In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 342

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Meeting enemies head-on by himself

After arriving at under the city wall of Eiffle City, more than 30 million demon soldiers instantly stopped their steps. And the leading two Demon Generals solemnly looked at that figure of the city wall.

A youth with blood-red eyes wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it was standing on the city wall. He had his arms folded in front of his chest and was indifferently looking at those thickly dotted demon army.

“Who is this fellow?” Seeing this figure, the complexion of Agule and Yisha simultaneously became solemn. Seeing that youth without any aura in his body, they even as a peak God King realm expert actually felt pressure.

“Finally come?” Looking at the army of Demon clan that had already reached the city gate, Ren Tianyou smiled, and eye power of Sharingan involuntarily began to surge.

It had already been three days since he had arrived to Eiffle Capital from Radiance capital city. He had been continuously waiting for the arrival of these demons, wanting to use them to test his current exploding strength.

Shortly afterwards, Ren Tianyou directly jumped down the city wall, and looking at the army of Demon clan not far away, without any fear, he slowly walked towards them. That faint footsteps sound seemingly trampling on the heart of everyone, brought them endless pressure.

“Humph, dress up as God, play the devil.” Seeing Ren Tianyou was actually looking at them as if they were nothing, as one of the thirteen Demon Generals, Yisha’s complexion became extremely unsightly, then coldly snorting, she raised her hand to make a move. Along with the circulation of demonic power within her body, the ground in front suddenly began to shake violently, and lots of cracks appeared.

“Rise for me!” Along with the shout of Yisha, the ground in front suddenly shattered, and the ground within the radius of 10 meters unexpectedly rose rapidly. And under the control of Yisha, they rushed towards Ren Tianyou, seemingly wanted to crush him into meat patty.

This was the special ability of Yisha, which let her control everything except living things. With her single thought, she could control these things to move in any way she wanted.

Along with ‘hong’ sound, these huge chunks of ground suddenly collided with the body of Ren Tianyou, then pieces of huge rocks flew about in all direction, and cracks and huge crater appeared on the ground.

Seeing this, everyone thought that Ren Tianyou had already died without a place for burial. Yisha also withdrew her right hand with satisfaction, but just then, the figure of Ren Tianyou suddenly rushed rapidly towards demon soldiers from inside the pile of stones.

“Not good!” Seeing this, both Agule and Yisha exclaimed in surprise. Then, they instantly prepared to defend. Just after that, they saw a blur before their eyes, and the figure of Ren Tianyou had already appeared in front of them. Next they felt pain in their body and were directly sent flying.

After these two Demon Generals were sent flying, Ren Tianyou continued onward, and with huge lightning sparks appearing around his body, he jumped. And brandishing his right fist, he directly punched on the ground right in the middle position of the demon soldiers.

‘Hong’ loud explosion sound resounded. Huge explosion dusts and smoke accompanied by lightning sparks suddenly spread in all direction. And the demon soldiers around suddenly gave out a horrible shriek as they were sent flying, and when they were still in midair, strong lightning chakra engulfed them, changing them into burnt charcoal.

After the smoke and dusts dissipated, Ren Tianyou with powerful lightning chakra armor on his body appeared. Right now lightning sparks were continuously flickering around his body, and his hair was also standing erect. Looking from far away, he look just like the Lightning God.

“Kill!” After the brief stunned state, those demon soldiers quickly regained their composure, then each and every one of them raised the weapon in their hand and fearlessly charged towards Ren Tianyou. Their eyes showed the expression of facing death with equanimity.

“Humph!” Looking at these charging demon soldiers, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly in disdain. Shortly afterwards, his body changed into lightning, and disappeared from that place. And in the next second, Ren Tianyou had already appeared in front of two demon soldiers in the west side.

Seeing the sudden appearance of Ren Tianyou, demon soldiers instantly brandished the spear in their hand without slightest hesitation stabbing towards Ren Tianyou, as if wanted to skewer Ren Tianyou with that spear.

And looking at the stabbing spears, Ren Tianyou’s sharingan spun rapidly, and the trajectory of those spears were seen through by his sharingan and was transmitted to his brain.

Then he quickly reached out his hands, and suddenly seized those two spears, making them powerless to advance even a bit. After that Ren Tianyou flipped his body in the air with these spear as a fulcrum, then spinning 360 degree, his legs covered with powerful lightning, directly kicked their heads.

Even though both of them were wearing helmet, they was unable to stop the kick of Ren Tianyou. With a ‘ka ka’ bones breaking sounds, their skull were shattered, and they weakly fell to the ground.

And as for Ren Tianyou, even while falling down to the ground, he didn’t stop, he flipped his body in midair, and his right leg covered in powerful lightning as if changed into a lightning battle-ax, chopped down.

“Raiton– Girochin Doroppu!”

‘Hong’ loud sound of explosion resounded, the body of demon soldier who was in the front was suddenly split into two, and black blood sprayed in the air.

Ren Tianyou as if wolf in a flock of sheep, relying merely on his taijutsu was already abusing these common demon soldiers, because the different between their combat powers was simply in a different dimension.

But just then, Ren Tianyou suddenly heard a sound of wind breaking in right side. Agule with that huge stature as if war machine had rushed rapidly towards Ren Tianyou. Then raising his right arm, his huge right fist attacked towards the head of Ren Tianyou.

“Drop dead, you damned bastard.” Agule roared, and his right arm widened rapidly while attacking towards the head of Ren Tianyou.

Even after seeing this quick fist, the complexion of Ren Tianyou didn’t change, merely his right Sharingan quickly spun and eye power flowed out from his eyes.


After that, the huge fist and the whole body of Agule directly passed through the body of Ren Tianyou, hitting those unprepared demon soldiers of the left side. ‘Hong’ loud sound of explosion resounded, with the body of Agule as a starting point, all the demon soldiers within 10 meters in the front were suddenly hit, and changed into a blood mist.

“This is……?” Recalling that strange state of him passing through the body of Ren Tianyou, Agule was shocked, and slowly turned around to look at Ren Tianyou.

“What a terrifying power!” Seeing the state created by the fist of Agule, Ren Tianyou was surprise, and he couldn’t help but sigh. Then changing into an afterimage, he disappeared from there, and appeared in front of the gate of Eiffle Capital.

“Demon clan, today with I, Akatsuki’s Zero here, none of you can enter Eifflle Capital.” Looking at the already disrupted formation of demon soldiers in front of him, a ruthless smile appeared on the face of Ren Tinyou, as he roared towards them.

“Damned bastard, don’t be too smug.” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s insolent words, grumpy Agule couldn’t help but cursed loudly. And the complexion of Yisha also become very ugly.

Ren Tianyou made a series of hand seals while looking at these demon soldiers, and rapidly circulated large amount of chakra within his body, “Katon– Goka Mekkyaku! (Fire Style–Majestic Destroyer Flame!)”

After making the hand seals, Ren Tianyou took a deep breathe, and placed his hands in front of his mouth, then spat out blazing flame from his mouth. This flame engulfed the range of several tens of meters in both side of Ren Tianyou, while rapidly advancing towards the demon soldiers in the front.

“Very strong fire magic!” Seeing that huge wave of flame in the front, and sensing that surging heat wave even though they were several tens of meters away, they immediately understood that if they let this flame hit inside the demon army without stopping, then they would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Yisha stepped forward, then shouted to all demon soldiers, “Fall back!” Then spreading her both arms, she quickly circulated huge amount of spirit power. After that the ground in front suddenly split open, creating a huge crack, and huge earthen wall rapidly rose in front of the demon army.

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  1. Ughh I really feel that he’s goin Madara s*it again lol and drops a meteor haha still Im hype a bit…

  2. Hey! Did anyone think here that Ren Tianyou will give them Meteorite like Madara did in war in the Naruto World? isn’t that Superb?!!! Right?! Riigghhttt?!!! Hahaha

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