In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 339

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Demon clan descend

In such tense state of preparation for war, time slowly passed. And in a blink of an eye, half a year had already passed. In this six months, Divine Wind Continent’s 100 clans coupled with human clan’s allied force had already assembled and integrated, moreover Tianji clan had already finished setting up magic communication system connecting the entire Divine Wind Continent using their special blood lineage’s innate skill, ensuring that every corner of the continent was under their magic communication coverage.

Nearly 300 million armies were assembled from the entire Divine Wind Continent. Each one of the soldiers were at least Great Swordsman in strength. Although 300 million people sounds like a lot, but as compared to the Divine Wind Continent’s that population of several billions, this was noting.

This moment, the entire army was divided into six units. Each of them were ready to start out according to the arrangement of at that time, and now they were only waiting for the arrival of Demon clan.


Today, in Supreme Feilu Empire’s imperial capital Kalisi city, the original bustling city now had already changed into a deserted city, not even a shadow of a person could be seen on the desolate streets.

But just then, the sky above this city suddenly gave out a ‘ka ka’ cracking sound as if a glass, then in the originally sunny sky, huge spider web shape cracks unexpectedly appeared. These cracks rapidly spread all around, then with a ‘hong’ sound, large amount of purple colored radiance burst out from that space cracks. The space was directly broke open with huge force, and a huge space black hole appeared in the sky above this city.

Afterwards, under the help of that purple colored radiance, that space black hole rapidly spread all around, unexpectedly covering the entire Kalisi city. Looking from faraway, this looked just like a huge prehistoric beast wanting to devour the entire Kalisi city.

And just then, a loud voice of a woman came out from inside that space black hole, “Power of Realm, Space Freeze!”

Along with this voice, from the corner of this space black hole, six huge purple light beam flew out, and fell in all around Kalisi city. This six huge purple light beam emitted a large amount of power, which thoroughly stabilized the space black hole above.

And just after the space black hole was thoroughly stabilized, various colored radiances flew out from this black hole and descended to Kalisi city. When these radiances dissipated, numerous demon soldiers were already standing in Kalisi city.

All of these demon soldiers wore pitch-black battle armor with spear in their hands. And they were wearing ice-cold dark helmet in their head which only exposed their ruthless eyes.

After these demon soldiers landed, they rapidly spread all around. One was to clear away all the neighborhood’s people of Divine Wind Continent, so as to ensure the successful entry of demon soldiers. And other was to make place for next demon soldiers, as this small Kalisi city was not enough to hold all the demon solders.

After almost half an hour, all the demon soldiers entered Divine Wind Continent from Demon Word via space transfer passage. And with Kalisi city as a center, the surroundings within 50 li in radius was already under the control of Demon World.

Fortunately, at that time Tainji clan had ordered to evacuate all the people from entire Supreme Feilu Empire, otherwise right now, the surroundings of Kalisi city would already have bloodbath.

And after these demon soldiers and a number of other races’ experts finished descending, from the space black hole above the city, another sixteen huge light beam flew out. And in the sky of Kalisi city, when these radiances dissipated, sixteen demons who were emitting powerful aura appeared in the sky.

These sixteen individuals were Demon clan’s thirteen Demon Generals and three Great Demon God. After these sixteen people appeared, they simultaneously fell down to one knee, then placing their right fist on their chest, they shouted towards the space black hole, “Welcome, Your Majesty the Demon Empress.”

Those demon soldiers in the city also fell down to one knee simultaneously, then respectfully yelled in unison, “Welcome, Your Majesty the Demon Empress.”

When several 100 million demon soldiers shouted in unison, that loud sound reverberated through the entire world, and surging huge sound wave rapidly spread in all direction.

And just at that time, a huge purple colored light beam flew out from the space black hole, and landed on the ground of Kalisi city, which stood in the middle of Kalisi city as if a pillar supporting the heaven.

And along with the dissipation of this radiance, a tempting figure outlining perfect curves appeared in the sky. This person was precisely the Empress of Demon clan—-Yaorao!

Seeing Yarao in the sky, the eyes of countless soldiers underneath showed a fanaticism expression. In the heart of all those people, Yaorao was the Empress of entire Demon clan, and was also an invincible God in their heart.

Seeing all the demon soldiers had arrived, Yaorao standing in the midair nodded her head in satisfaction. Shortly afterwards, her gaze rested on those thirteen Demon Generals behind three Great Demon God.

“Listen to my command, thirteen Demon General!” Looking at these thirteen Demon Generals, Yaorao coldly said.

“Subordinates will!” Thirteen Demon Generals simultaneously cupped their hands and responded in a loud voice.

“Immediately seize the cities around and turn them into our Demon clan’s strongholds.”

“Yes!” Those thirteen Demon Generals simultaneously answered respectfully, then dispersed in four direction. And those soldiers underneath also orderly followed after Demon Generals and began to get into action according to the command of Yaorao.

“As for you three, follow me!” Yaorao said to those three Great Demon God. Then she flew towards the imperial palace of Kalisi city, and three Great Demon God flowed after her. There in the hall, a mysterious shadow was already waiting for the arrival of Yaorao.


And the moment Demon clan had descended, the experts of Divine Wind Continent had already noticed them. And they also understood that war was starting soon, so everyone immediately began to move according to the plan. Groups after groups of Divine Wind Continent’s soldiers began to hurry over to their assigned place.

And on the top of a mountain, Ren Tianyou stood there. This moment, his eyes had already changed into Rinnegan. The moment the space black hole appeared, he raised his head looking towards distant horizon, as if his vision could pierce through the space barrier and see distant Kalisi city, “Finally came? Well I have already mastered the power of Rinnegan thoroughly, let the battle come faster.”

“Demon Empress, I must obtain those four Universe Boundary Divine Artifact in your body.”

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  1. i just cant way the fuck did he not just kill all those 100mil solders with 4 tail beast that would end the fucking war in one minute like only the emiress would survive and then all of the experts could join hand and fuking kill her….. or seal or just knock her out of your realm and seal the space so stupid…..

    sorry for the bad english lol

  2. Why not just Kotoamatsuki the Demon Empress? The battle would end in an instant as nobody in this world would believe that absolute mindcontrol could be used so easily.

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