with them. His eyes changed into Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, then under the effect of kamui of right eye, his body disappeared along with the spiral shaped space ripple.

Several hundred kilometers away, in the sky, Evil Dragon Demon God Anlake was speeding towards Eiffle Capital. Because compared to main army, he had set out after nearly five days, so now he still hadn’t reached there.

But just at this time, he suddenly noticed an enormous meteorite falling down in the distant sky, and even he felt apprehensive seeing the area of this meteorite. And after estimating where the meteorite would fall, his complexion suddenly become extremely ugly, because the meteorite falling site was precisely the battlefield of Eiffle Capital.

“Something unexpected must have happened in the battlefield, I have to get there quickly.” Anlake anxiously thought, then along with the loud dragon roar, he changed into a black light and disappeared from there.


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