In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 334

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Allied Force

“Who said we Akatsuki will not come!” After that middle-aged man had just spoken, an indifferent voice suddenly resounded throughout this square, attracting the attention of everyone present.

After that the space above the square not too far away from them suddenly distorted, and a huge spiral shaped space ripple appeared before the eyes of everyone. And in the center position of this spiral space ripple, a huge space black hole appeared. Shortly afterwards, ten people wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it and putting on a bamboo hat on their head suddenly appeared there along with this space ripple.

“Space Magician!” Seeing the method of appearing on the scene of Ren Tianyou and others, those on the scene who didn’t know them suddenly exclaimed, and everyone began to talk in whisper one after another.

“This kid, still loves to be in the limelight like this.” Seeing Ren Tianyou and others, Feng Yunmeng smiled, and shook her head while thinking helplessly.

Elf Queen who had interacted with Ren Tianyou once also looked at Ren Tianyou and his group full of interest. She was quite curious about this youngster who had once made her vexed.

Ren Tianyou stood on the square, and slowly raised his head. Then everyone on the scene clearly saw that young face as well as that scarlet colored Sharingan eyes in the process of spinning continuously hidden underneath the bamboo hat.

When they saw those eyes, everyone present felt their eyes blurring, as if they were sinking into boundless illusion, making them unable to extricate themselves. This caused all the people present to hastily circulate the energy within their body to free themselves from this illusion. After that they immediately look away from the Sharingan of Ren Tianyou.

“Great eyes!” These words appeared in the minds of all the people present.

But lucky for them, Ren Tianyou basically hadn’t used the illusion of Sharingan. This was merely a power that was automatically emitted by the Sharingan of Ren Tianyou after it was evolved to the extreme limits.

“I think we, Akatsuki aren’t late to arrive.” Looking at everyone present, he slowly said while his eyes emitting a powerful eye power.

“Brilliant, it was this man that destroyed the plan of previous holy maiden, rescued Bu Feng as well took away Chu Qian, do you want us…” That White Robed Bishop of Light Temple said to Brilliant sitting in the front.

“Don’t be impatient, this Akatsuki organization has never shown its full strength, and we also don’t know how strong their strength truly is, in this circumstance of not knowing the strength of opponent, rashly raising our hands is bad action.” Brilliant shook his head, disagreeing this White Robed Bishop’s suggestion. Although last time Ren Tianyou had destroyed their Light Palace’s plan, by taking away the holy maiden whom they had settled on with great difficulty, but recalling that space magic as well as that demonic scarlet eyes that terrified the heart of people, his heart was unexpectedly filled with chilliness. He had already reached Peak God King realm in strength, but he unexpectedly was so scared by the mere gaze of a person that he didn’t dare to raise his hand against him, if this was to spread out, then no one would dare to believe it.

“Moreover, the invasion of Demon clan is right around the corner, if we still have such internal strife, then perhaps this time Divine Wind Continent will no longer exist in the future.” He was a person who had luckily survived the great war that had swept across the entire Divine Wind Continent 30,000 years ago. He could never forget those days. Countless experts continuously died, lands sunk, and the entire population of Divine Continent instantly declined to one-third or so. And at that time, the entire atmosphere was filled with boundless blood.

He had truly experienced the strength of Demon Empress. He had personally seen a single move of Demon Empress exterminating three millions military squadron. The life of three million human thoroughly disappeared at that instant. Their strength and the strength of Demon Empress was basically on a different dimension.

Finally, the joint one attack of strongest people of Divine Wind Continent, Seven Great Saints after igniting their god rank blood lineage and burning their life was finally able to break the defense of Demon Empress and severely injure her, forcing her to flee back to Demon World.

Now after 30,000 years of recuperation, the strength of Divine Wind Continent had gradually restored, but even so, there still wasn’t anyone strong enough to deal with this Demon Empress.

Finished speaking, Brilliant stood up and said to Ren Tianyou, “Naturally you aren’t late, welcome everybody of Akatsuki, let’s put together our strength to resist the upcoming Demon clan invasion.”

“Attendant, quickly bring a seat for everybody of Akatsuki!”

Yes, Your Excellence Brilliant!” After the command of Brilliant, several Golden knights wearing golden battle armor answered in unison, then brought ten chairs for Ren Tianyou and his group.

“Thanks a lot!” Ren Tianyou nodded towards Brilliant expressing his thanks, then led White Tiger and other to sit down on the chair. This moment, Holy Sword clan and Death clan’s people present also recognized White Tiger and Void, but they didn’t open their mouth, obviously wanted to wait for the end of gathering before interrogation.

“Now that all of us are already present, I declare the official start of this convention.” Seeing Ren Tianyou and others had already taken their seat, Brilliant stood up and loudly said towards everyone present on the square.

“I think everybody should already know that after half a year, the seal of Tower of Babel will break thoroughly, then the transfer passage will also open once again, and legion of Demon clan will descend in Divine Wind Continent just like 30,000 years again to seize our territory.”

“But I think everybody present here don’t want our homeland to be seized by Demon clan, and also don’t want to let our clansmen humiliated by Demon clan just like salve.”

“Nonsense, we certainly don’t want, if this Demon clan dares to come, then we Beast-men clan will be the first to fight them staking all.” A robust man with golden hair who was two meters tall sitting on the front chair coldly said.

“Yes, just like Beast Emperor said, although those Demon clan are strong, but if they want to seize our Divine Wind Continent, then unless the blood of us 100 clans thoroughly drains, don’t think that it’s possible.” The elder of Holy Sword clan also said coldly. And when he said Demon clan, his body emitted bone-piercing dese sword intent.

“Yes, Demon clan wanting to seize our Divine Wind Continent is simply a day dream.”

“Yes, if the worst comes to the worst, we are ready to risk our life.”

When it comes to Demon clan, everyone present were filled with indignation, and share a bitter hatred. Regardless of great grudge between the people present, as well as the hatred between the clan and races of Divine Wind Continent, faced with Demon clan this alien race, all the people present choose to put down their hatred, and selected to work together to resist Demon clan.

Looking at the reaction of everyone present, the eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed with admiration. Those leaders of different clans clearly knew who their real enemy was, and also knew that they had to work together to resist Demon clan. If this time they had internal strife, then they’d be beyond redemption.

“Calm down, everyone.” Brilliant waved his hand, and used his majestic light divine power to transmit his voice to the ears of everyone present, “Although we want to resist Demon clan but Demon clan is truly too strong, so unless we work together, we might not be able to defeat them.”

“So I hope everybody among those of you seated here can put together their clan’s fighting resources and combatant here in Holy Light Hill. And from this day onward, this place will be the headquarter of our allied force.”

“Then I request everybody of Tianji (God’s design) clan to create a magic communication system linking entire Divine Wind Continent, so that every nook of the entire continent is within our communication system.”

“Now Clan Head of Tianji clan, please explain the entire battle plan for us.”

After Brilliant spoke, a white bearded old man wearing plain white clothing stood from his seat. His strength was not particularly high, merely High God rank, but his eyes emitted wise and farsighted aura, seemed to be able to see through everything.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am Tianji clan’s clan head Ling Xiaotian. Not long ago, my clan’s high elder used his life to divine the impending Demon clan’s invasion, then we immediately inform this news to everybody. After that integrating the combat resources and combat capacity of everybody present, we finally formulated a most appropriate battle plan.”

“First of all, as of this date, Supreme Feilu Empire’s capital Kalisi City and 100 li around will be completely evacuated, and any living person is forbidden to go there, because the Demon clan’s invasion passage is there in the sky above Kalisi city. If the seal breaks then the entire Kalisi city will be destroyed in the first moment.”

“Next step is starting to build defensive fortification in the 100 li surroundings of Kalisi City. This place will be the first step of our defense against Demon clan.”

“Now, all the combatant of different forces will be unified and divided into six large units. One to five large units will be fighting units, and six unit will be the mass of all the priests of Light Palace, responsible for the treatment of respective units.”

“Each unit will have our Tianji clan’s member, they will be responsible for communicating with headquarter, in order to unify our command.”

“Now that there is army troops, there must have a leader. After going through our unified decision, first unit will be led by Elf Queen of Elf clan, second unit by Holy Sword clan’s Clan Head Li Tianjian, third unit by Beast-men clan’s Beast Emperor, fourth unit by Akatsuki’s leader Zero, fifth unit by Evil Eye clan’s Clan Head, and final sixth unit i.e. medical unit by Brilliant.”

“Then in addition to assigned leader, all above God Kind realm experts will be assigned to various units. And as for God Lord realm experts, we want to assemble together to take care of Demon clan’s Three Great Demon God and Demon Empress.”


When Tianji clan’s Clan Head Ling Xiaotian was speaking, a voice interrupted him, so all the people present couldn’t help but look towards the source of this voice.

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  2. I dont know why the mc is still underestimated?? ..
    Is it because hes an idiot? Why is he letting himself be bullied like that? especially by girls?

    1. But the only girl who really is bully is his waifu, she call him idiot out of custom as it looks, the others didint try to fool him for fear of hes power, well the demon camo old dude is the only one, but its kind obvious why he atacked using demon camo…

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    Use this whenever u find a cliff so large, it just frustrates u.
    Btw, this comment is an original of my own, the first time being about 3 to 4 years ago, on the lms book,the that chapter lol

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