In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 344

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Rinnegan emerges

“This……what’s this move?” Seeing that purple ash colored lightning sparks’ huge susanoo around the body of Ren Tianyou, even Agule and Yisha who were Demon Generals couldn’t help but simultaneously cried out in alarm, with their eyes filled with shocked expression.

Ren Tianyou stood there with his arms folded in front of his chest, and with the rapid spinning of his Sharingan, powerful eye power gushed out from his eyes, sustaining the Susanoo. Just then, suddenly seven or eight huge purple lightning energy magatama appeared above that huge body of Susanoo, then along with the wave of that huge right arm of Susanoo, those huge magatama shot out towards those demon soldiers.

“Bastard!” Seeing Ren Tianyou was attacking towards those ordinary demon soldiers, the complexion of Agule and Yisha blackened, and cursed Ren Tianyou simultaneously. They had never expected that, Ren Tianyou as the strong would actually not show a trace of grandeur of the strong, and would actually took the initiative to raise his hand to deal with these weak and small people. One should know that in this world, the strong using their strength to bully the weak was despised by other people.

But in any case, they must stop Ren Tianyou’s move. Agule flew towards several magatama, then relying on his that very strong fists, he actually smashed those magatama into pieces one by one.

And as for Yisha, she used the same old tactics, used her special ability to directly create countless solid earthen wall, blocking the magatama.

But at that time, Ren Tianyou with Susanoo nevertheless directly jumped into the middle of the demon soldiers’ battle formation, then brandishing Futsu no Mitama swords in both hands, he sent out sword light, chopping all the demon soldiers around him into two, after that they changed into bloody mists and fell to the ground.

Seeing Ren Tianyou massacring the people of their Demon clan as if tiger entering the flock of sleep, the eyes of Agule and Yisha instantly become very red. Although they as one of the thirteen Demon Generals had already reached peak God King realm, but when confronting against Ren Tianyou, they however had a kind of powerless felling, they basically were powerless to stop his moves.

Yisha immediately landed on the ground, and placed her both palms on the ground in front of her, then she began to circulate her spiritual power and demonic power inside her body rapidly. After that the ground underfoot of Ren Tianyou began to shake violently, followed by the sudden rise of huge earthen wall in two sides of him. And under the effect of peculiar white light, they became incomparably solid, and begun to advance towards his Susanoo to flatten him.

“Humph!” Seeing these solid thick earthen walls had already arrived in front of him from both side, Ren Tianyou coldly snorted, then Susanoo hold up its hands, directly stopping this continuously moving forward earthen walls, making them powerless to advance forward even a bit.

“It’s not that simple.” Seeing Ren Tianyou had stopped her move, Yisha shouted loudly. Then in the front and back of Ren Tianyou, two solid earthen wall simultaneously rose once again, then advanced towards Ren Tianyou to flatten him.

“Drop dead for me!” Seeing Ren Tianyou was already powerless to stop her move, Yisha was delighted, and circulated demonic power inside her body rapidly with confidence. As long as earthen walls completely encircled the body of Ren Tianyou, she could thoroughly seal him in that place.

But an ideal was beautiful, and reality nevertheless cruel. Ren Tianyou just sneered, and with a thought, another pair of huge hands appeared on the body of Susanoo, and two huge Futsu no Mitama Sword appeared in these hands too. After that under the disbelief looks of Yisha and callous looks of Ren Tianyou, those two Futsu no Mitama Swords directly chopped down.


Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, two huge sword slash split open the ground, and also cut through those earthen walls all around him which were reinforced using the special ability of Yisha. After that those slashes still continued to move forward, which was accompanied by loud screams. Countless demon soldiers met their death under these two sword slashes.

But just then, Ren Tianyou suddenly heard a loud wind breaking sound coming through the smoke and dust ahead, followed by a shadow arriving in front of Susanoo after piercing through the smoke and dust. This shadow was precisely Agule.

This moment, the blue veins on the body of Agule suddenly stuck out, and his developed muscles rapidly expanded, especially that right arm, compared to usual size, now that right arm was very wide. After that along with the pressure that could suffocate a person, he swung his right arm towards Ren Tianyou.

“Roar, break for me!” Agule loudly roared, while his huge right arm punched towards the Susanoo of Ren Tianyou. Along with the attack of this fist, the air in front suddenly issued a rumbling sound, then sharp explosion sound resounded in the air. No one would have thought that the power of Agule’s this fist could actually smash the air itself, creating a phenomenon of air explosion.

Immediately after that, this very heavy fist landed on Susanoo, then the body of Susanoo suddenly began to issue ‘ka ka’ sound. Numerous cracks appeared on that armor made by energy, and the Susanoo unexpectedly began to dissipate slowly.

“What?” Seeing this scene before his eyes, Ren Tianyou was dumbfounded. He had never expected that the fist of this Agule was actually this strong. Only relying on his one fist, he was able to destroy his Susanoo. The might of this fist was far stronger than the one fist of Raikage with the help of Tsuchikage.

Even after Susanoo dissipated, the power of Agule’s fist had still not disappeared, it continued to advance towards the head of Ren Tianyou. If this fist land on the head of Ren Tianyou, then his head will definitely smashed into pieces as if watermelon.

Looking at this rapidly approaching fist, Ren Tianyou lightly sighed, then along with rapid increase of eye power, the pattern of his eyes began to change dramatically. Now, a pattern of ‘a ripple pattern that spreads over the eyeball’ appeared in his eyes, this was precisely Rinnegan.

Agule also clearly saw the changes in the eyes of Ren Tianyou, and he immediately had an ominous premonition.

Just before the fist arrived, suddenly powerful eye power gushed out from his eyes, and the surrounding space suddenly fluctuated.

“Shinra Tensei! (Almighty Push!)”

Immediately after that, Agule suddenly discovered that his fist unexpectedly was powerless to move forward even a bit, moreover not only that, but he also discovered that with Ren Tianyou as the center, a powerful repulsive force spread all around, precisely this powerful repulsive force had stopped his fist.

“Peng” Agule’s body was suddenly sent flying, and heavily fell on the distant ground.

“Agule, what happened, are you alright?” Seeing Agule was suddenly sent flying, Yisha was startled, and she quickly flew over to Agule and asked worriedly.

“Cough cough……I…I’m fine.” Agule stood up with the support of Yisha, then wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he calmed down his rolling over and over blood and qi, then answered to Yisha.

“What happen just now? How were you suddenly sent flying, I simply was unalble to see when that fellow attacked.” Seeing Agule was fine Yisha relaxed, then asked in confusion.

“I also don’t know, I just felt a powerful repulsive force coming through his body, and that repulsive force was so strong that my body was basically powerless to resist and was directly sent flying.” Agule shook his head, and expressed that he was also not too clear.

“But I reckon this has something to do with the changes in his eyes.” Looking at those indifferent eyes, Agule said with uncertainty.

“This fellow is terrifyingly strong. With just two of us, we are basically powerless to stop him, unless His Excellency Demon God came to help.” Looking at unscathed Ren Tianyou and again looking at those dead or injured demon soldiers, Yisha said. Within extremely short time, nearly ten thousand demon soldiers had already died, although compared to 30 million demon army, this was merely a trivial number, but one should understand that this was caused by a single individual Ren Tianyou.

“Wait a minute, that fellow is moving again.” Just then, Agule suddenly noticed that Ren Tianyou was making a move again, so he warned Yisha.

Now Ren Tianyou suddenly jumped back, and after landing on the city wall of Eiffle Capital, “Never thought that these guys unexpectedly forced me to use Rinnegan, since it is like this, I will use this move to clean up the battlefield.”

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  1. NASA: Giant Meteor’s Inbound I repeat Giant Meteor’s Inbound all civilians must be evacuated immedietly!!!

    Thanks for the chap~ Man this cliff…

      NASA DIRECTOR: WTF? Hey Jim Is that a wormhole?

  2. I really hate this. How are they strong enough to force him to use susanoo and the rennigan, when he has strength that can contend with yaorao, and im pretty sure she can wipe out these two with a eave of the hand.

    So how the hell is he going to fight yaorao, when these two snizchels can f#ck his moves up!?

    But of course, when they actuallt battle, im pretty sure he gonna be on par, or just weaker but can still deal quite a few moves, cause he was actually just “testing out” his moves with a third of his power, or some shizz like that.

  3. Weak Ren Tianyou!!!! just a Demon GENERAL the Susanoo Destroyed and how this f#*king battle? Do you can really defeat The Demon Empress? Why not just die and End of the story.

    1. it might be just the naruto system playing around and messing with him.
      naruto system(you didn’t let me absorb the forever green at that time so its pay back time(by absorbing susanoo’s power).if you die, I just find a new host) thinks invertly while Ren Tianyou is fighting.
      or someting like that.
      Ren Tianyou:system, why did my susanoo got destroyed during that battle?
      naruto system: you just focused on rinnegan and didnt train with susanoo so you gat a little rusty
      Ren Tianyou: is that so? than I beter start training with susanoo agein.
      naruto system(that was a close one. its good that I made up something and he belived me.)thinks invertly

  4. Ok how in the hell did that those demon generals break susanoo? Is it just me or is the author gonna just pull a typically shonen move right here and nerf all of rens old attacks… I mean honestly susanoo has the power to destroy an entire mountain with a single sword slash (at least perfect form and I assume that some what ren used) and it got destroyed with a single punch…. RENs strongest defense was destroyed by a demon general in one move… *sigh* author wth are you doing with your story you can’t just do this to ur main character and pull a super nerf instantly.

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