In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 337

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The objective of Yaorao

After the gathering of Holy Light Hill, every large forces of Divine Wind Continent began to get into action swiftly. This upcoming war however concern the entire continent, and also concern each and every race’s continuation and future, so all of them wanted to bet their everything in this war, whatever happens, they must win this war.

Now after one months, the imperial capital of Supreme Feilu Empire was already desolate and uninhabited. Not even a shadow of a person could be seen, because after the discussion, everyone of Kalisi City were evacuated, as the Demon clan’s passage which was sealed by Tower of Babel was in the sky just above this city.

The instant when Demon clan arrives, this city would be the first place to be change into ruins, and at that time, if there still was people inside the city, then would they be able to keep their life under the attack of Demon clan?

And every large forces had also simultaneously unified their respective fighting resources, then moved to the Light Capital. At this time who would secretly hide their fighting resources, as they all knew the strength of Demon clan, moreover especially after learning about Demon clan’s specially prepared Demon Spirit Baleful Soldier this kind of killing weapon for this war from the mouth of Ren Tianyou, they even more couldn’t slack off.

In this period of time, Divine Wind Continent fell into tense preparation for war atmosphere. Every large forces’ people were extremely busy. Groups after groups of fighting resources moved towards Radiance capital city, and various professions’ combatants also set out Radiance capital city.

And Tainji clan’s people were busy establishing the magic communication system to link Light Palace with the entire continent. This communication must cover the entire Divine Wind Continent, so that they could have complete control over the war situation of entire continent, and unify the command.


Right now Kalisi city was already barren without any shadow of human figure. Originally bustling street was also completely deserted at this time

Just then, the space above the city wall of Kalisi city suddenly distorted, shortly afterwards, a figure suddenly walked out from this distorted space. This figure precisely was Ren Tianyou.

“Never thought that one day this imperial city of an empire would be devoid of even a shadow of a person. This is really……” Looking at Kalisi City which was already deserted completely, Ren Tianyou sighed.

Shortly afterwards, Ren Tianyou looked towards the sky with longing gaze, and muttered, “Tower of Babel, here I come.”

In Tower of Babel, along with the appearance of Ren Tianyou, the spirit of Tower of Babel immediately sensed the presence of Ren Tianyou, then a golden radiance directly flew down straight from a mysterious space of Tower of Babel.

Just when Ren Tianyou had come to stop, a golden energy radiance appeared before his eyes, “You finally came!”

“Yes, I came.” Looking at the golden radiance in front, Ren Tianyou nodded his head, and said, “How is it, are those words you have said at that time still remain valid?”

“Naturally they remain valid.” The spirit of Tower of Babel naturally understood what Ren Tianyou was pointing out, and affirmed, “As a matter of fact I am already getting impatient to recognize you as master, because in addition to the reason of only you are qualified in this entire Divine Wind Continent to inherit my power, other reason is the upcoming Demon Empress.”

“Demon Empress? Her strength is indeed extremely strong, even now I don’t have certainty of being able to defeat her.” Ren Tianyou recalled the time he had encountered Yaorao, and that indistinct pressure that was emitting by her body, thinking of this, even now he felt pressure in his heart.

“In fact everyone is underestimating Demon Empress.” At that time, the spirit of Tower of Babel sighed, then said, “The reason why Demon Empress went all out and brought all the military strength of Demon World to invade Divine Wind Continent, do you think she really only wanted to seize this place?”

“Could it be that it isn’t so?” Ren Tianyou asked in confusion. If it was not for seizing, then why was she spending such pains to invade Divine Wind Continent?

“The reason why she wanted to invade Divine Wind Continent is because there is something in Divine Wind Continent that she wants to obtain.” The spirit of Tower of Babel sighed and said, “And the thing she truly wants to obtain is me.”

“What?” Ren Tianyou had never thought that the thing she wanted to obtain here was so shocking. If this really was the case, then it was not hard to guess the objective of Demon Empress.

“At that time, Seven Great Saints burned their vitality to forcibly draw forth my Power of Realm, and hitting Demon Empress, she was sent flying back to Demon World, but under this one attack, Demon Empress however was basically uninjured.”

Hearing the recount of spirit of Tower of Babel, Ren Tianyou didn’t interrupt, rather deeply frowned, and inwardly thought this Yaoaro was really not simple at all. Seven peak God Lord realm experts possessing God grade blood lineage burned their life, and use one all-out attack, and in addition there was still the attack of Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, but under these attacks, Yaorao was still unscathed, then how strong was her real strength? Moreover if Yaorao really had such powerful strength, then in the Demon Empress’s city, he basically couldn’t have been able to flee from there. This only means that, as Yaorao had said, she had deliberately let him go.

“In fact, with Demon Empress, in addition to the Universe Boundary Divine Artifact of Demon World, she also has three other realm’s Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, so when you face her, you must be careful.” The spirit of Tower of Babel looked at Ren Tianyou and slowly said, “But although you are qualified to inherit me, you must understand that, once you inherit me, from that instant, you are sure to have a life and death battle against Demon Empress.”

“Battle? Then let her come.” Hearing spirit of Tower of Babel, Ren Tianyou said without timidity, but full of powerful fighting intent. Now he had already awakened Rinnegan, his wood style’s power had also already surpassed Senju Hasirama, and in addition, he still had tailed beasts, if even this couldn’t defeat Yaorao, then he should simply commit suicide.

Moreover although Yaorao possess four Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, she was also collecting other Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, like this, her and his own objective had already conflicted, so the battle between them was already inevitable, since they had to fight sooner or later, he’d fight sooner.

“Haha, well, in this case, then accept my heritage!” Hearing Ren Tianyou, the spirit of Tower of Babel laughed heartily, shortly afterwards, a space black hole split open in the middle of Tower of Babel, and a large amount of simple and vigorous golden colored radiance changed into a light beam and directly fell onto Ren Tianyou, surrounding and entering his body.

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