In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 323

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Method to Break Universe

Having heard up to here, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but nodded his head, it was indeed like that, the appearance of this virtual shadow and Ling Weiwei was indeed exactly the same.

“As a matter of fact, the soul of Ling Weiwei is merely a part of my soul. In those years, I sustained an injury that was hard to recover from completely. Even after I lied dormant, it didn’t recover, so I was forced to use a reincarnation method where I had to divide my soul into two. One soul would reincarnate achieving rebirth, and other part of soul would retain my previous memory and my origin power while hiding within the rebirthed life. Then at the suitable opportunity, the new soul and the other part of my soul will merge together to obtain my former power.” This virtual shadow slowly explained.

“Then if you fused with the soul of Ling Weiwei, will she still be herself?” Having heard up to here, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but asked tensely, as if he greatly feared that Ling Weiwei would disappear. But he himself didn’t realized this feeling.

“As a matter of fact, I am Ling Weiwei, and Ling Weiwei is me, both of us together is entirety nothing more. After we fused together, she will receive all of the previous memory and abilities. Naturally the memory of this new life will also not disappear!” This virtual shadow slowly said.

“I see, but who are you?” Ren Tianyou nodded his head. After listening to her explanation, it seems this was just like merging together of his soul which had crossed over and the soul of Ximen Tainlong. But Ren Tianyou was quite curious with regarding to the identity of this virtual shadow.

“I can’t speak about my identity now, moreover now that I have reincarnated, my name has also disappeared, so now I am only Ling Weiwei now.” This virtual shadow didn’t answer the question of Ren Tianyou. “I can only say that with your potential, someday, you can absolutely reach my level of that time. And only when you are able to truly shuttle back and forth between 3000 great realms, you will know everything.”

“3000 great realms?” Hearing this, Ren Tianyou was puzzled, so he couldn’t help but asked while feeling surprise.

“Yes, our universe is made up of 3000 layer of space, not one more not one less. And there are various kind of life forms in these realms. For instance this Divine Wind Continent and Demon World, both of them are among those 3000 realms.” This virtual shadow said. “I hope you will not contain yourself only within this small Divine Wind Continent. Although this Divine Wind Continent also possess a number of secrets, but compared to entire 3000 realms, one can say that it’s merely a drop in the ocean.”

“So do you know how to break through this universe and reach another universe?” After hearing this virtual shadow, Ren Tianyou asked with some excitement. Till now he had never got any clue with regarding to breaking this limit of this universe and return back to Earth, but now this virtual shadow in front of him was definitely a peak expert, so perhaps she knew the methods to break through this universe.

“Break through this Universe? How did you get this kind of idea?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, this virtual shadow looked at Ren Tianyou with surprise. She didn’t understand why he asked about this.

“This matter is very important to me, if you know any method, please tell me, I will be very grateful. And if you have any matter you need me to do, then I will absolutely do all I can to help you accomplish it.” Anxiously looking at this virtual shadow, Ren Tainyou said.

“The matter of breaking through the universe, within my knowledge, only one man had ever accomplished it, but this is also merely a legend nothing more.” Seeing Ren Tianyou getting anxious, this virtual shadow slowly said,

“If you really want to break through the universe, you have to master space magic in addition to having absolute power. But these are only the perquisites.”

“The most important thing is to obtain all the Universe Boundary Divine Artifact of every one of these 3000 realms.”

“Universe Boundary Divine Artifact?” Having heard up to here, Ren Tianyou instantly thought of Tower of Babel.

“Yes, Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, moreover you must gather all 3000 of them, even one less wouldn’t work.” This virtual shadow nodded her head and said.

“What is this Universe Boundary Divine Artifact? I have once seen our realm’s Universe Boundary Divine Artifact—Tower of Babel, but what are they, I however truly don’t understand?” Ren Tianyou really didn’t understand what these Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts truly were, and why the help of all 3000 of them was required to break the universe.

“Universe Boundary Divine Artifact is every realm’s origin power. When the realms form, along with the appearance of realm, the Universe Boundary Divine Artifact would also simultaneously appear within that realm. Once you obtain this Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, then that is equivalent to you obtaining the origin power of that realm. And everything in that realm will be subjected under your control.”

“And if you obtain all 3000 Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, then that’d be equivalent to you obtaining the origin power of all 3000 realms. And gathering their power, it is possible to break this universe’s restriction.”

“But it is basically impossible to obtain all 3000 Universe boundary Divine Artifacts. You should know that the Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts are either in the hands of the strongest person of the realm or in ownerless state or hidden within the space, so relying on the strength of one person to obtain all 3000 Universe boundary Divine Artifacts is……” Saying up to here, this virtual shadow couldn’t help but shake her head.

“I’ll do it even if it’s very hard. Hope is created by oneself, not God.” Ren Tianyou resolutely said.

“Hehe, hope you can accomplish this.” That virtual shadow chuckled, then said to Ren Tianyou, “Boy, I hope you are able to protect my successor, because of my origin power, her body will emit a kind of energy fluctuation that would have powerful effect of attracting magical beasts. And when she becomes powerful enough to accept my inheritance, she will inherit everything, after that I will use my power to help you look for those 3000 Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts.”

“You can be at ease, I’d have done so even if you hadn’t asked me, after all she is my friend.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head and said.

“Then thank you, now I will use my origin power to help you completely refine the power of Forever Green within your body.” This virtual shadow nodded, then waving her right hand, from the heart of Ling Weiwei, suddenly a blue colored radiance shot towards Ren Tianyou and entered inside his body.

After this blue colored radiance entered inside his body, Ren Tianyou sensed that the power of Forever Green unexpectedly spread rapidly, and were absorbed by his body. Furthermore the chakra within his body also strengthen rapidly.

In less than ten minutes, the power of Forever Green within his body was completely refined. And now the chakra capacity within his body was actually twice as much compared to before, which was basically already comparable to tailed-beasts.

“This power is too strong. Never thought that I’d be able to completely refine Forever Green this quickly.” Ren Tianyou clenched his hands, and feeling colossal amount of chakra within his body, he sighed inwardly.

“Many thanks, if it was not you’re your help, then it would have taken at least 5 more years to completely refine the power of Forever Green.” Ren Tianyou thankfully said to this virtual shadow.

“Treat this as my payment.” This virtual shadow nodded her head, then her figure slowly faded away, “Hope you’ll be able to obtain all 3000 Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, goodbye youngster.”

Along with her voice, this virtual shadow disappeared, and the water energy leaking out from the body of Ling Weiwei also disappeared slowly.

And when Ling Weiwei fell down from midair, Ren Tianyou stepped forward and caught her body in his embrace.

Just then, Ling Weiwei slowly opened her eyes, and looking all around with confused eyes, she asked, “What’s going on? Did I fell asleep?” Just then, she suddenly noticed that she was actually lying in the embrace of Ren Tianyou. Immediately afterwards she suddenly cried out in alarm, jumped out, and then her face became very red.

“Well, now that you are awake, it’s fine.” Seeing that Ling Weiwei had woken up, he stood up, and then taking out Hiraishin kunai and a talisman, he handed them over to her. “Always keep these things with you. If you encounter any danger hereafter, then burn this talisman, and I will instantly appear by your side.”

“Oh!” With her complexion still a bit red, Ling Weiwei stepped forward and took both talisman and kunai, and placed them into her space ring.

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  1. Or he can just speak the truth about his origin. Maybe that ancient soul know something that can help him.

    1. Nope, that would be the dumbest move he had ever made. And we’er talking about ren here so you should how many dumb move he has made until now.

      1. I dont think so. He need all information he can get about his soul transmigration to this world. I dont remember naruto system entered this world by breaking the universe, there might be a way to reverse it.

  2. So basically he just needs to reach javuyas levek with 10 tqils to break thr universe. Sounds good. Fk the 3000 items. Tgis story isnt even tgat long, and with an mc who is btatantly retarded its impossible to not get deus ex machina’d to ultimate cosmic power xD.

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