In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 315

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Slipping away secretly

“Now that is the case, first I should change the surrounding terrain into advantageous environment.” Ren Tianyou was slightly afraid with the ability of that purple colored magic light of Yaorao. If that magic light hit him, then that absolutely wouldn’t be any good for him.

Finished thinking, Ren Tianyou made a series of hand seals without any hesitation, while rapidly circulating huge amount of chakra he had created by refining the power of Forever Green within his body, “Mokuton—-Kajukai Korin! (Wood Style—-Deep Forest Bloom!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, large amount of chakra within his body instantly depleted. Then along with the initiation of ninjutsu, the ground around suddenly began to shake violently, and deep fissures spread all around the ground.

“This is……?” Sensing the unusual changes around her, confusion appeared on the beautiful face of Yaorao, but shortly afterwards her complexion changed, then immediately changing into purple colored light, she directly flew towards the sky.

Countless huge trees began to rapidly grow out from the ground, quickly changing the surrounding terrain into a dense forest. This time the area covered by tree domain was especially larger. The entire surroundings of 10 li within the barrier was covered with trees, changing the original barren land instantly into a dense forest.

“It seems I was still underestimating this fellow. He is unexpectedly about to create this huge forest instantly, it seems the life force within his body is many times more powerful even comparing to that woman of Elf clan among that Seven Great Saints.” Seeing the forest instantly growing out from the ground below her, Yaorao who was standing in the midair was shocked even with her shrewdness.

But this was still not the end of it, as right now the petals of those unusually evil red colored flower on the top of the trees slowly began to burst forth, and yellow colored pollens spread all around from inside those petals, filling the entire atmosphere within the barrier.

In the midair, Yaorao accidentally inhaled a mouthful of pollen, instantly causing her to feel numb all over her body. After that she immediately held her breathing, and waved her right hand, blowing away the pollen around her body.

“Never thought that these pollens were actually poisonous.” Thinking of numb feeling all over her body of just now, her gaze become solemn while looking at underneath yellow colored pollens. Although she had accidently inhaled little bit of pollen, but with her huge amount of energy within her body, she instantly expelled the poison of pollen from within her body.

At that time, suddenly large amount of vines rose from underneath trees and whipped towards Yaorao.

Seeing the vines whipping towards her, Yaorao waved her right hand, causing a huge purple colored energy ring to spread all around rapidly with herself as a center. And all the vines swept away by this energy ring were broken into pieces, and changing into branches, they fell down to the ground.

But the number of these vines were so much that after one batch of vines were broken into pieces, another countless vines continued to advanced towards her.

Seeing this, Yaorao began to make hand gestures. Then purple colored energy light rose from her body which changed into countless purple colored energy ball.

“Purple Edge Meteors!”

Along with the voice of Yaorao, these purple colored energy balls exploded, then countless purple meteors appeared in the sky, which fell down towards those vines. These purple meteors suddenly hit these countless vines, giving rise to loud explosion sound. Countless vines scattered here and there and changing into broken down branches, they fell down towards the sky.

“Wait a minute, it seems this fellow is intentionally stalling for time.” At that time, looking underneath, Yaorao only saw vines continuously flying towards her, but didn’t see the figure of Ren Tianyou. He clearly know that these things were basically unable to stop her, but he was still using this kind of boring move to attack her.

“This fellow wants to flee!” Yaorao instantly understood the intention of Ren Tianyou. This fellow was taking advantage of this chance to flee. First he deliberately created huge forest, making her think that he intend to fight with his life on the line, but he was taking advantage of the cover of this forest to flee.

“Did you get my approval to leave?” Yaorao coldly snorted. Shortly afterwards, she placed her palms together and huge amount of purple colored magic light slowly gathered around her body, condensing into huge purple colored ring.

Shortly afterwards, the body of Yaorao slowly descended from the sky, entering inside the forest. At this time, the loud voice of Yaorao suddenly came from inside the forest.

“Purple Emperor Cross Extermination!”

Along with the voice of Yaorao, purple colored light suddenly flashed in the middle of forest created by Ren Tianyou. Shortly afterwards, huge purple colored halo rapidly spread all around. All the trees that were swept away by this purple colored halo instantly disappeared.

After this halo stopped, all the trees around were already exterminated by this move of this Yaorao. Right now there were only tree stumps on the ground around her, but there was not even the trace of Ren Tianyou.

“Don’t tell me that this fellow has truly escaped? But how can his speed be so fast?” Since all the trees around were already destroyed, there basically was no place to hide. But she however didn’t see the figure of Ren Tianyou, and she also couldn’t believe that Ren Tianyou had the ability to escape so quickly from here.

“Forget it, since he has already escaped, I will remove the seal. Count yourself lucky this time.” Even after carefully searching all around her, Yaorao couldn’t find the figure of Ren Tianyou. So sighing, her right hand flashed with purple colored light, and the barrier enveloping around this place slowly dissipated.

Shortly afterwards, the body of Yaorao also changed into purple colored mist and disappeared, leaving behind only tree stumps on that place.

Roughly after five minutes, the sky suddenly flashed with purple colored light, and the figure of Yaorao appeared in the sky once again. After that looking at the circumstance on the ground underneath, she sighed, “It seems this fellow has truly left.”

Shortly afterwards, her body changed into purple light and disappeared. This time, she truly left.

And not long after Yaorao had left, from inside the ground beside a tree stump, a head slowly appeared. Carefully looking this was Ren Tianyou.

As a matter of fact, Ren Tianyou had never left this place, only had used earth style to hide under the ground, then concealed his aura, so as to conceal himself from the perception of Yaorao.

Looking all around, and determining Yaorao had truly left, Ren Tianyou relaxed, then his body slowly came out from under the ground. As a long night of sleep brings about many dreams, Ren Tianyou immediately used Hiraishin no Jutsu to leave this place. [A long night of sleep brings about many dreams = a long delay means trouble]

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