In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 333

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Who said we Akatsuki will not come

When they returned to the restaurant, Vermilion Bird and others were already waiting for their return. Just now when White Tiger had cut apart the door, the activity sound was not small at all, not only Vermilion Bird and other were alerted, even the owner of the Sky Fragrant Restaurant was alarmed.

The owner of this Sky Fragrant Restaurant was a middle-aged female elf. When she saw that exquisite door of a room was chopped into splinters, black lines appeared on her that beautiful forehead, and involuntarily thought, “Are these fellows guests or bandits ah, do they need to cut open the door to enter?”

But fortunately, Jade Maiden gave a sum of money to the owner of Sky Fragrant Restaurant as a compensation, moreover assured that hereafter such thing will not happen, and also explained that this happened because her friend was at a critical juncture of cultivation, and now everything is under control.


After returning to Sky Fragrant Restaurant, Ren Tianyou and his group of ten entered inside a room. After that Ren tianyou took out that golden invitation card and said to everyone, “This is the invitation card given to me by a person of Shadow clan when we were returning. He said after seven days, Light Empire is having a distinguished gathering and they invite us to join, but I guess that the main purpose of this gathering is to prepare for the impending invasion of the Demon clan.”

“That should be the case, according to my calculation, every big forces of this continent as well as our 100 clans ought to have communicated already at an earlier time. And the purpose of this time’s gathering should be to announce their decision as well as policy for the time of Demon clan invasion to the entire continent.” White Tiger nodded his head and said.

“Zero, don’t you think that that mysterious person appeared today seemed a little fishy?” At that moment, Void asked to Ren Tianyou.

“So you also noticed, as expected of your Death clan, with regarding to sensing aura, you are extraordinary.” Hearing Void, Ren Tianyou lightly smiled, then said to Void.

“What’s going on? What are you two talking about, Zero? How come we are unable to make sense of what we are hearing ah?” Hearing the irrelevant talk between Void and Ren Tianyou, Northern Dipper couldn’t help but confusedly asked.

“As a matter of fact, I notice that that black robed man was not Demon clan rather was a human.” Ren Tianyou said slowly.

“What? Human? How is that possible? Zero, didn’t you say that he emitted powerful demonic qi from his body? How can a human possess demonic qi?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, White Tiger couldn’t help but exclaimed in surprise.

“I also don’t understand this point, but he is indeed a human, because with my eyes, I clearly saw an aura belong to human on his body.” Ren Tianyou pointed at his eyes and said.

“Then how did you notice it Void?” All the people on the scene knew the might of Ren Tianyou’s Sharingan, but how did Void also noticed it.

“Because of ‘Qi’. We death clan are particularly sensitive to people’s aura. When I just discovered that mysterious person, I felt strange, his body was full of powerful demon clan’s aura, but this demonic qi was spread all over the place from around his body, was not emitting from within his body. And under this powerful demonic qi, there however was hidden very weak human aura. And in the beginning I thought that was my misconception.” Void slowly explained his discovery.

“So it was like that.” Hearing the explanation of Void, everyone nodded their head, but inwardly they however became alert towards that mysterious person. It seems like he had appeared outside their door for no apparent reason, but they knew that this shows that their whereabouts was under his grasp.

“Well, don’t think about it, no matter what scheme he have, you all only needs to remember, before absolute strength, any crafty plots and machinations are joke, nothing more.” Ren Tianyou consoled. “Now take a rest everyone, and prepare yourself to go to the Holy Light Hill of Light Empire after seven days to join the distinguished gathering.

“Okay!” White Tiger and others answered, then everybody left leaving behind only Ren Tianyou and Little Yu. These two had not seen each other for more than a year, so seeing this time, they naturally were burning with passion.

Seven days passed very quickly, in Holy Light Hill of Light Empire, there was already a huge crowds of people early in the morning. Holy Light Hill was the symbol of Light Palace, where more than 80 experts of Light Palace resides.

At the top of this mountain, there was a square built with white jade. And in front of this square, hundreds of seats were placed, and right now those seats were almost full.

And on the square, numerous all kind of races of Divine Wind Continent were standing. There were beautiful Elven clan, powerful Holy Sword clan, having a number of magical beasts’ trait Saints clan, emitting powerful death qi from all over Bone Spirit clan……, and human forces. Dark Dynasty, Illusory Shrine, Flame Phoenix Villa……nearly all of them were present, but since Ximen clan and Magic Domain were already destroyed, they were not here.

“Elder Li, did all the people arrive?” In the seat of the front, a man wearing golden priest robe asked White Robed Bishop standing behind him.

“Reporting to Brilliant, basically all the people have already arrived.” That White Robed Bishop answered to that middle-aged man wearing golden priest robe. This person was Light Palace’s Brilliant of this generation, the leader of Light Palace.

As the organizer of this distinguished gathering, Light Palace naturally would sit at the front and lead the gathering.

“It seems all people haven’t arrive, as far as I know, the people of Akatsuki have yet to arrive.” Just then, Flame Phoenix Villa’s Villa Mistress Feng Yunmeng opened her mouth.

“Indeed, I don’t see the people of Akatsuki. At that time, you all decided to send invitation card to the people of Akatsuki, I don’t know whether this invitation card was delivered or not?” Elf Queen of Elf clan also opened her mouth.

“The invitation card has already reached the hands of Akatsuki’s leader Zero, according to the report of my clansmen, seven days ago, in the capital of Dark Empire, one of my clansmen luckily encountered people of Akatsuki, at that that he handed over the invitation card to them.” The clan head of Shadow clan said.

Shadow clan, one of the 100 clans, possess the ability to control shadow, furthermore they can let their body hide inside their own shadow using ‘Vanishing Without Shadow’ secret skill, and also can ignore this world’s any barrier and seals.

“They had already received the invitation card seven days ago, and within seven days, even a weak people can arrive here without rushing. I think they didn’t want to participate.” At that time, a middle-aged man said. The most noticeable thing of this middle-aged man was his eyes. His eyeballs were deep red in color, which gave people a kind of powerful pressure, “What Akatsuki organization, at that time we shouldn’t have invited them. Brilliant, you should begin the gathering without wasting any more time.”

“Who said our organization will not come.” Just then, an indifferent voice suddenly resounded throughout the square, shortly afterwards, under the surprise gaze of everyone, suddenly a huge spiral shaped space ripple appeared in the space not far away in the front, then a figures wearing a bamboo hat and a black robe with red clouds imprinted on it stepped out from this this spiral shaped space ripple.

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