In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 341

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Yaorao’s doubts

In the palace hall of Kalisi city, Yaorao alone was silently sitting on the throne of this hall with her beautiful eyes closed, seemingly resting.

But just then, the finger of Yaorao’s right hand suddenly moved, and her eyes also opened suddenly, sharply looking towards one corner of this hall. Then terrifying aura spread all over this entire hall, and suffocating pressure filled every nooks and corners of this hall.

In one corner of this hall, along with the sudden large space fluctuation, huge space crack appeared. Shortly afterwards, a mysterious person wearing black robe covering his entire body walked out from this space crack.

After seeing this mysterious person, Yaorao slowly withdrew her aura, and the finger of her right hand also slowly relaxed. Then she asked, “Why were you late?”

“It shouldn’t be that late, I was merely confirming certain matters.” Hearing Yaorao, a hoarse voice of that mysterious person came from inside the black robe, answering the question Yaorao.

“How is it, what do they, humanity side plans to do now?” Yaorao seemed to be waiting for the appearance of this mysterious person. After hearing his answer, her body reverted back to sluggish state, then sitting on the throne with her body leaning on the back of the chair, she asked.

“The humanity side seems to have decided to place all of their main troops on the battlefields of Alier Empire and Dark Empire. Their troops are already proceeding towards these two battlefields. But……” This mysterious black robed person slowly told all the information he had gotten. No one would have thought that, he had already grasped accurate information on the commands that were issued just now by the allied army. This speed of gathering information was really shocking.

“But what?”

“But humanity didn’t dispatch any army to Eiffle Capital, as if they intend to give up Eiffle Capital. They dispatched all their main army only towards other two battlefields.” Speaking this much, even this mysterious black robed person himself also found this little strange.

This time’s method of dispatching Demon clan’s soldiers was precisely his plan. Because he had gotten humanity’s complete action plan, he was very clear about the weakness of their army. But according to his prediction, even if humanity didn’t break up the army, they would have at least taken certain measures in Eiffle Capital, but they completely ignored Eiffle Capital where the enemies were already proceeding, as if they had thoroughly given up that place.

As a matter of fact, the information of Ren Tianyou going to Eiffle Capital by himself was kept confidential by Ling Xiaotian and others, because they wanted to use this tactic to intentionally mislead the enemy, making them hesitate over the side of Eiffle Capital. This way the effect might also reach other battlefields, so with regarding to the news of Ren Tianyou already leaving to Eiffle Capital was unknown to outsiders, merely those 100 clans’ leader present at that time knew of this.

Hearing this black robed man, Yaorao fell into a long thought. With regarding to this action arrangement of humanity, she was also puzzled. Just then, she thought of a pawn of her this time’s plan, then she asked this black robed man, “Do you have any news about that human I had mentioned before?”

“No.” This black robed person shook his head and said, “At that time in Sky Fragrance Restaurant, I accidently bumped into them, but never thought that his vigilance was so high, I just appeared in their doorway and I was already discovered. Fortunately at that time I was merely using a clone.”

“And from the time we Demon Clan had arrived, the trace of this human thoroughly disappeared, and I have no way to find him.”

“At that time when I broke the seal, that Tower of Babel had already disappeared, I think that human has already obtain Tower of Babel.” Yaorao thought of the disappearance of Tower of Babel, then slowly said, “But like this, making this human obtain Tower of Babel is also a part of my plan. Now we only need to use the blood and soul of entire continent to wash the spirit of Tower of Babel, then the Tower of Babel will be mine, making my goal a step closer.”

“Wait a minute……” Just then, Yaorao seemed to think of something, then noiselessly whispered few words. When the corner of her mouth stopped movement, an afterimage suddenly appeared in the middle of the hall. Then a middle-aged demon clan wearing black colored battle armor with two dragon horn in his head appeared in the hall, then falling down to one knee, he said towards Yaorao, “Anlake pays respect to Demon Empress.”

“Anlake, go to Eiffle Capital right now, and help demon soldiers of that place to attack Eiffle Capital.” Seeing the appearance of this middle-aged male, Yaorao said in a stern voice.

“I obey your command!” Anlake answered, then ignoring that mysterious black robed man, his body immediately changed into a blur and disappeared from that place.

“You are dispatching Evil Dragon Demon God to Eiffle Capital, did you notice something?” After seeing Anlake had disappeared, that mysterious black robed person confusedly asked Yaorao. That’s right, Anlake of just now was precisely Demon clan’s one of the three Great Demon God, Evil Dragon Demon God.

“No, I merely dispatched him for just in case.” Yaorao shook her head, then said to that underneath black robed person, “Mo Yun you should also start moving, this time, we absolutely can’t fail.”

“Okay.” This middle-aged man nodded his head, then his body slowly withdrew into the dark corner and disappeared.


In the Caryl plain in front of Eiffle Capital, suddenly countless shadow appeared, densely covering the entire plain. Carefully looking, countless demon soldiers wearing black battle armor with spear in their hand were advancing forward rapidly, straight towards the direction of Eiffle Capital.

Among this thickly dotted demon soldiers, no one issued any sound, merely the sound of unswerving footsteps moving forward resounded. They changed into a huge black colored mighty torrent and rapidly pass through Caryl Plain.

Roughly estimating, there were at least 30 million demon soldiers there.

When these demon soldiers arrived under the city wall of Eiffle Capital, suddenly two figures at the most front raised their right hand, ordering to stop moving.

One of the two was man and other was woman. This man was nearly two meters in height, had well developed muscles, and from far away, he looked just like a combat machine. The woman beside him was a middle-aged demon woman. She had black colored magic tattoo on her face, and was wearing red robe.

This man was one of the thirteen Demon Generals, Agule. And that woman was also one of the Demon Generals called Yisha.

The reason why the two of them ordered to stop moving was because there was a figure on the city wall not far away from them. He was a young man with blood-red eyes wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it. He was standing on the city wall with his hands folded in front of his chest, and indifferently looking at underneath more than 30 million demon soldiers.

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