In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 328

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Miserable Thousand Eyes Evil Beast

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, that massive rasen shuriken exploded with a bang. And with that ‘hong’ loud explosion sound, a huge explosion storm engulfed everything within the surroundings of ten li in radius.

Boundless storm wreaked havoc in the center of this explosion, and the powerful winds and waves blew away huge rocks in all direction.

After the explosion stopped, one could see a huge crater on the surrounding engulfed by the explosion, and huge rocks were scattered around this crater, fully displaying the might of Ren Tianyou’s move.

And in the center of this crater, a purple radiance was shining. After this purple radiance dissipated, the figure of Yaorao appeared in that place. This moment, other than slightly rapid breathing, she was completely unscathed.

“Never thought that even this move is unable to injure her, it seems I was still underestimating Yaorao’s strength.” Seeing unscathed Yaorao, the heart of Ren Tianyou slightly tightened, and sighing, he muttered.

As a matter of fact, what Ren Tianyou didn’t know was, just now Yaorao had already used her origin power, otherwise it was impossible for her to be unscathed under the attack of this massive rasen shuriken.

“It seems, I’d truly underestimated you. As it now seems you however are qualified to fight against me. I hope your strength is able to satisfy me.” Yaorao floated in the air, then looking at the destroyed land all around her, she said to Ren Tianyou. Shortly afterwards, she quickly made a hand signs, and powerful purple colored energy gathered in front of her, forming a mysterious purple colored runes.

Seeing the strange state of Yaorao, the heart of Ren Tianyou tightened, then he immediately prepare himself to defend at any time.

“Seal release, Purple Yuan Power, activate!” After the energy was gathered, Yaorao shouted loudly. Shortly afterwards, that mysterious purple colored energy runes in front of her changed into a light and entered into the body of Yaorao, then as if ‘kacha’ disintegrating sound coming through the empty space, the aura of Yaorao suddenly rose sharply, and large amount of purple colored energy came out from within her body.

This purple colored energy surrounding the body of Yaorao increasingly became stronger, and finally changing into a towering purple colored energy pillar, it shot towards the sky. Looking from the distant, it looked just like a purple colored huge pillar supporting heaven.

The powerful energy fluctuation overflowed from this purple colored light beam spread in all direction, and the surrounding space unexpectedly issued a ‘ka ka’ disintegrating sound, and traces of space cracks appeared in the space all around.

After roughly three minutes, the energy of this purple colored huge light beam as if whale swallowing water concaved inward, as if something was swallowing it. And after this light beam dissipated, the figure of Yaorao slowly appeared from inside before the eyes of Ren Tianyou.

This moment, Yaorao had twelve pairs or twenty-four huge purple colored wings on her back. And in those purple colored huge wings which were slowly flapping, a trace of purple colored lights were circulating.

And on the forehead of Yaorao, purple colored magic line had appeared. This magic line, from her left brow along with her left cheeks spread to her nose. This purple colored magic line didn’t change the beautiful face of Yaorao into ugly, on the contrary added a kind of strange sense of beauty.

Right now a purple colored silk sash revolve around her body which also surrounded her that willowy slender waist, making her look just like an exceptionally gorgeous demon angel.

“Entering into Demonic Wing State?” Seeing the changes of Yaorao, Ren Tianyou frowned. Although the current Yaorao was exceptionally beautiful, but he didn’t have time to appreciate this kind of beautiful scenery, as now however was at the moment of life and death.

“The clone on that side ought to succeed.” Now Ren Tianyou could only hope that the clone he had left behind was successful on his task.


On the other side where the seal was located, the body of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast was firmly tied up in the midair, and above this seal, that purple colored crystal ball was continuously emitting a powerful purple colored energy light, supplying the energy to this seal.

Although this Thousand Eyes Evil Beast was very powerful, was equally matched with Yaorao, and even Yaorao didn’t have enough strength to kill it, but Universe Boundary Divine Artifact was in the hand of Yaorao, furthermore now it was sealed within the seal created by this Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, so how could it be the opponent of Yaorao.

That purple colored crystal ball floating in the midair was Demon World’s Universe Boundary Divine Artifact—-Purple Ling Dark Break.

Purple Ling Dark Break was this Demon World’s Universe Boundary Divine Artifact. This Universe Boundary Divine Artifact help its owner to cultivate a unique energy source—-Purple Yuan Power, which was that purple colored energy within the body of Yaorao.

The might of this Purple Yuan Power was at least four times more powerful than the power of other common energy. Furthermore this Purple Yuan Power had a distinctive characteristic, which was elimination. The power of ordinary energy such as fire, water, wind, lightning……and so on which were frequently seen, after getting hit by this Purple Yuan Power would immediately get their power eliminated, then weakening, they would finally disappear.

One might well say that the power of this Purple Yuan Power was bane of all the common element power. In the equal level, to contend against the power of Purple Yuan Power, the common element power must use eight times more power, this shows the might of this Purple Yuan Power.

And this supplying Purple Yuan Power was merely a most basic ability of this Purple Ling Dark Break. This divine artifact in itself had powerful strength, and also could help its user to use a number of super strong unique skills. And the most important was this Purple Ling Dark Break could grant user the Power of Realm.

This Power of Realm would let user to split open the space at will. Moreover the space barrier between two realms couldn’t block their path, as any space barrier was joke in front of a person who possessed the Power of Realm.

Furthermore this Purple Ling Dark Break was the divine artifact of this Demon World, which contains the origin power of the entire Demon World, so everything within the Demon World was within the grasp of the master of Purple Ling Dark Break. It could be said that, within this Demon World, no one could injure Yaorao who possessed this Purple Ling Dark Break, unless you possess strength enough to destroy a realm.

And within this seal, after Ren Tianyou and Yaorao left, the soil on the ground slowly loosened, and Ren Tianyou slowly came out from underground.

This was the shadow clone Ren Tianyou had left behind before leaving. He had made this shadow clone to hide under the ground in advance, waiting for Yaorao to leave then begin taking action.

This moment, Thousand Eyes Evil Beast was tied up in midair without slightest ability to move. And that priceless treasure of dark energy element Eternal Dark Night was still embedded in its forehead.

Seeing this, an unusually evil smile appeared on the face of Ren Tianyou, then he immediately flew towards this Thousand Eyes Evil Beast.

“Roar, how come you are here, human? Hurry up and help me leave this seal, then I will immediately give you this Eternal Dark Night.” Seeing Ren Tianyou, Thousand Eyes Evil Beast immediately shouted in pleasant surprise.

Even after hearing the yell of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, Ren Tianyou ignored it, rather directly flew towards the position of Eternal Dark Night, while dodging all those purple colored thread using kamui.

After arriving at the forehead position of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, Ren Tianyou firmly looked at that Eternal Dark Night in front of him, and quickly began to make a series of hand seals. Then along with the ear-piercing sound of birds chirping, powerful lightning appeared in the right hand of Ren Tianyou.

“Roar, what do you think you are doing human? Quickly let me out first.” Seeing the action of Ren Tianyou, Thousand Eyes Evil Beast instantly had a bad premonition, so it roared loudly.

“Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, now there is nothing you can do. The Eternal Dark Night is right before my eyes, and is readily available for me, so why should I expend great effort to save you.” Hearing the roar of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, Ren Tianyou sneered. Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou immediately stabbed the forehead of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast with his right hand covered with powerful lightning. Then along with sprinkle of large amount of black colored demon blood, Thousand Eyes Evil Beast roared in pain.

Ren Tianyou used chidori to cut open the forehead of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, and directly cut off the flesh where Eternal Dark Night was embedded.

After Ren Tianyou withdrew his right hand, and a flesh with black colored crystal embedded on it from where black colored demon blood was still flowing out appeared on his hand. After that he used kamui to absorb it.

“Roar, wicked human, I will kill you, I will definitely kill you. Roar! Roar!! Roar!!!” Seeing it had lost Eternal Dark Night, Thousand Eyes Evil Beast emitted powerful black colored magic mist, and roared towards Ren Tianyou in violent rage. But at that moment, Purple Ling Dark Break emitted a purple colored magic light which entered into the body of this Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, making its energy to disappear instantly.

“Humph!” Seeing this, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly in disdain and sneered. With regarding to his this relatively shameless move, Ren Tianyou didn’t feel any remorse. Now that he could easily obtain Eternal Dark Night, why was there a need to do a hard but thankless job of letting this Thousand Eyes Evil Beast out from this seal? If one says that for the sake of abiding that agreement of before, he should let out this Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, then Ren Tianyou had only one word to say, “Fart!”

For strong, his fists is truth, and everything else is just floating clouds. Do you expect an expert standing at a pinnacle to speak reasonably with a lowly loser? What a joke, although it seems it was a little despicable, but this was reality, and this was also the way Ren Tianyou handles his affairs.

“Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, bye-bye, meet you again at unspecified date.” After obtaining Eternal Dark Night, Ren Tianyou waved his hand towards Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, then changing into white smokes, he disappeared from there.

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  2. I like the way the sentences are translatefld.
    The ‘yaorao’s ‘THAT’ beautiful body’, or ‘thats right, its tianyo’s ‘THAT’ (insert move name)’
    Just so fffing funny😂

  3. sigh…Never let an potential enemy behind…sigh….Isn’t this eye-demon gonna join hand with the demoness and attack the wind continent now?…

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