In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 343

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Using Susanoo

“Heavenly Earth Siege!”

Yisha stretched her arms, and used her spiritual power to its limit. Along with the circulation of her demonic power within her body, the ground ahead suddenly began to shake violently, then a long crater appeared on the ground ahead. And from inside that crater several tens of meter long huge earthen wall rose in front of everyone.

Just after that the flame created by Ren Tianyou directly hit this earthen wall. The terrifying heat of this flame roasted this earthen wall, and this earthen wall issued ‘ka ka’ cracking sound. Now the color of this earthen wall had become deep yellow, as if it would break at any time.

When the mud underwent high temperature heating, it would change into porcelain, and one might well say it would break upon slight bump. This earthen wall was also similar, and Yisha also clearly noticed this situation.

She rapidly chanted the incantation, and as the incantation resounded, a special energy fluctuation shot out from her body, and entered inside the earthen wall ahead.


Along with the voice of Yisha, a grey colored radiance appeared above the earthen wall, then the earthen wall which was originally on the verge of disintegrating as if instantly strengthened, instantly become solid, firmly blocking the  flame outside.

This was the second ability of Yisha, changing the density of the non-living substance she was controlling in limited area as she pleases, allowing her to instantly change soft mud into as hard as iron, or change hard rock into liquid state.

But before Yisha and Agule could relax, several loud dragon roar suddenly resounded. Nine huge flame dragons had leapt over the earthen wall, and was advancing towards demon army.

“Fire Style—-Grand Nine Flame Dragon Formation!”

Seeing those rapidly flying flame dragons, the pupils of Agule and Yisha firmly shrunk, as they immediately knew that this was bad. But they were powerless to save demon army, because two flame dragons were already attacking towards them two.

“Roar, Boundary Breaking Fist!” Agule roared loudly, and with the muscles of his right arm bulging rapidly, he directly stepped in front of the fire dragon. Then along with the swing of his right arm, the air in front issued a hissing sound, then a loud explosion sound resounded, and the terrifying impact force advanced forward. This flame dragon was directly hit by this impact, and was blown away, then changing into pure scattered fire element, it dissipated in the air.

And as for Yisha, she dealt with this flame dragon even more easily. She directly reach out her right hand towards this flame dragon, then changed its density. After that this flame dragon directly changed into fire element and dissipated in the air.

But as for those ordinary demon soldiers, they were not so lucky. Each of them who were directly hit by flame dragons, their body suddenly disintegrated along with terrifying explosion sound. Now the incomplete limbs of these demon soldiers were everywhere in the battlefield.

Along with a series of this loud explosion sound, large amount of smoke and dusts gradually rose and spread all over the place. And inside this smoke and dusts, the unceasing sound of demon soldiers screaming resounded.

And just then, a figure emitting powerful lightning sparks directly flew up from the other side of earthen wall created by Yisha, then rushed towards those underneath demon soldiers.

This figure was naturally Ren Tianyou. After using fire style to throw battlefield into disorder, he immediately charged into this temporarily blinded demon army.

Looking at those demon soldiers inside that underneath dust, a ruthless smile appeared on his face. Then he attacked towards demon soldiers underneath with his right leg which was covered with powerful lightning sparks. ‘Hong’ sound resounded, which was accompanied by several blood-curdling screams. Many demon soldiers were directly sent flying.

After landing on the ground, Ren Tianyou immediately controlled his body and began to spin rapidly, creating a huge lightning tornado in the place. Shortly afterwards, accompanied with loud dragon roar, a huge lightning dragon appeared in the mid-air.

“Raiton—- Rairyu no Tatsumaki! (Lighting Style—- Thunder Dragon Tornado!)”

This huge dragon immediately swept away the demon soldiers in the front. And suddenly loud sounds of horrible shriek resounded, as countless demon soldiers were directly hit and sent flying. Then in the mid-air, they were directly roasted into burnt charcoal by the lightning sparks, and fell to the ground.

And when Ren Tianyou’s lightning dragon was wreaking havoc in the battlefield, wind breaking sound came from above his head. Agule’s sturdy right arm was directly punching towards the head of this lighting dragon.

“Roar, break for me!”

Along with the angry roar of Agule, the body of lightning dragon was directly knocked back, and while still in the mid-air, it dissipated and revealed Ren Tianyou.

When Ren Tianyou was knocked back nearly 40 meters, Ren Tianyou flipped few times in the air to neutralize the impact force, the stably landed on the ground.

But a trace of blood appeared on the corner of his mouth, then he stretched his hand, and wiping the blood, he looked at Agule in the sky ahead, and said, “Pretty good power.”

But just then, Ren Tianyou suddenly felt the unusual change under his foot. Immediately after that several solid earthen vine shot out from the ground and firmly tied the body of Ren Tianyou, making him powerless to move. And Yisha who was not far away slowly withdrew her right hand, this scene before his eyes was clearly her doing.

When Agule had flown up, she had already made her preparation, and waited until Ren Tianyou landed on the ground, then she immediately changed the density of the ground under his leg, making them hard as a steel, and firmly tied the body of Ren Tianyou.

And after seeing Ren Tianyou was bound, those demon soldiers naturally wouldn’t waste this rare excellent chance. All the demon soldiers in the front immediately send out huge energy ball towards Ren Tianyou.

Perhaps because the strength of single demon soldier was very weak as compared to Ren Tianyou, he could completely disregard it, but now at least several ten thousands of demon soldiers were attacking simultaneously, this was not the attack that he could casually neglect.

Looking at as if raindrops energy balls, Ren Tianyou unhurriedly sighed, “Nobodies in the end is still nobodies, and even if the quantity is also many, they however are also unable to change their fate of nobodies.”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the pattern of Ren Tianyou’s eyes quickly changed into Mangekyo’s pattern. Immediately after that powerful eye power continuously flowed out from his eyes.

Just after that, those as if raindrops energy balls, under the gaze of Agule, Yisha as well as demon soldiers, directly landed on Ren Tianyou. Then a series of ‘hong’, ‘hong’, ‘hong’…..loud explosion sound continuously resounded, and large amount of smoke and dusts gradually rose and spread all over the surroundings of where Ren Tianyou was standing.

“Did that finished him?” Looking at the circumstance, everyone expectantly thought.

But the reality was brutal, a terrifying energy fluctuation spread all around rapidly from inside the dusts and smoke, blowing away the surrounding demon soldiers.

After they finally stabilized their body with difficulty, they look ahead, and instantly all of them involuntarily opened their mouth wide. Right now the body of Ren Tianyou was surrounded by huge energy war god wearing battle armor and huge helmet, its body was emitting a powerful purple colored lightning light, and was holding two huge sword. This was precisely Ren Tianyou’s dojutsu—-Susanoo!

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  1. Lol he mixed lightning nature change to the konoha’s ultimate taijutsu that konoha ryujin lol haha

  2. He could have set Hiraishin marks around the battlefield and teleport clones in to use the lightning tornado nuke he used before to instantly wipe them out.

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