In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 322

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Mysterious Virtual Shadow

With a loud ‘hong’ sound, a huge energy wave burst out from inside the body of Ling Weiwei. And Ren Tianyou who was caught off guard was sent flying. He heavily collided against the wall and fell down on the floor.

Along with ‘ka ka’ cracking sound, the bed of Ren Tianyou immediately scattered, and wooden frames fell to the ground. And from within the body of Ling Weiwei, large amount of blue colored water energy suddenly appeared, and wrapped around her body, making her float in midair.

“Puff” Ren Tianyou got up from the floor, then with red complexion, he spat out mouthful of blood.

“Cough cough……” Ren Tianyou coughed few times, and stood up staggeringly. Because he had taken the heavy attack of this energy without any guard, currently he was seriously injured. But still he looked towards Ling Weiwei.

He saw Ling Weiwei floating in midair. And from inside her body, large amount of energy was coming out which was slowly gathering behind her. And right now she nevertheless had her eyes closed, as if she didn’t know the circumstance that was happening outside.

“Weiwei, Weiwei……” After standing up, Ren Tianyou called out to her several times, but she however didn’t have any reaction.

“Could it be that she has lost her consciousness?” Seeing Ling Weiwei didn’t have any reaction to his call, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but think in surprise, “What the hell is this energy? How come there is such a powerful energy hidden inside the body of Weiwei?”

Just at that time, the energy gathered behind Ling Weiwei instantly formed a virtual shadow behind her. And seeing this virtual shadow, Ren Tianyou instantly had his mouth wide open, enough to swallow an entire egg. The looks of that virtual shadow formed behind Ling Weiwei unexpectedly was exactly the same as Ling Weiwei, merely her temperament however was completely different.

Ling Weiwei gave people a kind of lively, optimistic, and somewhat unruly impression, but this exactly the same virtual shadow formed behind her nevertheless as if plum blossom gave people a kind of proud and aloof temperament, making them feel too high to reach feeling as if she was high above the masses.

And when the virtual shadow behind Ling Weiwei opened her eyes, that instant her body emitted vast amount of aura that oppressed Ren Tianyou.

“Puff” Ren Tianyou again spat out another mouthful of blood under this suffocating aura, and his body violently trembled under this aura as if he would kneel at any time. Beads of cold sweats appeared on his forehead which slowly flowed down his cheeks.

“Susanoo!” The eyes of Ren Tianyou instantly turned into Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, then along with its rapid rotation, large amount of eye power gushed out from them, then a purple colored light skeleton appeared around his body, which instantly blocked all the pressure of outside’s suffocating aura.

“Hu……” After activating Susanoo, Ren Tianyou instantly felt his body lighter, and the pressure around also disappeared instantly, so he couldn’t help but took a deep breathe. Shortly afterwards, the complexion of Ren Tianyou became cold. After that firmly staring at that virtual shadow that had appeared behind Ling Weiwei with his spinning Sharingan, he said, “Who are you? What’s your purpose of hiding inside the body of Ling Weiwei?”

“Who am I? You mortal is not qualified to know.” Hearing the voice of Ren Tianyou, that virtual shadow behind Ling Weiwei said in disdain. “You are powerless to resist even my aura even though you have absorbed Forever green, what a waste!”

“Didn’t expect you are actually able to see the power of Forever Green within my body, you are not simple at all, but I think you are mistaken about one matter!” Hearing this virtual shadow was actually able to see through his body, and knew that he possessed Forever Green, surprise flashed in the eyes of Ren Tianyou, but under the powerful observation ability of his Sharingan, he had already seen through this virtual shadow!

“What matter?”

“That is if you were in your complete state, then you might be able to kill me easily, but now you are just an incomplete soul, so what power do you possess? On the other hand, now if I want to seal you, then that however would be very easy.” Looking at this virtual shadow, Ren Tianyou said. Yes, this virtual shadow in front of him was just an incomplete soul nothing more. At the beginning, that suffocating aura of hers had shocked Ren Tianyou, because with only her aura, she was able to heavily injure him, making him think how much powerful this fellow’s actual strength was. But with his Sharingan, he was able to clearly see that she was basically only an incomplete soul. Other than her aura, she had basically no other power.

“Humph! With only you? Although now I have no power, but you stupid mortal also can’t injure me.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, this virtual shadow said in disdain.

“Is that so?” Ren Tianyou sneered, shortly afterwards, his Sharingan began to spin rapidly, and on the skeleton body of Susanoo, suddenly a large number of energy thread appeared. After they surrounded the skeleton body of Susanoo, they took the shape of huge armor, and on the right hand of the Susanoo, a thin energy sword appeared, precisely was Futsu no Mitama Sword. Right now the Susanoo of Ren Tianyou was not that big, otherwise the room would be destroyed and it would be bad if other people noticed the situation here.

And after Futsu no Mitama appeared, Ren Tianyou suddenly controlled Susanoo to extend its right arm, and pointed Futsu no Mitama towards that virtual shadow, then said, “Then what if I rely on my hand’s this Futsu no Mitama sword?”

This Futsu no Mitama sword of Ren Tianyou not only had the ability to control myriads of lightings, it furthermore had an ability to seal all the souls that are stabbed through by it. The souls would be sealed in the sword blade of Futsu no Mitama sword. Moreover the souls sealed by Futsu no Mitama sword would basically be under the control of Futsu no Mitama for all eternity.

So although this Futsu no Mitama didn’t have the ability to seal everything like Totsuka Blade, but it however was still not bad, furthermore it had ability to control myriads of thunder and lighting, so when he had opened Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, he had selected his own Susanoo.

“You……” Seeing Futsu no Mitama sword on the hand of Ren Tianyou, this virtual shadow suddenly felt a kind of dread. This feeling came from the depth of her soul, so she believed that this sword could indeed seal her.

“Well, are you going to speak out your identity as well as your purpose for hiding inside the body of Ling Weiwei or not? Don’t try to tell a lie, otherwise I will instantly seal you!” Looking at this virtual shadow, Ren Tianyou coldly said.

“If you seal me, then Ling Weiwei will also die, so can’t you let me go?” This virtual shadow said while looking at Ren Tianyou.

“Even if Weiwei really dies, I have a method to revive her, moreover who knows whether you are speaking true or false?” Ren Tianyou’s Sharingan was firmly staring at this virtual shadow, so he knew that she was actually speaking the truth. But even if Ling Weiwei died, he also had method to revive her.

“Never thought you actually found the power to revive dead, perhaps you might really reach that realm!” When this virtual shadow heard that Ren Tianyou actually grasp the method to resurrect the dead, she lightly sighed, then she no longer had any hostility while looking towards Ren Tianyou, and she also withdrew her aura, then said “Okay, youngster, put away your sword.”

“I think it is comparatively better for both of us if you speak.” Although this virtual shadow had already withdrew her terrifying aura, but Ren Tianyou still remained alert within his heart.

“Fine, whatever.” This virtual shadow didn’t insist on, and shortly afterwards, she opened her mouth, “I can see that you are only 23 years old, but you actually possessed this level of strength, and furthermore you have obtained Forever Green. Even in my times, you would still be part of God’s favored one.”

“Many thanks for the praise, but why are you staying inside the body of Weiwei as well as who are you?” Ren Tianyou didn’t forget his goal because of the praise of this virtual shadow.

“Fine, there is some matter I can tell you.” This virtual shadow sighed, then looking down towards Ling Weiwei, she said, “Why am I staying inside her body, that is because she is my reincarnation or perhaps the reincarnation of my successor!”

“Reincarnation?” Hearing this virtual shadow, Ren Tianyou suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes!” This virtual shadow nodded her head, “Could it be that you didn’t feel strange about why my appearance was exactly the same as Ling Weiwei?”

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