In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 331

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Ranking of Experts (According to author)

Junior (Fighter, Magician, Illusionist), ninja not graduated academy

Intermediate (Fighter, Magician, Illusionist): genin

Senior (Fighter, Magician, Illusionist): chunin

Scholar (Fighter, Magician, Illusionist): chunin

Saint and Deity: jonin

God’s domain

Low God and Mid God: elite jonin

High God and True God: Kage

God King and God Lord: Super Kage

God Emperor: basically Madara and Senju Hasirama’s level

Missing Great Saint

Ren Tianyou stayed in this vast ocean for nearly one months, getting familiar with the power of his Rinnegan as well as the unique dojutsu that only belong to him he got after opening Rinnegan.

His Rinnegan was evolved from his Sharingan just like that of Uchiha Madara, so under the state of Rinnegan, he could still use Susanoo. Furthermore thanks to Rinnegan’s that boundless eye power, the power of Susanoo was strengthened a step further.

But under the state of Rinnegan, he nevertheless was powerless to use the dojutsu of Sharingan, even Uchiha Madara was also similarly powerless. But he could freely change between Sharingan and Rinnegan, this point completely nullified the impact of previous problem.

And when Ren Tianyou was preparing to go to Tower of Babel, White Tiger and others send him a news. They said they had already came out from the secret realm of Seven Great Saints’ inheritance, and asked him where he was currently at.

Hearing this news, Ren Tianyou put down a stone from his heart. Calculating the time, they had gone for nearly two years, don’t know to what extent their strength had increased.

According to the news, at this very moment, they were waiting for him in Sky Fragrant Restaurant of Dark Empire’s imperial capital. Hearing this, Ren Tianyou immediately used the Hiraishin space coordinate of their body, and used Hiraishin no Jutsu to teleport beside them.

In the Sky Fragrant Restaurant, White Tiger and others were sitting on the table by the window, and were eating dishes. At that time, a blur shadow flashed and instantly appeared beside them.

White Tiger who was in the process of drinking immediately noticed this blur and pallid light flashed in his eyes. Then along with ‘click’ sound of sword unsheathing, his sword instantly slashed towards this blur shadow.

“I say White Tiger, we just met and you are greeting me using your sword, isn’t that way too cruel?” When this sword was about to reach that blur shadow, an incomparably familiar voice came through this blur shadow.

Along with this voice, the movement of White Tiger instantly creased abruptly, his sword also stop in midair, as the figure walking out from this blur shadow was precisely Ren Tianyou.

“Eh, Zero, I thought it was enemy.” Seeing Ren Tianyou, White Tiger a little awkwardly said, while showing an apologetic smile on his face.

“Idiot.” Seeing Ren Tianyou, Little Yu who was sitting on the stool immediately threw herself into the bosom of Ren Tianyou, and softly yelled.

“Little Yu, how were you doing in this period of time?” Feeling attachment and affectionate from the beauty in his bosom, warmth appeared in the eyes of Ren Tianyou, and placing his right hand on the back of Little Yu, he gently asked.

“En, very good, merely I missed you.” Little Yu nodded her head and softly said.

And what Ren Tianyou didn’t notice was, Jade Maiden and Vermilion Bird were looking at Ren Tianyou and Little Yu with trace of envy flashing in their eyes.

“Okay, Little Yu, get up first, everyone is watching. You can be at ease, I will never part with you.” Ren Tianyou patted the shoulder of Little Yu, making her straighten up, then together with her, he sat down on empty stool.

After sitting down, Ren Tianyou scanned White Tiger and others, and was greatly shocked in his heart. Now White Tiger, Northern Dipper, Southern Dipper, Vermilion Bird, Void and Azure Dragon, these six had already reached peak God King realm in strength. Furthermore, Ren Tianyou clearly sensed a huge power within their body. And if this power was to erupt, then their true combat capacity would definitely be comparable to God Lord realm expert.

But the strength of Little Yu and Jade Maiden was slightly low. Both of them had just stepped into God King realm. As for elder sister Yue’er who had studied ninjutsu, she had already stepped into kage level.

Now Ren Tianyou was really curious about what happened in the secret realm that caused their strength to actually rise this fast. When they had left, the highest level of strength was merely High God realm that’s all, but now all of them had already stepped into God Kind realm. God King realm expert in 20 or so age, if this spread out, then the entire Divine Wind Continent would shook, and those so-called genius would also knock themselves to death.

After eating the meal, Ren Tianyou, White Tiger, Void, Northern Dipper and Southern Dipper, these five were sitting in a room, and were in the process of talking about some things.

“White Tiger, I see you all should have already inherit the inheritance of Seven Great Saints successfully.” Looking at White Tiger and others, Ren Tianyou said.

“Yes, after entering the secret realm, we underwent through the trial given by the remnant soul of Seven Great Saint. I, Void, Northern Dipper, Vermilion Bird, Southern Dipper and Azure Dragon, we six have already got the energy source inheritance of Seven Great Saints. Furthermore using their power of God ranked blood lineage, our blood lineage also broke free from the shackles, and evolved into God ranked blood lineage.” White Tiger nodded his head and said.

“Moreover in the secret realm, the element power was so dense that it had nearly condensed into liquid state, so cultivating there was at least few dozen times faster than outside, and couple with our inheritance power, we reached peak God King realm.” Northern Dipper slowly added.

“Oh, it turns out like that.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head in understanding and said, but shortly afterwards, he realized something wrong, “Northern Dipper, didn’t this secret realm possess the inheritance of Seven Great Saints? So why did only six of you obtain the inheritance? What about the final one? Could it be that Jade Maiden and others failed?”

Yes, thinking about it now, White Tiger said that only six people obtained inheritance, don’t tell me that Jade Maiden and other didn’t succeed to obtain final inheritance?

Hearing Ren Tianyou’s question, White Tiger and others looked at each other, and finally Southern Dipper opened his mouth, “This is precisely where we are suspicious, because in the secret realm, there was only the inheritance of six Great Saints.”

“What? Only six? Don’t tell me that this Seven Great Saints were only Six Great Saints? But that can’t be, because if there were only six people, then why would everyone call them Seven Great Saints?” Hearing Southern Dipper, Ren Tianyou exclaimed in surprise.

“No, there certainly were seven people in Seven Great Saints. But there indeed was inheritance of only six Great Saints in that secret realm. Only the inheritance of Dark Saint—Dark Night was missing.” Southern Dipper shook his head and said.

“That can’t be, why is the inheritance of one Great Saint missing in that secret realm? Don’t tell me that someone had already entered into the secret realm before and obtain the inheritance of Dark Saint?” Ren Tianyou confusedly said.

“No, that is not the case, because no one has ever entered that secret realm before.” White Tiger shook his head and slowly said, “In the secret realm, there was basically no trace of other people entering before, moreover the most strange thing was, inside there was only six statue of Seven Great Saints, there was no statue of Dark Saint.”

“Furthermore, after we obtain the inheritance, other six saints’ remnant soul appeared, but when we asked about this, they also didn’t tell us why there wasn’t the inheritance of Dark Saint.”

“This is strange, if no one had entered before and obtained this inheritance, then why this inheritance is missing, don’t tell me that……” Ren Tianyou suddenly thought about a possibility, and shocked expression flashed in his eyes.

“There is only one possibility, that is, this Dark Saint didn’t die 30,000 years ago when they were resisting the demon clan’s invasion, and he is very likely to be still living in a certain corner of this world.” Northern Dipper completed the conjecture in place of Ren Tianyou.

“But 30,000 years ago, many strong experts of the continent saw Dark Saint and other six Saint simultaneously using secret skill to seal the transfer passage of Demon World, moreover if he isn’t dead, then why hasn’t there been any information of him in this continent for so many years? This basically is not normal.” Although Ren Tianyou also thought of that possibility, but he also understood that this probability was very low.

“But there indeed is one less in the inheritance of Seven Great Saint, and this is the fact, if……” When Southern Dipper was speaking, Ren Tianyou interrupted him, and he saw that Ren Tianyou was pointing towards the door.

Seeing the move of Ren Tianyou, Northern Dipper and others immediately looked towards the door, and they instantly sensed indistinct aura fluctuating in front of their door.

“Xiu” White Tiger directly pulled out his sword and split open the door and ran outside the door. Ren Tianyou and others follow closely behind him. They saw a black shadow dodging the attack of White Tiger, then breaking the window, this black shadow rushed towards outside of Dark imperial capital.

“Want to run, it’s not that easy.” Seeing the figure had already reached far away, Southern Dipper coldly snorted, then he instantly disappeared leaving behind afterimage, chasing after that figure. It was not easy thing to successfully escape from the hand of Lightning speed—Bu Feng.

“This is demonic aura……?” Sensing the lingering aura, Ren Tianyou was surprised, then he immediately said to White Tiger and others, “We should catch him quickly, this person is very like to be a people of Demon clan.”

“Okay!” White Tiger and other answered, then flew out from the window simultaneously, and chased towards the direction of Southern Dipper in high speed.

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  1. What, did Yaorao put a marker on him that made any demon still in the Divine Wind Continent try to investigate him? Or is it just someone else who’s interested perhaps.

  2. dat conspiracy, Yaorao talking bout 30,000 Years ago, using dark powers…. Yaorao dark saint maybe?

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