In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 340

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“What’s it like? Did Demon clan begin their move?” In Light Palace of Radiance Capital, the leaders of 100 clans and the experts of different big forces of human, all were present. And one of them asked to Tianji clan’s Clan Head Ling Xiaotian. Right now it’s already been two weeks since the arrival of Demon clan, in this period of time, they had already done their best to prepare, and all the army of various races were ready to advance.

“They have already started to move.” Ling Xiaotian nodded his head, then walked towards the center position of this hall, where a huge water screen mirror was located. Underneath this water surface, there was mysterious and profound magic formation. And currently, boundless magical power was in the process of flowing into this water screen from that magic formation.

Ling Xiaotian walked over to the front of this water screen, and began to slowly chant the magic incantation. Along with his chanting, a miniature map of entire Divine Wind Continent appeared in the mirror.

Ling Xiaotian pointed towards the direction of Supreme Feilu Empire, then said to everyone, “Demon clan, this time they have divided their soldiers into seven division. Two among them separately set out towards east and south east of Kalisi city, in the process of speeding towards the border of Alier Empire, intending to outflank Alier Empire with two units. Another three divisions are now already heading towards Dark Empire, and the remaining two divisions however are already heading towards Eiffle Capital.”

“According to their course of action, I reckon their plan is like this, they are intending to attack Ailer Empire and Dark Empire first, then outflank Eiffle Capital with demon soldiers already heading there, then attack our headquarter i.e. Light Empire at one go.”

“Since that is the case, then we have to disperse to stop them.” Seeing the course of action of Demon clan, Brilliant said to everyone.

“But our real fighting force is only six units. Furthermore one of them is set aside to deal with Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers of Demon clan, so they cannot act causally. And as for the remaining five units, after undergoing the intensive integration training of this period of time, they roughly understand the fighting style of each other, and when fighting they can roughly cooperate with each other. But if this five large units is again split up now, then their fighting strength will be greatly reduced.” Elf Queen a little bit worriedly said.

As a matter of fact, this was the biggest weakness of Divine Wind Continent. Divine Wind Continent had 100 clans, and even the humans of the continent were dispersed into various forces, usually clashing against each other. Now although they had put down their hatred to cooperate with each other and fight in unity, but they didn’t have clear understanding about the fighting style and fighting resources of each other, so they were basically powerless to achieve perfect cooperation.

The most important thing for the General of the Army was to have the complete understanding of the fighting style and strength of the troops under him. Only then he could be able to direct them to perfectly cooperate with each other and maximize their strength.

But this allied army was formed only less than half a year ago, so even if the strength of these various units’ leader was very high, it was almost impossible to completely grasp the strength of everyone, not to mention perfect cooperation.

Now after the period of temporary run-in, they finally had initial effect. And if in this time, they were to break up and regrouped again for the time being, then it’d be a wonder if allied army didn’t have an accident.

From this point, it could be seen that Demon clan had advantage. In Demon clan, there will always be only one supreme leader, that was Demon Empress—-Yaorao. All the demon soldiers of the subordinates under her were gathered together throughout the year, had unified fighting, and unified training. They eat together, and live together, so all of the demon soldiers knew their fellows just like the palm of one’s hand. In the real combat, with merely a simple move or eye contact, they could probably convey the meaning with each other.

Furthermore all of these armies were controlled by the thirteen Demon Generals and three Great Demon Gods who were under the leadership of Yaorao. And all of them knew the performance and fighting capacity of the army under them like the palm of their hand. Even if all the army were thrown into confusion for the time being, it was nearly impossible for them to mess up while fighting.

Moreover this dispersing her army to attack different place at once was also the first battle plan carried out by Demon clan to fight against people of Divine Wind Continent. She wanted to create confusion among human first, like this she only needs to spend minimum effort to seize Divine Wind Continent.

But where did Yaorao learn about the battle plan of humanity? In this extremely short period of two weeks, she learned about the battle plans of humanity and also made the arrangement rapidly, furthermore that arrangement was directly striking the greatest weakness of humanity. This was something worth thinking.

“The words of Elf Queen is right, this moment, we absolutely shouldn’t split the army. If we break up the army this time, then it’d be self-defeating.” Ling Xiaotian naturally knew the weakness of their army, so he knew that he absolutely shouldn’t break up, if break up, then they would definitely lose.

“But if so, then what should we do? Don’t tell me that we can only give up one side and concentrate to deal with other?” Brilliant also certainly understand the weakness of his side, but there was no other way. Now Demon clan had already begun to march rapidly, if now they couldn’t come up with an effective measures, then they’d be done for.

“Damn it, Demon Empress, that bastard is actually this cunning. Even the first move is directly striking to our heart, making us exhausted to cope with it.” Grumpy Beast Emperor couldn’t help but cursed at Demon Empress.

“As the matter stands, we can only concentrate on……” Ling Xiaotian carefully thought about this, as matter stands now, they could only give up one side for the time being, and concentrate to deal with other side, but before he could finish speaking, a sudden and unexpected voice interrupted him.

“What a minute.” Just then, a voice suddenly resounded with the hall, and entered into the ear of everyone present. Shortly afterwards, the space beside Elf Queen suddenly distorted, and along with a huge spiral shaped space ripple, Ren Tianyou wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it appeared there.

Ren Tianyou raised his head, and his pair of sharingan carefully scanned everyone all around and slowly said, “Let me deal with the enemies at Eiffle Capital, and as for the remaining enemies, I will leave them to you all.”

“Let you……” Hearing the words of Ren Tianyou, everybody present couldn’t help but were startled. And Elf Queen beside him pulled him and said, “Boy, don’t show off, you should know that there are two big division of Demon clan, which means there are at least 30 million demon soldiers there, can you alone really able to deal with all of them?”

“Rest assured, just let me deal with them, I will do my best to delay their steps to buy some time for you all.” Ren Tianyou laughed seemingly not feeling any pressure, “Moreover I am not alone.”

“Not alone……?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Elf Queen was stunned. But when she wanted to asked more about it, Ling Xiaotian had already opened his mouth, “Zero, can you really deal with them?”

“Be at ease, I am not a kind of person who only talks big, since I am saying this, I can definitely do it.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head, and confirmed. With his current level of strength, as far as he believes, the quantity of people was of no use against him.

“That’s good, since this is the case, pass on the command, all the army are to proceed to Ailer Empire and Dark Empire respectively, prepare for the war.” Ling Xiaotian nodded his head, then said to the people responsible for communication.

“Yes!” Those people immediately answered, then used special method to transmit the order to all the troops. After that Ling Xiaotian looked towards Ren Tianyou, “Zero, then we leave Eiffle Capital to you.”

“No problem, then I am going to Eiffle Capital now!” Ren Tianyou nodded his head, then along with kamui of right eye, he left the hall, proceeding towards Eiffle Capital.

A great war was about to be launched……

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  1. Anyone remember that Yaorao let him go in the Demon World and at that time some kind of Purple Light entered him. Most likely that is going to play a big role, probably either as a trap during their fight or as information gathering to let her know ahead of time about Edo Tensei

    1. using that logic, naruto probably died due to bijuu extraction from jinchuriki’s body. Kyuubi is in naruto’s body since baby.

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