In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 332

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Invitation Card

In the capital of Dark Empire, a figure surrounded by a black colored light suddenly streaked across in the sky, rapidly flying towards outside the city.

All people within the city confusedly looked at that flying figure. One should know that, flying was forbidden within this capital city, but right now someone was daring to brazenly fly here like this.

And at that moment, a stars radiance closely followed behind that shadow, chasing after that front shadow in a very high speed. The speed was so fast that everyone on the scene felt only a blur before their eyes, and this stars radiance had already disappeared from their view.

Next another five lights chased after the first two. This dazzled all the people underneath, they didn’t know what had happened before their eyes.

Southern Dipper closely followed that shadow in the front, although the speed of that fellow was also not slow and had fled in advance, but compared to the speed of Bu Feng, his speed was very far away. Not far away above the street outside the city, Bu Feng almost caught up to this shadow.

Seeing he was already about to catch up to the shadow, the eyes of Bu Feng flashed with pallid lights, then his body immediately changed into a meteor and disappeared.

“Star Step—-Star Transformation!”

“Xiu”, Bu Feng directly appeared in front of this shadow, then heavily kicked towards the head of this shadow.

“Peng” This shadow raised his hands and firmly blocked the kick of Bu Feng. But this one attack also prevented the shadow from escaping. This shadow back flipped several times and landed on a huge tree not far away beside the road.

And after blocking this shadow, Bu Feng also landed on the top of another tree, then folding his hands in front of his chest, he stared at that shadow in front of him.

That person was about 1.6 meters in height, and his whole body was covered with loose-fitting black robe, so he was not able to clearly see the appearance of this person, furthermore he couldn’t even tell whether this person was male or female.

And this road beside them was the only path leading to imperial capital city, so there was unending numbers of people travelling this road. As a result, after they landed there, soon the street was filled with a number of onlookers.

“Who the hell are you? Actually eavesdropping our conversation, I see you are still earnestly holding that black robe to cover your body.” Standing on the top of a tree on the tiptoe of his right foot, Bu Feng coldly said while staring at that mysterious person.

“Heh heh, never thought that with only peak God King realm strength, you have such fast speed, but what a pity it is that you shouldn’t have chased me by yourself.” Hearing the question of Bu Feng, the hoarse voice of that mysterious person transmitted out from under the black robe.

“Dress up as God, play the devil!” Bu Feng coldly snorted. And he wanted to attack, but just then, five figures flying towards him appeared not far away, precisely were Ren Tianyou and others. All of them encircled this mysterious person to prevent him from fleeing. [Dress up as God, play the devil (idiom) = deliberately mystifying/deceiving people]

“Didn’t expect you all to arrive this quickly, it seems I still looked down upon you all.” Seeing he was already surrounded, this mysterious person sneered as if he didn’t care.

“Speak, why were you eavesdropping our conversation? Furthermore……” Looking at that mysterious man in black robe, Ren Tianyou coldly asked, “Aren’t you a person of Demon World?”

“Heh heh, you asked me a question, but I am powerless to answer ah, what’s to be done now?” Hearing the question of Ren Tianyou as well as sensing the killing intent overflowing from the body of White Tiger and others, this middle-aged man merely smiled coldly and said as if he didn’t sense any danger.

“Acting recklessly!” Hearing this middle-aged man, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly, then his eyes instantly changed into Rinnegan, then extending his hand towards this mysterious man, “Bansho Ten’in! (Universal Pull!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, this middle-aged man suddenly felt great attraction force on his body, then his body was automatically pulled towards the direction of Ren Tianyou.

“Not good!” This mysterious person had never thought that Ren Tianyou actually had such strange move, unexpectedly, from so far away, his own body was attracted towards him.

But before he could react in any way, White Tiger instantly made his move. Along with the sound of sharp sword unsheathing, and all the people on the scene sensing only cold sword light flashing, and White Tiger had already appeared behind that mysterious person.

And at the same time, Ren Tianyou also stopped his Bansho Ten’in. And this middle-aged person stopped in the midair for a brief moment, then gradually changed into black colored mist and disappeared.

“Sure enough, it was a clone, never thought that this fellow was so crafty, he unexpectedly used clone to probe us first.”  Seeing this mysterious person had disappeared, Ren Tianyou slowly thought. When he had just caught up to them, his Sharingan had discovered unusualness in his body, coupled with his reaction when he was heavily surrounded, Ren Tianyou had already estimated that this fellow in front of them was not true body.

And simultaneously, in a dark mysterious place, a voice suddenly resounded, “Never thought that I was still looking down upon Akatsuki, they unexpectedly discover my clone that quickly, really is not simple.”

“But, because you all are not simple, you all are worth using. I hope after six months, you will let us see the desired results.”


“Didn’t expect that fellow was unexpectedly a clone.” Southern Dipper walked forwards and said feeling a little bit disappointed. Seeing the disappearance of that middle-aged man, all of them clearly understood that that person was merely a clone.

“Forget it, let’s go back first.” Looking at the onlookers around, Ren Tianyou frowned, then said to White Tiger and others.

But just then, a voice came from underneath, that made Ren Tianyou and others to stop their step.

“Don’t know if you all are people of Akatsuki?” Looking at Ren Tianyou and others, a middle-aged person among the onlookers asked.

Along with the voice of middle-aged man, everyone in the crowds began to talk in whisper. They had never thought that they would run into the people of Akatsuki here.

“Yes, we are, so?” Ren Tianyou nodded his head. With current strength of Akatsuki, there was nothing he was afraid of, so he didn’t deny it.

“That’s truly great, I’ve been looking everybody for a while.” Hearing Ren Tianyou confirming it, that middle-aged man excitedly said. Right now his face revealed an excited smile.

“Searching us?” Ren Tianyou curiously asked. He didn’t recognize this person at all.

“Yes, I am from Shadow clan. After seven days, Light Empire will be holding a distinguished gathering. For that, invitation cards were issued to all the powerful people in the continent to invite them to join this gathering. Because of our Shadow clan’s peculiar blood lineage, we are responsible to deliver the invitation cards. But sire and others appear and disappear unpredictably, and there was no fixed place, so even after searching everybody for nearly three months, I was not able to find. As a result I could only give up. But never thought that I’d encounter everybody here, truly lucky ah.” Finished speaking, this middle-aged man took out a golden invitation card and threw it to Ren Tianyou. “This is invitation card, at that time, if everybody has time, there is no harm in attending. I think that will not disappoint any of you.”

“Many thanks, we know this matter, at that time, we’ll definitely be there.” After looking at the content of the invitation card, surprise flashed in the eyes of Ren Tianyou, then said to that middle-aged man.

“That being the case, then I’ll take my leave.” Finished speaking, that middle-aged man slowly merged into his own shadow and disappeared.

“Let’s go, we’ll talk about this after returning.” Ren Tianyou waved his hand towards White Tiger and others, and said, then flew towards Dark imperial capital.

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  1. “Don’t know if you all are people of Akatsuki?”

    Is there anyway, so that when you’re translating, you can stop leaving these types of sentences in? They ruin the flow of the story. I’ve seen it a lot in the translation of this novel. Something like “Might you all be the people of Akatsuki?” or anything other than sentences starting with “Don’t know”. No one speaks that way in English. They either say “I don’t know.” or rephrase it into something that fits more fluidly.

  2. I hope she keeps thinking everything is in her grasp and then bang he destroys everything and I hope he has gotten the last tailed beasts

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