In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 318

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Meeting again

In the endless oceans, a huge magnificent boat split open the sea waves and was sailing rapidly above the surface of the sea, merely at this time, the state of this huge boat was not too good. It seemed to have met some trouble.

Around the hull of this huge boat, there was a layer of huge barrier, and at the lower deck, there were holes. From those holes, huge magic cannons were in the process of unceasingly opening fire. A huge magic light beam cut open the water surface and flew towards the rear of this boat.

And not far away in the rear of this huge boat, there was 40 or 50 meters huge shark type magical beasts. That shark was spitting open the sea water and was straightly swimming towards this imperial boat rapidly as if the arrow that had left the bowstring. When the cannon balls that were shot by those huge magic cannons were about to land on its body, suddenly monstrous waves appeared on the sea surface blocking them, and that magical beast was completely unscathed.

If someone saw this shark type magical beast, then they would definitely cry out in fear. This magical beast was the overlord of deep sea—-Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast!”

Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast was a kind of extremely ferocious magical beast. Once it sets a target as its prey, it would use extremely ferocious ways to torture the prey to death. And the strength of all these Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast were at least at the realm of Boundary of God Domain. And all of them were water attributed magical beasts, so within this endless oceans, even Dragon clan also didn’t dare to easily offend them.

And the figure of this Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast in front had already reached 40-50 meters in length, this means, the strength of this magical beast had already reached at least High God realm.

And the target of this Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast was precisely those peoples boarded on that huge boat. So they could only blame their luck for unexpectedly encountering this Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast.

On the deck of this imperial boat, a group of 30 or so mercenaries were unceasingly moving back and forth. Seeing that rapidly chasing after them Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast, and seeing those countless magic cannons firing but wasn’t able to stall it for even a second, the eyes of everyone were already filled with despair.

And on the terrace of the deck, a beautiful young girl wearing purple colored skirt and a weak looking young girl wearing white colored princess skirt were standing. Looking at that rapidly approaching Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast, the eyes of these two girls were also filled with despair.

“Qingqing, this time I’m truly sorry, I had never thought that we would actually encounter Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast here. The poison on your body was completely detoxified merely three years ago, and I only wanted to take you to the ocean to relax, but didn’t expect to let you suffer this disaster.” That purple dressed young girl apologetically said to that weak looking young girl beside her.

The two of them were best friends. That girl called Qung’er had been suffering from poison before, and had remained unconscious. But just three years ago, her poison was completely cured, so she wanted to take her to the ocean to relax, but outside of her expectation, they ran into Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast, this overlord of deep sea. So now all of them were going to lose their life in this endless ocean.

Under the attack of Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast, they basically had no chance to escape. Moreover this time she had secretly taken Qing’er away, so the strongest person onboard was only High-Saint rank in strength, so how could they flee from the mouth of Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast, unless a miracle occurred.

“It doesn’t matter, Weiwei, this time I followed you on my own, because since the time my poison was cured completely, my father and mother didn’t allow me to go out, greatly fearing that I will get injured again, but I always wanted to see the world outside, so this is not your fault.” That girl called Qing’er shook her head and although her appearance was weak, she however said firmly, “And even though we are dying, us two sister are dying together, so there is nothing to be unhappy about.”

“Ha ha, you two are not dying yet.” At that time, a sudden and unexpected voice came from the sky.

“Who’s there?” Hearing the sudden voice, Ling Weiwei instantly became alert and looked around, while stepping forward in front of Yun Muqing. And the surrounding mercenaries also alertly looked around, looking for the origin of the voice. But what made Ling Weiwei feel strange was this voice seemed a little bit familiar.

“How’re you doing, little girl? We didn’t meet for just three years and you have already forgotten about me.” At that time, that voice again resounded. Shortly afterwards, the space in front of Ling Weiwei and Yun Muqing suddenly distorted, then a spiral shaped space ripple appeared. Shortly afterwards, a youngster wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it with Uchiha Round Fan on his back suddenly appeared at that place.

“It’s you!” Seeing the person who had suddenly appeared, Ling Weiwei’s eyes were filled with disbelief and pleasant surprise. She had never thought that she would encounter this person in this place.

“Yes, it’s me, long time no see, little girl.” Looking at Ling Weiwei in front of her, Ren Tianyou lightly smiled and said.

Yes, this person who had suddenly appeared was Ren Tianyou who had left that island. After finishing the training of Sage Mode, he suddenly notice the fighting fluctuation out in the oceans. So out of curiosity, he had come over to look, but to his surprise, he ran into his old acquaintance.

Ling Weiwei who was in front of Ren Tianyou was precisely the Miss of Heaven Jealously Mercenary group of whose boat Ren Tianyou had rode when he was going to Good Weeping Region to search for Purple Gauze Magnificent Sky Flower at that time. He had never thought that he would run into her here. But seeing that Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast closely pursuing after them, he understood that they had clearly encountered enormous trouble. At that time this Ling Weiwei had after all send him to God Weeping Region and he furthermore had good impression of her, so there was no reason for him to not save them. As a result, he appeared in front of them with that purpose.

But what Ren Tianyou didn’t know was, that Yun Muqing beside Ling Weiwei also possessed a relation to him, but he however didn’t realize it.

“I say little girl, it seems your luck is not very good. Last time three years ago, when we were going to God Weeping Region, we ran into sea hydra that wasn’t seen for 100 years, and now you again encounter this big fellow. Your luck is really good to the end.” Looking at that Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast rapidly chasing after their boat, Ren Tianyou said with a wry smile.

Frankly, Ren Tianyou truly doubted the luck of this Ling Weiwei. Although some people might encounter a number of ocean magical beast, but would they encounter such strong magical beast one after another like Ling Weiwei?

First time sea hydra blocked her path. And one should know that usually this sea hydra wouldn’t be seen even in hundred years, and even if some experts wanted to hunt it, they wouldn’t be able to find it, but as for Ling Weiwei? She just went out to the sea and sea hydra voluntarily popped up in front of her.

And as for this time, unexpectedly Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast came out. And one should know that usually this Ocean Capsizing Heavenly Beast resides deep in the ocean, and was incomparably rare sea magical beast. And when she Ling Weiwei came out to ocean, it unexpectedly came out.

“Go to hell, Zero. We didn’t see each other for three years, and you are already speak sarcastically to me?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, a tint of bright red color appeared on the face of Ling Weiwei, then running towards Ren Tianyou, she kicked him and said gloomily.

And among those mercenaries standing faraway, seeing the clothing of Ren Tianyou, one of them suddenly shouted in pleasant surprise, “Ha ha, we are saved, we are saved. He is from Akatsuki organization, now we don’t need to die.”

“What? Akatsuki organization?”

“Is he really a person of Akatsuki organization? Other than their organization, does no one else dare to wear this kind of clothing in this continent?”

“Yes, furthermore he seems to be very familiar with our Miss. This time we will not die, we are saved.”

After hearing one of the companion, everyone else instantly reacted. And looking at his clothing, they cry out in pleasant surprise.

Akatsuki organization, everyone recognizes this words and acknowledge this name as the synonym of destruction. Every appearance of this Akatsuki organization represents the emergence of blood, just like their clothing’s those red clouds. Moreover each of the members of this organization were very mysterious, and no one knows their identities.

For instance, the complete annihilation of Ximen clan, and the through destruction of Magic Domain. Furthermore just like that person had stated, other than the member of Akatsuki organization, no one dared to wear same kind of clothing, otherwise without Akatsuki organization raising their hand, the enemy of Akatsuki organization would treat them as the member of Akatsuki organization and silence them.

And what Ren Tianyou don’t know was, Yun Muqing who was beside Ling Weiwei, after hearing his identity, her eyes flashed with pleasant surprise look, and she tightly clutched her hands, as if she was very excited.

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  1. In that instant, Yun Muqing’s eyes were emitting hearts and shooting them at Tianyou (figuratively)

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