In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 329

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The scheme of Yaorao

No matter how much Thousand Eyes Evil Beast roared, it was completely powerless to stop Ren Tianyou from leaving from the very beginning. Furthermore now it was also basically powerless to free itself under the binding of Universe Boundary Divine Artifact of Yaorao.


On the other side, Ren Tianyou also already knew that his shadow clone had already succeed, so he don’t need to waste any more of his time with Yaorao, now he just need to seize a moment to leave.

Looking at Yaorao who was already in Demonic Wing State, Ren Tianyou rapidly made a series of hand seals, “Taju Mokuton Bunshin no Jutsu! (Wood Style—-Multi Wood Clone Jutsu!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, seven or eight wooden clone rapidly formed beside him. Then these seven or eight wooden clone dashed towards Yaorao in the sky.

“Humph!” Seeing clones were rushing towards her, Yaorao coldly snorted. Then waving her hands, majestic Purple Yuan Power flew out from her body. Shortly afterwards along with the incantation sound of Yaorao, that energy separated into four, and rapidly formed a huge barrier in the four corner of wooden clones.

“Destroy for me, Purple Ling Tranquil Moon!” Seeing the barrier had formed, Yaorao coldly shouted, then rapidly made hand signs. And along with the hand sign of Yaorao, a huge purple colored energy handprint hit the barrier in front of her.

And along with Yaorao’s handprint hitting the barrier in front, the barrier suddenly changed. A huge purple colored crescent moon slowly rose inside the barrier, and large amount of purple colored energy light, from this purple moon illuminated the entire space within this barrier.

And when this purple colored radiance illuminated the entire space within the barrier, those wooden clones in the process of moving suddenly stop all their motion in midair, then their body slowly changed into fine powder and disappeared in the air.

And as for Ren Tianyou, after using Wood Clone Justu to stall Yaorao, he immediately used Hiraishin no Jutsu to fly away from Demon World to Divine Wind Continent.

And after disposing all of those wooden clones, and catching the sight of disappearing figure of Ren Tianyou, she slightly smiled, “You are still very fast at running away.”

Finished speaking, those twelve pairs of wings behind her slowly withdrew inside her body and disappeared. And those magic lines of her body also slowly disappeared.

“Treat that Eternal Dark Night of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast as my gift to you, I hope, when I see you again a year later, you have already obtained Tower of Babel, otherwise I don’t mind personally destroying you, my pawn at that time.”

After speaking this, Yaorao waved her right hand, and three lights flew out from inside her body, and remained in front of her. After this lights dissipated, long sword, silk sash, and mirror appeared in front of her. The light circulating above these things emitted a powerful energy fluctuation.

“In 100,000 years, never thought that I’d only gather four including Purple Ling Dark Break, and I’ve also wasted 30,000 years in Divine Wind Continent, but this time no matter who stands in my way, it’s impossible to stop my step.” Finished speaking, Yaorao waved her hand, and those three treasures again entered into her body and disappeared.

“According to the estimated time, Mo Yun that fellow ought to have already succeeded in Divine Wind Continent. But before that, I have to consider the use of a pawn.” Finished speaking, Yaorao looked towards not distant seal of Endless Abyss, and her body slowly disappeared.

And what Ren Tianyou who had already left didn’t know was, his every action was already under the plan of Yaorao.


In Divine Wind Continent’s isolated island of endless ocean, right now Ren Tianyou was sitting cross-legged while passionately looking at that Eternal Dark Night in his hand which was emitting powerful dark element fluctuation. After a while, he said to the System within his body, “System, how many system points is this Eternal Dark Night worth?”

“Because a portion of energy of this Eternal Dark Night was already absorbed by Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, now it can be exchanged with only 70 million system points.” The voice of System resounded in the brain of Ren Tianyou.

“That’s good, I will give this Eternal Dark Night to you to absorb, help me exchange it into system points.” Hearing he could exchange it for 70 million system points, Ren Tianyou impatiently said to the System within his body.

“Okay.” After hearing Ren Tianyou, the System within his body replied. Then large amount of golden light came out from within his body, which covered that Eternal Dark Night in the right hand of Ren Tianyou. Instantly that Eternal Dark Night changed into a black colored radiance and was devoured by that golden light. After that the golden light also disappeared from the surface of Ren Tianyou’s body.

Roughly after five minutes, System voice resounded within his body, “Absorption of Eternal Dark Night complete, congratulation to host, you obtain 70 million system points.”

Hearing the voice of System, Ren Tianyou relaxed slightly. Only after this Eternal Dark Night really changed into his system points did he finally relaxed.

Shortly afterwards, Ren Tianyou opened the exchange interference of the System within his mind, and looked at exchanging Rinnegan option.

Rinnegan, it is the ultimate form of Sharingan, originated from Six Path’s doujutsu, possessing remarkable ability of controlling Yin-Yang, and controlling Six Paths. The owner of Rinnegan could either possess the ability of creation of Creation God, or possess the ability of exterminating life of Destruction God.

The owner of Rinnegan would simultaneously possess six kind of chakra nature, learn super strong abilities, and became proficient in all mainstream ninjutsu, just like Nagato of that time, under the guidance of Jiraiya, he quickly grasped the nature change of six chakra nature. Summing up, all-encompassing was one of the embodiment of Rinnegan’s divine ability. [Raw has six nature written on it. I think, its five main element and yin-yang making it six. Only my guess though.]

Furthermore Rinnegan had super strong memorizing ability: Rinnegan could memorize everything including ninjutsu, incident, person’s characteristics, and so on. And as long as Rinnegan come into contact with any person, Rinnegan would memorize his strength and weakness, and apply them in future battles.

Furthermore, Rinnegan still had ability of Seven Paths, the owner of Rinnegan could use all jutsu, and also use chakra to control corpse to use the ability of one path.

Tendo (Deva Path), Shurado (Asura Path), Ningendo (Human Path), Chikushodo (Animal Path), Gakido (Preta Path), Jigokudo (Naraka Path) and Gedo (Outer Path), these Seven Paths ability were most probably seen by all the people who had watched Naruto, but these were merely Seven Paths most basic ability.

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  1. iirc yin yang is not an element, its a type of energy or non elemental chakra.
    I believe six elements referring to 5 basic elements + kenkei genkai/tota.

  2. Well if she has already conquered other 4 world then i can let it go that she can fool ren too….(Even if she hadn’t i think ren would still be fooled by her…I mean its ren we’re talking about…)

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